In 2023, all the information you need to recognize regarding internet shopping

, In 2023, all the information you need to recognize regarding internet shopping

We’re gradually but steadily shifting everything digital, including purchasing, because of how we network to how we get our news.

Internet purchases have grown from non-existent to a multi-billion dollar business over the last several decades. Online shopping is becoming a popular activity for millions of people worldwide. More individuals than ever before are purchasing products and services online.

Companies are always developing new features and services for potential clients in order to provide them with the same level of support and enjoyment that they would receive if they spent their money in person.

The fact is that internet purchasing is increasingly similar to physical buying.

We may give you with basic information about online shopping habits in the UK for 2021 and 2022 to assist you understand.

  • Statista estimates that there were 68.2 million online shoppers in the UK in 2021, and 72.1 million are anticipated in 2022. Internet retail revenues in the United Kingdom are expected to grow from £141.33 billion in 2021 to £156.67 billion in 2022.
  • 85% of online consumers in the UK used their smartphones to complete transactions in 2021, making mobile phones the most popular device for online shopping in the country.
  • The expansion of online markets like Amazon and eBay is another recent trend. Amazon was the most widely used online marketplace in 2021, with almost 87% of UK online customers making a purchase there.
  • Last but not least, the COVID-19 epidemic has expedited the UK’s transition to online buying. A YouGov study from 2021 found that 41% of UK customers intended to increase their internet shopping even after the epidemic subsided.


No one can foretell what will happen in the future year with confidence, but knowledge is power. For that reason, we’ve penned this build-up for year-2023.

  • 1. Furniture and hardware (59%), as well as sporting goods and equipment (53%), are predicted to grow the most in UK direct-to-consumer sales in 2023. [Statista]
  • 2. UK fashion earnings will rise by 23.9% in 2023, from £43.23 billion to £53.58 billion. [Statista]
  • 3. Throughout the last three years, AI and machine learning have been used to automate 25% of all user experiences. This share is predicted to rise to 40% by 2023. [Gartner]
  • 4. According to Gartner, eCommerce chatbots will be the key customer care solution for 25% of organisations by 2027.
  • 5. By 2023, mobile sales will account for 73% of all eCommerce purchases.
  • 6. In 2023, UK fashion sales will rise by 23.9%, from £43.23 billion to £53.58 billion. [Statista]
  • 7. Social networking sales are expected to reach £26.04 billion by 2023, accounting for 20% of global retail eCommerce sales.


Although exact figures cannot be predicted, the UK’s online shopping boom is expected to continue in 2023.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has influenced consumer behaviour in the United Kingdom, including a trend towards internet buying. Following are some of the fastest-growing ecommerce categories in the UK during the pandemic:

Food and Drink:

As a result of lock-downs and social distancing tactics, people are increasingly turning to online food shopping for their daily necessities. According to Mintel, online grocery sales in the UK increased by 82% in 2020, reaching £14.3 billion.

Health and Beauty:

As individuals are spending greater amounts of time at home, the demand for health and beauty products such as vitamins, skincare, and personal care items has increased. According to the same Mintel estimate, online sales in this category will increase by 78% in 2020.

Home and Garden:

As individuals spend more time at home, demand for home and garden items such as furniture, décor, and gardening supplies has increased. In 2020, online sales in this category are expected to increase by 67%.

Fashion & Apparel:

While total retail sales of clothes and accessories fell during the pandemic, online sales in this category increased by 34%, as customers increasingly resorted to the internet for their fashion requirements.

Toys and Games:

With schools and daycare facilities closing and families spending more time at home, demand for toys and games has increased. In 2020, online sales in this category are expected to increase by 32%.

Overall, the COVID-19 epidemic has hastened the move to online buying, and these categories are projected to rise in the future years.

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To summarise, there is no doubt that internet shopping is rapidly developing, and we will witness much more advancement in the next years. Entrepreneurs cannot afford to neglect their internet presence if they want to remain in today’s competitive market. Therefore keep these top ten online buying statistics in mind as you prepare your company strategy for 2023.

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