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March is a bit of an in-between month, being the end of winter and the start of spring. Weather can be extreme, with warmer, sunny days and snow showers – and all types of weather in between. The days continue to get longer, and as the clocks go back, our thoughts turn to spring cleaning, and to the time we’re all planning to spend outdoors during the warmer months. As you’d expect, customers are looking for different types of products in March – and we’ve rounded up a list of the best products to source and to sell during March.

Key dates for March

  • Tuesday 1st March – Shrove Tuesday/Pancake Day
  • Sunday 20th March – first day of astronomical spring
  • Sunday, 27th March – Clocks go forward
  • Sunday, 27th March – Mothering Sunday
  • Sunday, 17th April – Easter Sunday

Outdoor products to sell in March

“It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.” Charles Dickens certainly summed up the March weather in the UK perfectly, didn’t he? Getting out on those sunny days are so good for our soul, and we don’t know about you, but we’re excited to make the most of those days ahead. Sourcing the right outdoor products for your customers means that you’ll be able to make more sales of these types of products, so let’s dig in.

Garden products

It makes sense that the first place that we venture outdoors on during the first warmer days of the year would be our gardens – we’ve only got to step outside our door, after all. But winter, with strong winds and rain, can wreak havoc on our gardens, and before spring growth really kicks into gear is a good time to make changes to our gardens.

Many of your customers are going to be in the same position, getting out there to ready their gardens for the warmer months – so source garden tools such as rakes, hoes, and trowels, as well as garden furniture, lighting, garden toys for children, and so on. Now is a good time to find and list barbecues and related paraphernalia too – when the first sunny weekend hits, people want to be ready!

Products for outdoor activities

It isn’t just our gardens that we’re getting ready to get outdoors to see throughout March. Sunny days are opportunities to take hikes, get out on bikes, and for hardy folk, even to get out on the water – amongst plenty of other activities that we’ve not mentioned. Think about the types of activities that your customers are likely to be indulging in (or getting ready for, such as camping) and source products that they will want. Examples of products we expect to sell well include:

  • Bikes and associated gear such as helmets, reflective strips, puncture repair kits, locks
  • Picnic sets
  • Walking boots, waterproof coats, cagoules, and wellington boots
  • Portable barbecues
  • Stand-up paddle boards, buoyancy aids, swimming vests

Products for hobbies and leisure

Once you’ve sourced products for the garden, and products for outdoor activities, start thinking about the other types of hobbies and leisure activities that are popular from March onwards. Camping enthusiasts are weather-watching feverishly, waiting for their first taste of sleeping under canvas, while fans of water sports are checking their kit ready to go. But products for outdoor hobbies aren’t the only ones customers want, and there are plenty of other hobbies to source products for, so refer back to your target customer profiles, and see what they’re likely to be searching for products for.

Products for the home to sell in March

Whether we’ve returned to the office post-pandemic or not, we’re all inclined to make the most of our homes in the spring. We’re home during daylight hours, and we’re finally pulling ourselves away from binge-watching Netflix in favour of giving everything a refresh – so sourcing products for the home in March is always a good plan.

Clocks and watches

When the clocks go forward in March, there’s nearly always a moment where – assuming your home isn’t completely controlled with smart home technology – you’re not quite sure if the time you’re seeing on the clock is right. That reminds us that perhaps now is the time to put a new clock up, buy new batteries, and get a stylish new timepiece on our wrists. There’s a huge number of watches available on the Avasam catalogue, stylish clocks, and a range of batteries that are perfect for encouraging customers to make add-on purchases.

Spring clean and home makeover

With the longer days (especially once the clocks go forward on March 27th), we start to pay attention to our homes a lot more – and in particular, the areas that have been hidden by the darkness of winter. We’re ready to clean up our space, and in many cases, to do a makeover. Sourcing products that allow your customers to give their home a thorough clean, or to indulge in a spot of DIY, means that they’ll be ready to tag your business when they’re sharing their photos on their social media.

Travel goods to sell in March

In 2022, as the world begins to open up once again and people start thinking about booking their summer holidays, we expect there to be a huge rise in demand for travel products. Well, considering how long it is since many of us have travelled, it is hardly surprising, is it? We talked about this in our post about products to sell in spring, and essentially, all products that would make taking a trip easier is likely to be in demand – so start sourcing products like:

  • Luggage – all types of suitcases, holdalls, carry-on bags, as well as accessories such as packing cubes, makeup bags, washbags, and jewellery cases
  • Swimwear and poolside cover-ups
  • Warm-weather clothing, accessories, and footwear
  • Products for travelling with children
  • First aid kits and safety items such as secondary door locks, luggage locks

Don’t forget the add-on items too – passport holders, luggage scales, power adaptors and so on will be in high demand as customers realise they can’t find the ones they had previously.

The Takeaway

March might be an in-between season, but there are loads of opportunities to make sales if you can source the right types of products. By DropShipping these types of products, you don’t need to make additional space in your warehouse, or find the cash to invest in them. Avasam suppliers are all based in the UK, so they understand the type of quality UK customers are looking for, get products dispatched quickly, and provide the service you’d want for yourself, to help you maintain your great reputation. Ready to get started, or to at least browse the Avasam product catalogue? Sign up for a free account, or log in to get going. If you have questions, or need help with an aspect of working with Avasam, book a call – we’re ready to help you expand your business.

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