Best products to sell in spring

, Best products to sell in spring

We spoke on the blog last week about the best products to sell during February, and we know most businesses plan ahead, trying to predict the products that will be in demand for the next few months. We’ve done a dig into the data, and we’ve established some of the big hitting products that are likely to be top sellers during spring this year. If you haven’t already started planning ahead, then get ready to start sourcing products from our list of best selling products for spring.

  • Valentine’s Day (14 February)
  • Pancake Day/Shrove Tuesday (1 March)
  • Mother’s Day (27 March)
  • Clocks change (27 March)
  • Easter (17 April)
  • May Day bank holiday (2 May)
  • The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Central Weekend (2nd to 5th June)

We took a deep dive into some of the best products to sell for Valentine’s Day last year, and we’ve recently updated that post with new information – so we won’t go over that information again here.

Now that covid restrictions are being relaxed, it is pretty likely that each chance for a gathering will end up with one occurring – although for many of us, that is also likely to be a home-based gathering. That presents a lot of chances to make sales for homeware items – so let’s take a look.


Pancake Day is most definitely an opportunity to make sales of pans – it goes without saying really, doesn’t it? But with special lunches for Mother’s Day, and Easter roasts, there is ample chance to sell other types of cookware too. Our range of pans and cookware now includes plenty of different colours, weights, and designs, including ceramic coated ones that mean even the first pancake will be perfect.

In addition to pan sets, there’s a good chance to make sales of electric crepe makers. They are definitely not mandatory for Shrove Tuesday, but for those who really love their pancakes and make them a lot, they can be a great purchase, with Pancake Day being one of the best times to sell them.

Spring cleaning items

As the days get longer again and we start to see our homes in daylight, we start to realise that there is much to be done in terms of cleaning up and refreshing the space. If we’re noticing that for ourselves, then there are definitely plenty of customers who are looking for cleaning goods too – so source mops, buckets, cleaning solutions. But don’t stop with those manual tools. Electric items such as vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners, and cordless handheld cleaners are big sellers, as well as robot vacuum cleaners (and take it from someone who owns one, they are an absolute game changer for keeping the home clean!).

Home decorations

As we’re refreshing our homes, decluttering, and cleaning after the cold dark winter months, we often identify where things could change. This gives us plenty of opportunities to make sales to customers who are looking to fill the gap on an empty wall, replace their doormat, and to bring their home up to date. Products that we expect to be top sellers throughout the spring months include:

  • Mirrors
  • Clocks
  • Storage
  • Art prints
  • Coat racks
  • Rugs and doormats
  • Candles
  • Lamps

These aren’t the only products that might work well for your customers, so take a close look at your inventory, and your best sellers, and identify the gaps.

Home fitness products

While many of us have been working on our fitness at home or in the gym through the colder months, as the weather gets a bit warmer, many of us start thinking about the prospect of wearing fewer clothes and visiting the beach – and so our thoughts turn to fitness. This means that even if we’ve given up on our new year resolutions, we’re probably being prompted to get back on it when the sun starts to shine – not to mention that there’s the Winter Olympics that will almost certainly inspire us!

Garden products

Those longer days mean that many customers will be heading into their gardens – and certainly making the most of pleasant weekend weather.

Products for gardening always sell well at this time of year, so source tools such as spades, trowels, and hoes, as well as greenhouses, garden hoses, and planters. You can also make sales of products for those of us with less than impressive green fingers – weed killers, grass seed, and so on.

Getting the plants looking beautiful is just the first step to enjoying the garden for the rest of the warmer months. Once their garden looks great, customers want items such as garden furniture, fire pits, outdoor lighting, and heaters that will allow them to make the most of those spring days that are cooler yet still beautiful.

Outdoor products

As soon as the nicer weather starts to arrive, we’re all happy to head outdoors – and not just in our own gardens. Getting out for spring picnics, and playing outdoor games with children everywhere from the park to the beach is top of most of our agendas. Picnic blankets, cool boxes, picnic sets, and portable

Other outdoor activities start to be more enjoyable in the fairer weather too. Going for hikes, bike rides, and even out on the water on stand-up paddle boards or kayaks are all great activities as the temperatures rise, and so there’s plenty of opportunities to make sales of products related to outdoor activities.

While we’re writing this in January and warm weather seems a long way off, for most families that enjoy it, camping starts around April, weather dependent (snow in April isn’t out of the question, and most campers prefer waiting until the overnight temperature is in double digits). However, keep in mind that most people who enjoy camping will be looking ahead, checking their equipment on mild spring days, and looking for replacement items, so if you’re planning to be selling camping equipment, start listing items sooner than later.

Barbecue products

We Brits love a good barbecue, and the first sign of a sunny weekend we flock to the supermarkets to stock up on delicious foods and drinks to enjoy outdoors. Whether we’re having friends over for a few hotdogs and drinks in the garden, or we’re heading out with a portable barbecue to a park or beach, al fresco food tastes so, so good.

Chances are though, that many customers will have discovered their barbecue equipment isn’t looking quite as hygienic as they thought they had left it at the end of last summer. That means they will be in the market for replacement goods – if not to up their barbecue game by adding a smoker, or buying a gas barbecue that allows them to fire up the grill on a pleasant weeknight evening as well as at weekends.

Products for travel

With covid restrictions (hopefully!) continuing to be reduced now, and potential summer holidays abroad being back on the cards, there will be many customers that will be pulling out their suitcases and travel gear, and thinking about replacing some, or all of it. Those of us that haven’t travelled since before 2020 will definitely be thinking we deserve a treat, and so adding items that make travel much easier to your inventory will certainly result in sales. A few products we’re expecting to perform well include:

  • All types of luggage – including suitcases, foldable bags, packing cubes, makeup bags, toiletry bags and jewellery rolls
  • Swimwear and cover-ups – sarongs, kaftans, and multi-way dresses
  • Footwear for warmer climates
  • Skiwear (spring skiing in some European resorts runs until late April)
  • Products to help make travel with infants and children easier – travel cots, travel games, ride-on luggage
  • First aid kits
  • Safety items such as portable door locks for solo travel, safety locks for luggage

There are all kinds of additional smaller travel items that customers will be looking for though – items like luggage scales, passport holders and so on are easy to lose, and so are likely to be in high demand once again as those restrictions lift. Start listing them now, and you’ll make sales throughout the spring and summer, and will continue to thereafter.

The Takeaway

A lot of these product ideas might seem intuitive, and common sense when you think about it logically. But getting the right products in place now means that you’ll be much more likely to continue to sell well as customers start to think about those products, and when the weather warms up and they are ready to make their purchases. If you’re already sourcing from Avasam suppliers, log into your account to start sourcing these products now, and if you haven’t signed up yet, you can do so here – you can be listing products on your sales channels and making sales as soon as today.

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