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We provide seamless integration with Linnworks that connects
your current inventory to thousands of products and over 30 sales channels, to unleash a huge boost in sales.

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How the integration works


Avasam passes your orders directly to your Linnworks account. Process orders in Linnworks as normal for the integration to update Avasam.


Manage Avasam orders from everywhere in Linnworks. Amazon, eBay, WooCommerce and many more in Linnworks, with updates being automatically sent.

Inventory management& stock control

The integration ensures your inventory is synced, so you have peace of mind that your inventory is correct in both Avasam and Linnworks.


Send your existing product information from Linnworks directly to Avasam for use on marketplaces and eCommerce websites.

Shipping management

With Avasam and Linnworks, managing your shipping is effortless, with tracking information sent to marketplaces and websites instantly.

Take your business to a whole new automated level

Easy to start

No credit card required – it’s three steps to integrate. You can manage up to 10 Avasam orders per month with a free account.

Verified suppliers

The Avasam Verified Supplier programme helps you choose the right suppliers with the best products for your business.

Complete control

Choose what you sell from Avasam suppliers, set your own prices and where you sell – all within Linnworks.

Intuitive reporting

Our easy reporting tool helps you understand the benefit of Avasam on your business and decide where to expand next.

Unlimited growth

List unlimited numbers of products from unlimited numbers of suppliers, so your business can grow without limits too.

Dedicated help

Should you find you need support or guidance with DropShipping, the Avasam team are ready when you need us.


Avasam + Linnworks = DropShipping success

Add thousands of products

Our verified suppliers are based in the UK and Europe and dispatch same day.

Sell everywhere

Make more sales on over 30 marketplaces with no fuss or manual processes.

Complete automation

With no manual processes, you’re free to get on with the business of selling.

Risk free

Pay suppliers when your customers pay, with scalable pricing to suit your needs.

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