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Avasam is a complete and fully automated DropShipping platform which is optimised to support business owners at all levels of eCommerce experience. Source and sell quality products from verified suppliers and grow your business, on your own terms.

If you can shop online, you can become a successful seller with Avasam

DropShipping is quickly becoming one of the most effective ways to sell online, but has conventionally been something that’s tricky to start and has a high failure rate as users struggle with complicated workflows and inadequate support. Avasam is different. Unlock the potential of DropShipping with our fully realised platform and see your business flourish.

It’s free to get started

Signing up with Avasam doesn’t require a financial investment, and our paid-for plans increase in scope as your business does. You’ll never have to pay for orders and SKUs that you don’t need.

We’re optimised to get your business off the ground

Our team know which tools new DropShippers need to see immediate results so we’ve created a space that’s effective from day one. We’ve taken care of the fiddly bits so you can focus on what makes you unique.

You can be time-poor but still turn a profit

DropShipping with Avasam is a productive way to make use of the spare hours in your day, but doesn’t have a steep learning curve or require extra time that you don’t have.

Avasam is a revolutionary platform because it allows sellers to develop their business with so few overheads. It is literally a game-changer in the DropShipping industry.
Abid CEO, ShopMonk

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