Source inventory for your Wish store

Increase your sales on Wish by DropShipping quality products from verified UK-based suppliers


Sell quality products on Wish

Source new lines and trending products for your Wish store from verified UK-based suppliers. Whether you’re selling items for the home, fashion items, or are simply looking for trending and seasonal items, you can use our inventory to expand yours, and grow your Wish business

Avasam features for Wish store owners

Wish is one of the world’s most exciting eCommerce marketplaces and is geared up for DropShipping! Fuse the power of your Wish store with the advanced functionality and inventory sourcing of our DropShipping marketplace

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Easy set-up

Link your Wish store in just a few easy steps and start selling immediately

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Order processing

Orders and shipping instructions pass automatically from your online store to your supplier

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Automatic payments

Order payments are taken automatically from your registered card once you have made a sale

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Inventory synchronisation

We synchronise inventory levels every 30 minutes to help you avoid overselling

All the tools you need to DropShip on Wish

Add inventory to your Wish store to expand your product range and scale your business

Choose your products

Choose the products that best suit your Wish store or source in bulk and expand your reach

Sell on multiple accounts

Integrate more than one Wish store and source products to compliment the sales strategy of each

Performance metrics

Our suppliers are required to meet strict performance service standards so that you can meet yours


Your free trial allows you to explore our platform and browse our extensive catalogue of UK-based DropShipping products