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Our intuitive DropShipping marketplace gives suppliers easy access to thousands of sellers, meaning you can move more stock. Avasam is fully automated which means that turning a profit as a supplier has never been so easy!
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Avasam workflows are set up to help you succeed

Your status as part of our trusted Verified Supplier Programme cuts down on the time spent building relationships and unlocks access to the profit-making ability of a massive seller database that’s growing at pace and hungry for stock . Because the way we manage and develop our platform is guided by our values, we care about our community of suppliers doing well and are optimised to make sure you’re supported as a key part of the DropShipping process.


We’re set up to help you focus on the things that matter to you. As a business, your time is precious so we’ve set up our processes to be quick and intuitive.


With 60+ channel integrations (including with Shopify, eBay and Amazon), we’ve got way of doing things that’s set up to maximise reward.


Our dedicated customer service team know the portal back-to-front and are only ever a phone call or email away.



We’ve got a unique way of doing things and will always push to support our supplier community by incorporating new features in our platform.

See how being part of our DropShipping supply chain can benefit you

Avasam workflows are set up to help you save time by running your business efficiently, selling greater levels of stock and making better use of your business knowledge. As a Verfied Supplier, you’ll find it easy to optimise the stock you already have and boost your profits!

With Avasam, you can see your profits soar with a one-time onboarding fee and minimum effort. With 60+ channel integrations (including with Shopify, eBay and Amazon), being a supplier with us gives you access to the earning potential of sellers you might not have otherwise been able to reach. Our platform is aimed at the underserved market of DropShippers, who have largely been ignored by the industry, and since starting in 2019 we’ve remained committed to building our community at both ends of the process. We’re transparent about what we charge and why, and our start-up fee gives you access to everything we offer.

Avasam is a revolutionary platform because it allows sellers to develop their business with so few overheads. It is literally a game-changer in the DropShipping industry.
Abid CEO, ShopMonk

Make your warehouse space work for you and take control of your profits

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Get started straight away and keep using your existing systems—we’ve made it simple to integrate them into Avasam.

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Make Avasam your own, the easy way. We’re built around out-of-the-box customisations and manage all core processes for you.

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You can trust us with your money—all payments on Avasam are made through reputable platforms Adyen and Paypal.

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