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, Verified supplier programme
, Verified supplier programme

Clear onboarding process

We will guide you through our onboarding process and aim to welcome all new suppliers within 1 month of signing up

, Verified supplier programme

Flexible integration

We can synchronise your inventory via FTP and API, or if you use Linnworks order management software, we can connect directly

The smart way to make eCommerce work for you

Our seller network and order automation make it easy for you to sell more

Why join Avasam?

Connect with our sellers to leverage your distribution network and expand into new markets

, Verified supplier programme

Powerful connections

Avasam connects to the major eCommerce platforms, so our sellers are always in front of the demand

, Verified supplier programme

Increased brand awareness

Our retailers market your products to their customers on their sales channels and social media

, Verified supplier programme

Seller network

By partnering with Avasam you gain access to our extensive seller network

, Verified supplier programme

Order automation

We automate the order flow, process payments, and pass the shipping instructions directly to you

Leverage our sellers to promote your products

Our online sellers work hard to deliver sales for you

, Verified supplier programme

Quality inventory

That is in stock, defect-free, and can be relied upon by our network of sellers

, Verified supplier programme

High service standards

Our sellers rely on you to dispatch their items quickly and respond to their queries in a timely manner

, Verified supplier programme

Attractive margins

We require minimum gross product margins of 25% so sellers can cover their marketing costs

, Verified supplier programme

Accurate product data

Strong descriptions, titles, attributes and images so that our sellers can market your products effectively

What do we need from you?

Our product suppliers are our most important partners and we are here to work together for the long term

We are looking for suppliers who can deliver the following to our sellers:

  • Quality inventory
  • Attractive margins
  • High service standards
  • Accurate product data
Partnering with Avasam has been a game-changer for DK Wholesale. It has increased our brand exposure and enabled us to showcase our entire range of products across multiple online channels. The product is easy to integrate via Linnworks, and the customer service from the Avasam team has been excellent. Since integrating we have seen our business grow. Our overall experience has been overwhelmingly positive, and we are excited to continue our growth journey with Avasam.
Khuzema Khanbhai CEO DK Wholesale Ltd
, Verified supplier programme
Innovative solutions and pioneering approaches are required to succeed in a highly competitive market. However, it is equally important to have reliable business partners who are professionals in the field of e-commerce, are not afraid of ambitious tasks and can successfully adapt to changing conditions. Avasam is one such partner, whose collaboration has a positive impact on achieving business goals, allows setting long-term objectives and contributes to increasing customer satisfaction.
Olga Maiorova, Sales and Marketing Executive MH Star UK Ltd
, Verified supplier programme
Already have your own network of resellers, but want to automate your order flow?
Increase order volumes with our network of retailers
No eCommerce presence required

Our retailers sell your products on their websites and marketplaces, reducing your need to maintain your own sales channels

Scale your business

Our automation means you can achieve more with fewer resources, allowing you to focus on procuring great products

Expand order volumes

With your products being sold on more sales channels, you’ll see more orders flowing in without additional marketing activity

New business opportunities

Our extensive network of B2B and B2C allows us to facilitate connections that can benefit all parties

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