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If you’re considering launching a DropShipping business, you might assume that you’ve missed the boat for Christmas sales this year. While you’ll still need to work quickly to capitalise on festive sales, there are definitely still opportunities that you can take advantage of. Even if you don’t get your business off the ground quickly enough to make the most of this year’s quarter four, getting started now will help to ensure that you start next year with a solid foundation to your business, ensuring that you can meet your targets for next year and beyond.

Find your suppliers

When you’re setting up a new store, you need stock to fill it with. While buying stock is an option, considering the number of issues there are with the supply chain at the moment, and the fact that you need significant cash available to purchase those products may mean that you can’t grow your business nearly as quickly as you might like. With DropShipping, you only pay for the products after you have made the sale – and because you’re not paying for stock in advance, you’re not risking your capital for buying products that might not sell.

Sourcing products is easy when you’ve got a great DropShipping platform to source from – and especially when your DropShipping platform verifies the suppliers too, like we do.

Get your free Avasam account

Start sourcing from Avasam suppliers today. Your trial account is free until you’re making more than ten orders a month on a single sales channel. This means that when you’re ready to step up to a paid account, you’ll have made profit to contribute to your Avasam fee – and you’ll be ready to add integrations to other sales channels and grow your business further too.

Choose your products

Scrolling through endless pages of inventory, or thinking of products that you want to sell can take up significant amounts of time when you want to get your business started as quickly as possible. If you’re looking for a set of products that will give you great margins, simply log into your new Avasam account, and on the homepage you’ll be able to click through to the categories that you want, and add them to your inventory in bulk. You’ll find our Hot Products, Pick of the Week, and any special deals that our suppliers have made available to Avasam users – these are all likely to get you the best possible margins.

Check out our free webinars

Whether you’ve got your products lined up, or you’re unsure which products to choose for your store, we’ve got your back. Our team are hosting regular webinars together with our suppliers and partners – our most recent one featured some incredible products from our partners at SaleYee, but we have more to come too, so keep an eye on our webinars page and our social media for updates. If you’re not following us already, we’re @avasamsocial everywhere.

Get your store live

There are a lot of decisions to make when you’re setting up an eCommerce website – from which solution is right, to the extras and add-ons you need to help you get your products in front of potential customers. We wrote a blog post about the different sales channels, the advantages, and challenges of each here, but if you’re looking for a fast, effective solution that means you don’t have to do the research, we’ve got a great offer for you.

Set up a BigCommerce store free for three months

Getting your store set up is much quicker with a store builder solution. BigCommerce is taking the world by storm, and we’ve got a great deal that gets you up to three months free when you sign up here. We can’t think of a better way to get your website up and running, or at a better price than free!

Start listing on marketplaces

When you’ve secured your products, your store set up, and you’re working on your social media, you’ll be looking at the other sales channels that your customers will be shopping on. Which marketplaces are right for your business will take some serious consideration, but we highly recommend a combination of sales channels – don’t bank on the busiest marketplaces. Amazon and eBay are great, but many Avasam sellers are seeing great success on other channels too. Our integrations provide great automation, allowing you to handle your sales on the channels that you’ve chosen without worrying that you’ll miss anything, like you would with manual DropShipping.

List on Wish with reduced fees

We’ve partnered with Wish to bring you an exclusive offer to get 3 months of reduced fees of just 5%, rather than 15%, and you’ll get assistance including access to a dedicated account manager, and free product boosting to help you to sell more. Find out more about the offer, and sign up here. If you’re thinking that Wish isn’t for you – check out some of the reasons that Wish could indeed offer you opportunities in this blog post.

The Takeaway

Starting a new business can be really hard, but we’re working on making it much, much easier for Avasam sellers by securing deals that make it that bit easier to get going. Signing up for your Avasam account is just the first step, and whether you use one of our deals, or all of them (and our future deals that we’re working on!) as you are getting your business started, you’re certain to find them a huge help. Of course, if you need assistance with any of our offers, setting up an integration, or you have questions about how Avasam can help your existing business, you can book a call with our support team.

Dawn Matthews
Dawn has worked in technical and customer supporting roles for over 20 years. Most of her career was spent in technical services at top rated UK universities, which has given her a keen eye for detail. A lucky escape led her to the field of eCommerce in 2017, and she’s never looked back. Dawn studied in the field of social sciences with the Open University, achieving an MSc in Forensic Psychology at the same time as working two jobs. She regularly applies principles of psychology from her studies to her work, and outside of her role at Avasam she is busy writing her second book. Follow Dawn on LinkedIn at

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