TikTok Shop Integration

Boost Your TikTok Shop Presence with Avasam’s Seamless Integration

Seamlessly integrate your TikTok Shop account to streamline your dropshipping order management, payments, and shipping processes with ease.

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Source inventory from trusted suppliers and sell directly on TikTok Shop

Our integration system is simple, intuitive, and designed to enhance your TikTok Shop selling experience.

Expanding your TikTok Shop’s inventory doesn’t require additional warehouse space. No matter if your audience on TikTok Shop is shopping for clothing, homewares, health and beauty products, or anything else, growing your inventory is a breeze. You can also broaden your affiliate product offerings on TikTok Shop with Avasam.

Avasam Features for TikTok Shop Owners

With TikTok Shop’s fast-growing eCommerce potential, blend the capabilities of your TikTok Shop platform with Avasam’s robust functionality and extensive inventory sourcing from our dropshipping marketplace.

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Effortless Set-Up

Link your TikTok Shop account in just a few simple steps and kick-start your selling journey.

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Order Processing

All orders, payments, and shipping instructions automatically transmit from your online store to your supplier.

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Automated Payments

Order payments are taken automatically from your registered card once you have made a sale

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Inventory Synchronization

To avoid overselling, we synchronize inventory levels every 30 minutes.

All the Tools You Need to Dropship on TikTok Shop

Enrich your TikTok Shop to expand your product range and escalate your business.

Selective Selling

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Choose to sell everything from Avasam on your TikTok Shop, or opt for a few lines. You decide what to source and how long you want to sell it.

Dedicated Support

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Our professional team is always available to assist you via live-chat, support ticket, email, and phone.

Continual Development

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TikTok Shop continues to grow and innovate, and so do we. We strive to ensure secure, reliable, and updated connections to your store.


Unleash the potential of your TikTok Shop with Avasam, and take your dropshipping business to a new level.

If you don’t have an Avasam Seller account, but would like to link your business to TikTok Shop, then contact us today.