Best products to start DropShipping in 2023

, Best products to start DropShipping in 2023

Looking for recommendations for the best products to start DropShipping in 2023? You’re not alone! Whether you have an existing traditional retail business with a warehouse, or you’re just starting out on your journey building a business completely built on DropShipping, DropShipping can provide huge benefits. Since it is possible to source and sell from pretty much every category, in this post we’re looking at some of the best products to start DropShipping this year.

Benefits of DropShipping

Many traditional retailers have turned their backs on the DropShipping method of fulfilment in recent years, but it used to be extremely commonplace – the “we can order that in for you” line used to be uttered regularly by retailers. That’s because it got hijacked by get rich quick fraudsters showing off online. DropShipping is not a get rich quick scheme, nor is it a scam, but it can be a really effective way to build your business. Consider all these points:

  • Lower risk than investing in stock
  • Small cost
  • You can DropShip as many products as you like
  • It increases your potential sales income exponentially
  • Limitless inventory opportunities
  • You can source from unlimited numbers of suppliers
  • Strategically located DropShipping suppliers can help you move into new territories
  • Savings on staff costs
  • Lower storage overheads
  • Faster than fulfilling orders yourself
  • You can change product lines instantly – e.g. with season changes

With all the benefits that DropShipping offers, there is little wonder that more traditional retail businesses than ever are turning to DropShipping to help them grow their business. Even businesses that have plenty of liquid cash available to invest in stock, DropShipping can be a better method of sourcing products – especially in the current economic climate.

The secret to successful DropShipping – like so many other things these days – is to get the right automation in place. That’s where Avasam comes in, because we’ve built our DropShipping marketplace with retailers in mind, and we’ve automated every possible step we can – and we’re working on automating the rest. No more .csv file exchanges or manual processes.

Garden products

Typically the horticulture industry is one that most retailers will leave alone, because it is fraught with risk, especially where plants, hedging, and trees are concerned. But that definitely doesn’t mean that you should neglect it entirely – you just need the right DropShipping suppliers, rather than trying to stock products yourself. Source plants from our suppliers, and you can make sales of plants and flowers without needing to water them, pack them, and so on. Start sourcing plants, garden furniture, toys, and barbecue products now to make the most as the weather warms up.

Spring garden

As the days draw out and the weather gets better, most of us want to be out in the garden, making it look pretty, and ready for those long summer days. Garden tools such as forks and spades, planters, dividing screens, mirrors, decorations, and more are being planned for and ordered even before the frosts are done for the year, so get these in your inventory as soon as you can.

Summer garden

Summertime is when the garden really gets fun – whether that’s for lazy days spent reading on a lounger, or children playing out around the paddling pool until late into the evening. That means that there’s a huge number of products that you can source to increase your inventory and your sales.

  • Sun loungers
  • Patio dining sets
  • Paddling pools
  • Above ground swimming pools, accessories, and consumables
  • Garden lighting
  • Parasols
  • Awnings
  • Swings, slides and climbing frames

Garden toys and even flatpack garden furniture tends to be large, and take up more space in warehouses than indoor stuff – and because it is weather dependent, you’re not guaranteed to sell it. By DropShipping garden furniture and toys, you’re reducing the risk of being left with those items in September and potentially making a loss.

BBQ products

As with garden furniture, barbecue products can take up quite a lot of space, and if the Great British Summer is more of a damp squib, you’re not guaranteed to sell all the stock that you have invested in. And since there is a huge choice in the category of barbecue products – gas or charcoal models, and portable styles, as well as huge variety in the accessories that are available, you want to provide the best range for your customers that you can. If you’ve lived in the UK through a spring and into the summer, you’ll know it doesn’t take much sunshine for us to get the barbecue on the go, so this is a category well worth sourcing.

Travel products

It is expected that the travel industry is going to bounce back even more this year – even with the cost of living crisis – and so getting travel products in your inventory sooner than later will serve you well. Start sourcing these products now:

  • Luggage – suitcases, rucksacks, folding bags
  • Luggage accessories such as packing cubes, makeup bags, toiletry bags and jewellery rolls
  • Swimwear and beachwear
  • Sandals and footwear for warmer climates
  • Skiwear
  • Products for travelling with children – travel cots, travel games, ride-on luggage
  • First aid kits
  • Personal safety items

Camping gear

Depending on what the weather does, many campers are out from Easter until October – which can mean up to six months of needing to buy new camping gear! Tents, furniture, and cookware can be a great addition to your inventory, although you’ll need to make sure you check pricing from other retailers to make sure you remain competitive.

Sustainable products

Sustainability is firmly on the agenda across the board in 2023 and beyond, and we don’t see that changing any time soon. With that in mind, almost all retail businesses will benefit from adding sustainable products to their inventory. Customers are moving away from single use plastics as much as they possibly can, so add items like sustainable, compostable single use food containers, and packaging, as well as naturally made items to your inventory. This will help you to get add on sales, as well as showing customers that you care about the environment.

Products trending on TikTok

If you’re anywhere on social media at the moment, you’ll find all kinds of posts with hashtags like #tiktokmademebuyit – and the power of TikTok is such that you will definitely want to get an account in order to follow what is trending on there. It is so important, that when you search “TikTok leggings” (or another product) on Amazon, you’ll find all those products.

While the trends on TikTok will continue to change from day to day, the great thing about DropShipping is that the second an item starts trending on TikTok, you can source it from a DropShipping supplier, and start making sales immediately.

Fashion items

As with everything on TikTok and the internet beyond, fashion trends can be incredibly fleeting – which means buying stock isn’t always a great plan. Anyone who bought Squid Game track suits to sell in late 2021 can tell you that! But while fashion items are always going to be in demand, they are also ever changing, and so if you want to make sales without being left with dead stock, DropShipping is a great solution.

In addition to the trends ever changing, the changes of the seasons also impact what customers are looking for. Again, DropShipping allows you to source and sell products that you could end up being left with, and needing to store until the next season. That means no more hanging onto bobble hats, gloves, and scarves until the following winter, or flip flops and sarongs until the next summer.

Christmas products

We’re writing this post in January, and so it doesn’t seem logical to be thinking about Christmas already; but realistically, as a retailer, you need to plan for Christmas as soon as possible. Sourcing products before things get busy in quarter four means that you can concentrate on other aspects of your business, which you’ll definitely be glad of by then! DropShipping Christmas items means that you don’t have to worry about storing them, shipping them, or investing in stock that might not sell – all of which are great reasons to DropShip rather than get stock in your warehouse.

The Takeaway

DropShipping offers retailers huge opportunities to dramatically increase inventory without risking dead stock, and while keeping cash free to use in other areas of their businesses. If you’re looking to dramatically scale your retail business, but don’t have access to the funds you need in order to buy in stock, this is the way forward. Sign up for your free Avasam account today to browse our product catalogue – and if you have any questions about how Avasam can work with your existing retail setup, feel free to reach out to our team. Collectively, we have decades of experience supporting eCommerce businesses, and there are few setups that we’ve not seen – so get in touch.

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