Up Your Sales With Avasam’s Garden Category: Variety Of Products

, Up Your Sales With Avasam’s Garden Category: Variety Of Products


As an online seller, it’s crucial to stay ahead of the competition and continuously explore new opportunities to boost your sales. Avasam, the leading e-commerce platform, offers a wide range of products in its Garden category that can help you tap into the growing market of gardening enthusiasts. In this blog, we will explore Avasam’s Garden category and discuss various products it offers from different suppliers, empowering you to expand your inventory and attract more customers.

, Up Your Sales With Avasam’s Garden Category: Variety Of Products

Gardening Tools and Accessories:

, Up Your Sales With Avasam’s Garden Category: Variety Of Products

Gardening tools are essential for anyone with a green thumb. Avasam’s Garden category provides a comprehensive selection of high-quality gardening tools and accessories to cater to the needs of both professional gardeners and hobbyists. From shovels, rakes, and trowels to pruning shears, gloves, and watering cans, you’ll find everything necessary for maintaining a beautiful garden.

Planters and Pots:

, Up Your Sales With Avasam’s Garden Category: Variety Of Products

Planters and pots not only provide a functional home for plants but also enhance the aesthetics of any garden or indoor space. Avasam offers a diverse range of planters and pots in different materials, sizes, and designs. Whether your customers prefer ceramic, terracotta, metal, or plastic, they can find the perfect option to suit their taste and style. Encourage your customers to mix and match different pots to create stunning arrangements.

Seeds and Seedlings:

, Up Your Sales With Avasam’s Garden Category: Variety Of Products

For customers looking to start their gardening journey or add new varieties to their existing gardens, Avasam’s Garden category offers a vast assortment of seeds and seedlings. From flowers and herbs to vegetables and fruits, you can find an extensive selection of high-quality seeds and healthy seedlings to cater to diverse gardening preferences. Inform your customers about the benefits of growing their plants from seeds and offer them a wide range of options to choose from.

Garden Decor and Ornaments:

, Up Your Sales With Avasam’s Garden Category: Variety Of Products

Garden decor and ornaments add personality and charm to any outdoor space. Avasam’s Garden category boasts an array of decorative items such as garden statues, wind chimes, bird feeders, and solar-powered lights. These products not only enhance the visual appeal of a garden but also create a welcoming atmosphere for visitors. Encourage your customers to incorporate these elements into their garden design to create a unique and enchanting ambiance.

Outdoor Furniture and Accessories:

, Up Your Sales With Avasam’s Garden Category: Variety Of Products

To transform an outdoor area into a cozy and inviting spot, Avasam’s Garden category offers a selection of outdoor furniture and accessories. From comfortable seating options like garden benches, chairs, and hammocks to practical items like umbrellas, cushions, and storage solutions, your customers can create an outdoor oasis where they can relax and unwind. Highlight the durability and weather resistance of these products to ensure customer satisfaction.

Raining products from verified suppliers:

, Up Your Sales With Avasam’s Garden Category: Variety Of Products


Products like:

  • New Multi-Purpose Blow Torch Butane Gas Kit Auto Ignition Camping Welding BBQ
  • 3Pk 60 LED Solar Branch Lights Multi Coloured TWL-1580 BLOSSOM
  • Garden Weed Burner AS
  • CCA Triangle Sail Shade Sand AS
  • Traditional Parasol Base Iron Cast Garden AS
  • Garden Wall Spikes

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Products like:

  • Magnetic Stove Thermometer
  • Metal Gutter Guards
  • Dewdrop Nest Box Butterfly
  • Rose Flower Garden Solar Light
  • Wall Mounted DIY Storage Bins & Backboards
  • Ceramic Hanging Wall Planters
  • Humane Mouse & Rodent Trap
  • Garden Furniture Cover Round

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Products like:

  • Mum on a Spade Garden Sign Decoration
  • METAL Lest We Forget Soldier army GARDEN Decoration Statue Feature
  • Rusty Metal STANDING OWL DECORATION Garden ornament
  • Garden sunflower / galvanised steel sunflower sign decoration
  • STEEL COMPASS Sign Home Garden Ornament Wall Decoration
  • Rusty Metal LOVE BIRDS Garden feature decoration sign LOVEBIRDS
  • LARGE MOON rusty Metal Garden Ornament Wall sign decoration feature

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Products like:

  • Garden Water Feature, Outdoor Straight Water Fountain & Lights
  • Outdoor Garden Decor 2 In 1 Solar Lantern LED Light & Table
  • Green Tempered Fire Glass, Lava Rocks for Outdoor Gas Fire Pit
  • Outdoor Garden Concrete Gas Fire Pit Table, Smokeless Firepit
  • Outdoor Garden Furniture Large Round Side Table in Bamboo Wicker
  • Indoor Outdoor Garden Solar Light, Pre Lit Artificial Topiary Plant
  • Outdoor Garden Decor Hanging Solar Light Pendent Lantern & Remote
  • Solar Power Water Fountain Feature with Lights & Battery Back Up

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Products like:

  • Zero Gravity Recliner Garden Sun Loungers
  • Metal Boot Rack
  • Rattan Outdoor Furniture Garden Sofa Set
  • Mini Wood Growhouse Greenhouse Cold Frame
  • Gas BBQ Grill 4 + 1 Burner Side Stainless & Cover
  • Black Garden Steel Fire Pit Outdoor Heater

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Products like:

  • 10 Plant Grow Bags Potato Fruit Vegetable Garden Planter Growing Bag
  • Heavy Duty BBQ Barbeque Cover Waterproof Barbecue Grill Protector Outdoor Green
  • BBQ brazier
  • Garden Weed Control Fabric Membrane Ground Sheet Cover Decking Landscaping
  • Firewood Drill Bit Firewood Artifact Woodworking Breaking Firewood Cone
  • Petrol Generator Inverter Portable 3500W 3.2 kVA 4-Stroke for Home RV Camping
  • Water Pump Feature Fountain Garden Fish Pond Submersible Aquarium Outdoor
  • Plant Cover Frost & Insect Protection Fleece Transparent Sheet Roll Garden Plant

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Products like:

  • Polycarbonate Walk-In Garden Greenhouse Aluminium Frame w/ Slide Door
  • Outdoor Round Dining Table Tempered Glass Top Steel w/ Parasol Hole
  • Outdoor Metal Hammock Swing Chair 3-Seater Patio Bench Garden
  • 2kW Patio Heater Garden Wall Mount Electric Aluminium 3 Power Setting
  • Folding Hanging Egg Chair w/ Cushion and Stand Grey
  • Outsunny Foldable Camping Chair w/ Footrest, Adjustable Backrest, Bag
  • Outsunny Outdoor Rattan Coffee Table w/ Umbrella Hole Fit for Garden Backyard
  • Outsunny 5 PCs Cushioned Outdoor Plastic Rattan Round Sofa Bed Table Set
  • Wooden Garden Bridge Arc Footbridge with Safety Railings for Pond Creek Stream
  • 8 Seater Dining Cube Set Dining Table, 4 Chairs & 4 Footstools & Cushion

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Products like:

  • 6 Seat Rattan Modular Sofa With Table
  • 4 Piece Rattan Garden Furniture Set
  • Outdoor Rattan Garden Bistro Table & Chairs Set
  • 9Pc Rattan Dining Set
  • Modular Corner Rattan Sofa

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Products like:

  • Large Orange Tree in 6.5L Pot
  • Pair of Phoenix Palms 60-80cm Tall
  • Blueberry Collection – Set of 3 Varieties
  • Ericaceous Compost 60L Bag
  • Twin Pack 50L Professional Compost
  • Hydrangea ‘Incrediball’ in 3L Pot
  • Trachelospermum Jasminoides ‘Star Jasmine’ 80cm-100cm Tall
  • Hibiscus Tricolour Standard Tree 80-1M Tall
  • Blooming Fast Pond Clear Pro 2 Step Pack
  • Giant Strawberry ‘Colossus’ x 12 Plug Plants

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Products like:

  • 9 Piece Garden Dining Set Solid Wood Acacia
  • 9 Piece Garden Dining Set with Cushions Brown Poly
  • Garden Tool Shed Mocha 120×53.5×170 cm Solid Wood Pine
  • Garden Fence with Spear Top Steel (1.5-1.75)x17 m Black
  • Folding Camping Chairs with Footrests 2 pcs Cream Textilene

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Products like:

  • 15m Wire Mesh Fencing
  • 3 x 3m Three Sides Waterproof Tent with Spiral Tubes White
  • 20 LED 4 Meter Solar Lights-color 2pc
  • Oxford Cloth Outdoor Furniture Dust Cover Rain Cover Outdoor Table And Chair Cover
  • Garden Furniture Set 2 Seater, Indoor Outdoor 3 Piece set Patio Furniture Set, Garden Table and Chairs, 2 ArmChairs + Glass Coffee Table Suitable for Patio Backyard Poolside
  • European Style Cast Aluminum Outdoor 3 Piece Tulip Bistro Set of Table and Chairs Bronze
  • Portable Stainless Steel Grill
  • Artificial Fence 1m * 3m Maple Leaf Fence (952 Leaves)

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Products like:

  • Somerley Chapel Arch Large Black Garden Mirror 150 x 81 CM
  • Somerley Rustic Arch Garden Mirror
  • Somerley Country Arch Large Garden Mirror

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Products like:

  • 1m x 10m 100g Weed Control Ground Cover Driveway Membrane Fabric Heavy Duty Hot
  • Whitefurze 50cm Black Barrel Planter
  • Barrel Tub Planter Blacksmith Planter Flower Plant Pot
  • Set of 7 Terracotta Garden Flower Pot
  • Gro-Sure Smart Grass Lawn Seed, 80 m2
  • Leaf Grabber Set of 4
  • Westland Horticulture Buxus Feed & Protect Concentrates 2 in 1
  • Rattan Garden Furniture Set Weather Resistant, Comfortable
  • Garden Netting Plant & Grass Seeding Fruit & Ponds Protection Wildlife Friendly

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Products like:

  • Heavy Duty Waterproof 3 Seater Swinging Garden Hammock Cover
  • Garden Netting Anti Bird Veg Fruit Plant Pond Net Protection Water.
  • JVL White Split Willow Shopping Storage Basket with Lining
  • Kingfisher Festive 5ft Artificial Spruce Christmas Tree Plastic Stand-Green
  • Whitefurze G28WC 7L Watering Can
  • Lightweight Folding Long Reach Picker Grabber Grabbing Tool with LED Light
  • 20 Multi Coloured LED String Fairy Lights Battery Home Twinkle Decor Party Christmas Garden
  • Rotary Washing Line Parasol Waterproof Cover
  • Fine Garden Screw In Ground Spike For Rotary Airers | AIRER ROTARY WASHING LINE STAND
  • Intex Double Quick Output Hand Pump Air Beds Swimming Pools Blow Up Inflatables

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Products like:

  • Planet Solar 30 White Crystal Retro Ball Solar Powered String Lights 6m
  • Planet Solar 100 LED White Outdoor String Solar Powered Fairy Lights
  • Planet Solar 200 White Outdoor String Solar Powered Water Resistant Fairy Lights 20m
  • Bestway Inflatable Rainbow Swim Ring Summer Kids Beach Pool Fun Water Float 36″
  • Planet Solar 100 LED Garden Solar String Light Multi-Colour Fairy Outdoor 10m

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Products like:

  • Solar Battery Repeller Animal Chaser Scarer Ultrasonic Deterrent Repellent
  • 10 X Stainless Steel Solar Powered Garden Outdoor Stick Post LED Lights
  • SOKA 168cm Square Inflatable Sprinkler Splash Pad Play Mat Water Summer Toy Kids

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By leveraging the diverse range of products available in Avasam’s Garden category, you can expand your inventory and attract gardening enthusiasts to boost your sales. Whether its gardening tools, planters, seeds, decor, or outdoor furniture, Avasam offers a wide array of products to cater to various gardening needs and preferences. Emphasize the quality, variety, and aesthetic appeal of these products to entice customers and stand out in a competitive market. With Avasam’s Garden category, you can enhance your customers’ gardening experience and cultivate a fruitful relationship with your buyers.

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