Effortless Gifting: How Avasam’s Manual Order Simplifies Shopping


A well-liked e-commerce strategy that enables business owners to sell goods without maintaining inventory or handling fulfilment is dropshipping.  Avasam has been transforming online retail for people and companies by providing a simple and effective solution. The Manual Order Processing option, which allows free registration users to buy things directly from Avasam for their friends or family, is one of its most notable features.

Avasam: Making DropShipping Easy

Avasam is a packed with functionality dropshipping platform created to simplify the online retail process in its entirety. It acts as a link between suppliers and sellers, giving them access to a huge inventory of goods in a range of categories, such as electronics, clothing, housewares, and more. Without the stress of inventory management or shipping logistics, users can set up and run their online stores with ease because to the platform’s robust capabilities and user-friendly interface.

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Feature of Manual Order Processing

The Manual Order Processing functionality of Avasam is one of its most notable features. This function serves free registration consumers who don’t need a full-fledged retailer account and want to purchase things directly from Avasam for their friends or relatives.

How Does Manual Order Processing Work?

  • Free Registration: Customers who sign up for a free account on Avasam gain access to the platform’s extensive catalogue of products.
  • Finding Desired Products: Once registered, users can browse through Avasam’s catalogue and select the products they wish to purchase for their loved ones.
  • Placing Orders: Instead of going through the conventional process of setting up a full retailer account, free registration users can directly place orders on behalf of others. They can input the shipping details of their family or friends during checkout.
  • Processing and Shipping: Avasam takes care of the rest. Once the order is placed, the platform coordinates with the supplier, manages the transaction, and ensures timely shipping to the specified address.
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Buying for Family or Friends Directly from Avasam

Buying products for family or friends directly from Avasam is a straightforward process for users with free registration:

Sign Up: Create a free account on Avasam to gain access to the platform.

Browse the Catalogue: Explore the wide range of products available on Avasam, choosing items that match the preferences of your family or friends.

Step 1: Add to cart in product detail screen

Step 2:  Click on add to cart button and product is added into cart with the message

Step 3: When the product is added into cart, the user can see the product with other details, image with product name.

Checkout: Proceed to the checkout page, where you can input the shipping details of your intended recipient(s). Make sure to review the order before confirming the purchase.

Step 4: After click on process to check out user should move to the check-out screen

  • Fill the address
  • Select the shipping service
  • Verify the calculation of the price

Step 5: Click on checkout then open the popup of the payment

Step 6: Click on use other card then open the card detail fill form

Step 7: User can with payment or without payment create the order

Complete the Transaction: Once the order is confirmed, Avasam takes charge of processing and shipping the products to the specified address(es).


Avasam’s Manual Order Processing feature for free registration customers provides a convenient way for individuals to purchase products directly from the platform for their loved ones. With its user-friendly interface and extensive catalogue of products, Avasam continues to simplify the dropshipping experience, making it accessible and efficient for both aspiring entrepreneurs and individuals looking to buy products for their family and friends hassle-free.

Happy Shopping!

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