eBay integration

Fill your eBay store will thousands of products from our verified suppliers from the UK and Europe, with complete automation to manage orders, inventory and shipping that helps you to sell more.

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How the integration works

Order automation

eBay orders are automatically downloaded as payment is received, then passed to the relevant supplier to pick, pack and dispatch the item.

Automatic inventory updates

Avasam automatically syncs stock levels between suppliers and eBay, and you can set out of stock levels to further prevent overselling.

Manage pricing

Set rules to automatically manage pricing for your eBay stores, so you maintain your profit margins and your business can keep growing.

Shipping tracking

Our connections to leading shipping providers allows Avasam to automatically send tracking and delivery information to eBay customers.

Automated payments

Payments for eBay orders can be set to automatically process, saving time so goods reach customers faster and helping you to sell more.


eBay DropShipping is easy with Avasam

Trusted suppliers

We verify our suppliers to ensure sellers and customers receive the best service.

DropShipping automation

Free your time by automating your processes so you can get on with selling more.

Trusted payments

Technology from trusted payment partner Adyen secures all payments within Avasam.

Zero upfront costs

Pay suppliers when you’re paid and pay no subscription fees until your 10th order.

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Sell on eBay with Avasam

Full automation

Avasam is completely integrated with eBay. All eBay processes are automated on Avasam, so you save time and effort, and can sell more.

Thousands of products to choose from

Avasam has thousands of products available from the UK and European suppliers. Selling more on eBay is easy with Avasam.

Over 30+ marketplaces and counting

Don’t stop with eBay! With Avasam you can sell seamlessly on over 30 marketplaces worldwide – so you can scale up and sell internationally immediately.

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