Reasons to sell on Wish

, Reasons to sell on Wish

You might have read our recent post about our new integration for Wish, and since then you might have been considering using Wish as part of your sales channel strategy. If you’ve been holding off for any reason, then it is time to reconsider – and today we’re looking at some of the reasons that sellers should consider selling on Wish, with a potentially very lucrative special offer for Avasam sellers.

What is Wish?

Wish is an online marketplace that connects customers to sellers all over the world. It is known by customers as being a place to be able to bag a bargain, and there are all kinds of quirky and inexpensive products on the marketplace, with many sellers on the platform based overseas.

Many listings on Wish are from sellers in China, with long lead times on product delivery – with five days being the norm. This has lead to some customers leaving negative feedback, and to share their experiences with friends and on social media. However, for businesses that have products available within the UK and that can deliver within 2-3 working days, this can be an advantage.

Reasons to sell on Wish

Wish can be a really good option if you If you’re considering adding to your sales channels. Aside from enjoying massive brand awareness, there are other great reasons to start selling on Wish:

The Wish app was the most downloaded eCommerce app between 2017 and 2019

This means that, although it might not be the most downloaded at present – there are huge numbers of people that are aware of Wish, and are likely to buy from listings where there are targeted ads and so on.

Wish are continuing to build brand awareness

Although Wish is already pretty well known, the marketplace spends more than $500 million every year on Facebook Ads alone – with many more ads on other platforms.

Wish operates in more than 100 countries

Ready to start making sales overseas? Since Wish is available to customers around the world, as long as you can dispatch to where your customers are, you’ll be able to do so.

Customers scroll on Wish for extended amounts of time

The average scrolling session on Wish is around nine minutes – and of course, many customers will scroll for much longer too – meaning they are much more likely to make a purchase, or return to make a purchase in the future.

Customer feeds are curated by the Wish algorithm

Since we’ve just mentioned how Wish users scroll for quite a while, it is clear that this works incredibly well – over two thirds of purchases are made without a search query being entered by the customer.

Sellers simply pay a commission on each purchase

When listing your products on Wish, rather than subscription or product listing fees which eat into your profit margins for each item, you’ll pay a simple commission when a purchase is made.

Sellers need only create one listing for each product to be featured internationally

Unlike other marketplaces, you won’t need separate accounts to list your products for international customers, or language translations either – everything is streamlined.

You can connect to Wish with Avasam

We have recently increased the functionality available for Avasam sellers to connect to Wish. Once you’ve added the Wish integration to your account, you’ll be able to manage your activity on Wish in the same way that you do with products on eBay. This includes:

  • Automatic inventory synchronisation, every 30 minutes – so the chances of overselling are reduced, and Wish customers can tell whether they should buy immediately, or can come back later
  • Automatic order processing – you’ll see your Wish orders in Avasam as normal, and they’ll get passed directly to the relevant supplier
  • Automatic payments – with your payment details stored in Avasam, your orders will be paid automatically, allowing your customers to receive their orders sooner
  • Automatic shipping updates – as your suppliers dispatch orders, customers will receive updates on their Wish account, with courier and tracking information included

While we’re still working on an automated listing tool for Wish (creating automated listing tools for marketplaces is quite complex!) we’re hoping to be able to bring that for you in an update before too long. Stay tuned!

Our partnership with Wish – a special offer

To help us to increase the success of our sellers even further, we’ve established a partnership with the team at Wish. To celebrate this partnership, we’ve created a special offer for Avasam users.

If you set up your Wish store now, you’ll pay just a 5% fee – which is reduced from 15% – for the first three months of trading on the Wish marketplace.

In addition, you’ll also have access to a dedicated account manager, and to help you increase your sales, you’ll gain access to promotional assistance including free product boosting.

If you’ve read enough and are ready to jump in, then you can get the offer here.

What else do I need to know about selling on Wish?

If you’re still unsure, or are wondering what the catches are – since no marketplace is perfect for all sellers – then you’re right to be cautious. Due diligence is an essential in eCommerce! While we know that Wish is undoubtedly a great place to sell, there are a few things to note before you decide if it is right for your business.

Some sellers report that they think commission rates to be on the high side compared with other sales channels – although with the targeting of products that Wish provides means that your sales are likely to be higher, and you’ll be saving on marketing costs. Also, if you make use of our offer, you’ll be saving a massive 10% on those fees for three whole months.

Receiving funds from Wish can take up to seven days. That’s a lot quicker than some marketplaces, but you’ll need to manage your funds accordingly.

There are over 500,000 merchants selling on Wish – but when you consider pretty much all marketplaces are over-subscribed, competition presents a similar challenge whichever marketplace you’re considering selling on.

If you intend to sell to international customers, your supplier will need to have shipping options available. Our international shipping functionality is coming soon, so you’ll be able to make the most!

Fluctuating exchange rates mean that profit margins can be impacted if you’re selling overseas. You may want to consider a multi-currency account if you are making a lot of sales overseas, to access better rates.

Customers know Wish is a great place to find a bargain, and so you may not be able to command the profit margins you want for higher priced, or premium items. If you want to make sales on Wish, you can simply add other lower-cost lines to your inventory – and this is easy to do with Avasam.

The Takeaway

Significant brand awareness internationally, and customers worldwide, combined with the other benefits that selling on Wish offers, means that selling on Wish is a great way to increase your sales, which in turn will increase your profits. And while there are a few things to be aware of before you start selling, none of these should be a major obstacle if you plan for them in advance.

With our special partnership offer, and our new integration, there really has never been a better time to jump into selling on Wish. Time to get started – you can activate your special offer here.

If you haven’t started selling from Avasam suppliers yet, you can sign up for a free trialand get our special offer with Wish right away, increasing your business right from the start.

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