Shopify integration

Shopify powers the websites for some of the world’s biggest brands. A solid, tested platform with thousands of customisation options makes Shopify a great choice for your eCommerce store.

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How the integration works

Order management

Shopify orders are automatically downloaded to Avasam. Avasam then passes the order to the supplier to process and dispatch the item.

Secure payment processing

When customer payments are received in Shopify, Avasam can automatically pay your supplier, so customers receive their orders quicker.

Inventory management

As supplier stock levels change, Avasam updates Shopify stores, marking items out of stock when needed, to manage customer expectations.

Pricing automation

Set rules to automatically manage your pricing for your Shopify stores. Maintain your profit margins so your business can keep growing.

Shipping updates

Avasam completely integrates with shipping services, with notifications and tracking information automatically being sent to Shopify.


Avasam + Shopify = DropShipping success

Thousands of products

Our verified suppliers are based in the UK and Europe and dispatch same day.

Complete automation

Automatic processes and rules helps to free your time so you can sell more.

Secure payments

Avasam payments are secured using leading global payment provider Adyen.

Risk free

Pay suppliers when your customers pay, with scalable pricing to suit your needs.


Sell on Shopify with Avasam

Full automation

Avasam is completely integrated with Shopify. We automated everything, so DropShipping is effortless, and you can sell more.

Thousands of products to choose from

We have thousands of products from the UK and European suppliers. Fill your Shopify store and sell more with Avasam.

Over 30+ marketplaces and counting

Make international sales by listing on over 30 marketplaces worldwide. We continue to add more opportunities, so you can continue to sell more.

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