What is the Avasam Verified Supplier Programme?

, What is the Avasam Verified Supplier Programme?

Put yourself in your seller’s shoes. Think about what they’ll be thinking about when they’re building their business. They’re not just considering WHAT to buy, but whether the supplier is dependable and will deliver good service consistently. Before Avasam, working with suppliers could be hit-and-miss, sometimes with unreliable overseas companies.

Sellers have no control over fulfilment processes, but customers and marketplaces will be dealing with them, not their suppliers. So, it’s important for them to know they can rely on their suppliers to deliver great service. They’re risking huge headaches otherwise! Their reputation, their ability to sell on marketplaces and ultimately their business if their supplier is unreliable.

That’s why it’s so important for suppliers to show sellers their credibility and dependability. You need to show them that you are reliable, and that you won’t let them down. That doesn’t just mean letting them Google you, or showing them your Trustpilot score – although they will do that!

One of the things Avasam users love is the easy access to resources to help their businesses survive and thrive. As a supplier, we can encourage sellers to choose to work with you, by proving your credentials and reliability. We can prove your ability to support them and provide them with the products and service they need. That’s why we developed the Avasam Verified Supplier Programme.

We’re already completing basic checks on all Avasam suppliers (verifying registration, identity, etc) as you might expect. But suppliers who enter our Verified Supplier Programme go the extra step to prove to sellers how great they are. Suppliers who achieve verified statusare indicated against their records in Avasam, which allows sellers to choose truly great partners.

How does Avasam verification benefit me?

Verification benefits you by building trust, so sellers looking for new suppliers will choose to work with you. We’re up-front and honest about the verification process that you have passed, so sellers know they can trust you. That trust leads to more sellers choosing you and your products; which equals more sales and bigger profits for you!

How does the verification work?

The Verified Supplier Programme has two tiers – Verified Supplier, and Platinum Verified Supplier.

When sellers search for products in Avasam, listed first are the Platinum Verified Suppliers, then Verified Suppliers, then standard Suppliers.

While Avasam Verified Supplier is a desirable place to start, but we expect all suppliers to strive for Platinum standards. Platinum status rewardssuppliers for thesuperior service they are offering sellers, and encourages sellers to work with them.

When can I apply to be a member of the Avasam Verified Supplier Programme?

As a supplier, you can apply to be assessed for the programme after 3 months subscribed to Avasam. This allows us sufficient time and data to assess, and should your application be deferred, gives us a baseline.

What is checked before I become Verified?

First, we ensure we have verified your business and documentation within the last 6 months, then review your Avasam records.

Next, we check your inventory size.A Verified Supplier should be in the upper 50% of our suppliers, based on the volume of inventory and the number of SKUs.

You’ll need to have a dedicated support staff member, or team available who is fluent in English. This is important, as we are currently focussed on UK sellers and suppliers – we’re focusing on UK businesses at present.

Your English-speaking staff will be verified during a warehouse visit. This is where we’ll review your capacity and facilities, as well as the conditions of your stock and it’s storage.That includes us observing at least basic Health and Safety expectations while we’re visiting you.Don’t worry though, this isn’t a stressful test – as a successful UK supplier, you’re probably covering all these things already. And while we’re with you, we’ll make recommendations about how to increase your Avasam business, such as mixed order options.

While we’re on site, we’ll also check your order processing. We’ll expect you to have processed 100 or more orders, with 95% of your orders dispatched within 24 hours.And of those orders, less than 3% should have encountered a dispute or other issue. If all this sounds like business as usual to you, you’re likely to be awarded Avasam verification. If you’re a little way off, perhaps work on the pain-points, and talk to us; we can make suggestions.

If you’re seeking to obtain Platinum Verified Supplier status, the requirements are even more stringent. 99% of your orders must be dispatched within 24 hours, and your dispute rate must be less than 1%. Again, if this is normal for your business, then great – you’ll benefit from verification straight away.

What happens if I don’t achieve verification?

Not achieving verification in the first instance isn’t a problem; you will still be allowed to be an Avasam supplier. We’ll be able to help you achieve verified status by identifying ways you can improve your operations to do so. That might be recommendations about improving dispatch speed, or how to improve your dispute rate. Or, we might make suggestions about processes, or ways your staff could work more efficiently. Ultimately, we want you to succeed, as more Verified suppliers means that our sellers and their customers get better service and buy more products.

When you’ve resolved the issues we identify as part of this process, you can apply for Avasam verification again. We’ll complete our checks again, building our relationship with you, and allowing us to recommend you to new sellers.

I think I’m ready for verification – what do I do?

In a nutshell – get in touch ! We love to hear from our users. Give us a call during office hours, or if you’re burning the midnight oil, send us an email.

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