15 trending products to sell in 2020


2020’s been an interesting year so far, hasn’t it? We know you’ve all faced tricky times one way or another in 2020 –it hasn’t been straightforward for most of us. With that in mind, this post is pretty different to the one we anticipated way back when we scheduled the post.

Not all of these products will continue to trend throughout 2020, but some will continue to be popular long after we’re into 2021! As always, don’t rely on us to tell you what is right for your business – every business is unique, so it is important that you do your own research to ensure that the products you choose are going to be suitable for your target customers. All that said, our list is a great place to start looking for ideas!

Products currently trending

Products currently trending

As we’re writing this post, it’s the first few official days of summer, and in the UK we’re still relatively locked down. We’re not expecting the UK to be fully back to any kind of normal for a while yet, and so these are some of the products that we expect to be selling the most, to make the best of summer over the next few months.

Ice cream makers

It simply isn’t summer without soft-serve, delicious Mr Whippy ice cream, is it? And with current events meaning that more people are spending time at home rather than going to the beach or the park to get an ice cream, it makes sense that more people are buying ice cream makers for their homes. Ice creams in the garden taste just as good as they do anywhere else, and ice cream cones are readily available in supermarkets – so it is no surprise that people are looking for ways to get their ice cream fix at home.

Ice cream makers are expected to sell incredibly well this summer, and some of the smaller machines cost less than £50, but they do take up a bit of room to store in a warehouse. However, if you’re DropShipping, that’s not a problem for you, because your supplier takes care of that bit for you – as well as arranging delivery to your customer.

Sell alongside: ice lolly moulds, slushy drinks makers, ice cream bowls.

Marketing idea: write a blog post about how to make ice cream in a bag – it’s super easy, and very tasty – we’ve tried it! Although it’s easy to do and makes for a great experiment to entertain children in the summer holidays, you can highlight exactly how much easier it is to make delicious ice cream without the effort with the ice cream maker you’ve added to your store. Once your post is up, share it on your social media accounts!

Hammock in a bag with a stand

As we’ve already mentioned, the recent world health crisis means that we’re pretty much all staying home for most of this summer – and so we’re looking for ways to make the best of the sunny weather. Foldable camping chairs are usually a big winner this time of year, but this year we’re expecting more emphasis on portable, foldable hammocks with stands to be the focus of the summer as more people settle into their gardens, local parks and beaches.

Although lightweight hammocks are great for camping and they’re popular almost every summer, ones with frames are much more convenient since they don’t require finding trees or posts the right distance apart to connect them to. They’re also much easier to put up, and there’s less worry as you sink into them that your knots will hold your weight – and less chance of a comedy moment making it to YouTube!

Sell alongside: camping chairs, picnic sets, sunshades.

Marketing idea: set up the product in a couple of different locations and create an Instagram post talking about how easy it is to set up in different places, how nice the day was when you went out and about with the hammock, how comfortable it was to lie in and so on. Alternatively, make the most of a comedy video with a traditional hammock and compare the experience with your chosen hammock – with any luck, your video might start trending on YouTube or TikTok!

Slip and slide water slide

Children love water fun in the sun – as do many adults! It’s hardly surprising then that with many public swimming pools and water parks remaining closed at present that people are looking for alternatives for the garden, to cool off on those hot sunny summer days.

Slip and slide water slides are exactly as they sound – plastic slides that allow kids (of all ages!) to slide along through water and generally having fun. Generally they just need a little inflating, and attaching to a garden hose, so they’re quick and easy to set up and start using – which is always a good thing when you have excitable kids waiting to have fun! Although they are pretty small and easy to use, there are some pretty impressive inflatable, bouncy castle water slides available to that we’d love to get in our gardens, so depending on your target customer, adding more than one option at different price points may provide opportunities to make more sales.

Sell alongside: paddling pools, garden toys, garden hoses.

Marketing idea: create a YouTube video to show off exactly how much fun you can have with a slip and slide in the garden. Not up for creating a full video, or editing it as a product review? Try it as your first TikTok video – bonus points if your smartphone is waterproof and is up to the challenge of sliding along with you as you’re testing it out!

Ionic hot air brush dryer

The ‘quarantine cut’ might have been a thing for some people to get through lockdown without looking too unkempt, but not all of us wanted to brave the clippers! And since most of us haven’t been able to see our hairdresser in months, many people are looking for ways to make their hair look the best it can without a professional. Not only have we got to battle uncut, and uncoloured locks, but when it’s hot and humid, there isn’t many of us that want to spend time blow drying our hair.

Hot air brushes have been around for quite some time, but since not having access to their hairdressers, customers are making these trend again as a way to get a better blow-dry finish, with less effort. The addition of ionic hair technology has made them even more popular, helping to fight the frizz in humid conditions. Finally, the price tag of most of this type of item is pretty low – usually between £25 – £50 – which makes them an attractive purchase.

ell alongside: hairbrushes and other tools, hair accessories and styling products.

Marketing idea: do a before and after piece. This works well as a Story post on any platform, but could work equally well as a YouTube or TikTok video, or even just as photos on your Instagram. Essentially, you’re looking to show how well the product works, to give people the confidence that it is worth their hard-earnt cash to buy it.

Waxing kits

In the same vein as ionic hot air brush dryers – people haven’t been able to get into their beauty salons to get their usual hair removal done, whether that’s waxing, threading or electrolysis. That means that there are a lot of people who are looking for a solution they can use at home, that is much longer lasting than shaving, especially through the summer months when more skin is on show. (of course, it is up to each individual whether to remove their hair or not – we wouldn’t deign to tell you, or your customers what is right – we’re just telling you what is trending at the moment!)

Small waxing kits with the electric warmer, wax beads, applicator sticks and strips aren’t expensive – they’re generally between £30 – £50. They’re small, but big enough that the packaging is going to be bulky, and so you’re going to want to ensure your waxing kits are posted by the most cost effective shipping provider. By DropShipping your waxing kits, you don’t need to deal with that – your supplier stays on top of the best shipping rates and deals with dispatching for you.

Sell alongside: wax refills for the kit, laser hair removal tools, shaving products.

Marketing idea: don’t forget it isn’t just women who want to remove their body hair. Creating content for any of your social media showing all kinds of people using the kit will work well. If you’re able to find content that your followers have created, talking about how well it works and how easy it is, and can repost that around the same time you post your content, you’re onto a winner.

Magnetic fly curtain

We’re all hoping for a nice hot summer, and being able to have our doors and windows open. Unfortunately, with a nice hot summer comes the wasps, flies and other annoying insects – and not many of us enjoy those pests. Magnetic fly curtains allow for doors to be able to be open, and for cool breezes to travel through the home while keeping the pesky bugs out. They are much better than traditional beaded curtains, since the magnets re-seal as people pass through them.

Most magnetic fly curtains don’t take a lot of time or skill to install – they’re generally installed using Velcro tape that simply sticks to the door frame, without any need for tools or damaging nails or pins. They’re also pretty compact when they’re in their box, making it easy to post through letterboxes which minimises the risk of undelivered orders.

Sell alongside: fly swatters, citronella candles, mosquito nets.

Marketing idea: there are quite a few ways you could market this, but we think adding this to a Product Pin on Pinterest has huge potential through the summer months and even into autumn as crane flies (daddy long-legs) arrive. Alternatively, writing a blog post with the best ways to repel insects, including different scents that repel them could be an evergreen post that you’ll be able to repurpose year after year.

Zoom-appropriate clothing

With many companies continuing to encourage staff to work from home and implementing a remote-first staffing strategy beyond the end of lockdown, there’s been a trend for people wanting to wear clothing that is comfortable, but that looks suitably polished and work-appropriate. We might all be mostly wearing sweatpants or pyjamas on our bottom halves, but we need to be all business on the top for all of those Zoom, Skype and Google calls we’re included in.

If you’re already selling fashion items, add a collection of clothes such as jersey dresses that look business appropriate (but in reality, are as comfortable as wearing pyjamas!) and jersey cotton shirts that are suitably smart ready for those crucial Zoom calls with the directors. You might not end up needing to actually add new items to your inventory – you might be able to simply curate the products you’re already selling into a collection. If you’re not currently selling anything that fits the bill, then add and remove new products quickly and easily, (without needing to sell off dead stock) by DropShipping.

Sell alongside: laptop desks and other working from home accessories.

Marketing idea: Since the start of lockdown, there has been a huge number of articles written about how best to work from home, and even how to dress for video calls. Since we’re into a new season now, creating content – whether a blog post, or a video – highlighting how to stay cool in the summer when working from home AND remaining business appropriate for video calls will go a long way. You can feature items of clothing that you’re selling – remember to add links to your product pages where it is appropriate to do so.

Blue light blocking glasses

Many more people are continuing to use their laptops and phones into the evenings as working hours shift to accommodate children being at home (either because of lockdown or because of summer holidays) or as they’re working on their side hustles. Unfortunately, most of that technology emits a lot of blue light – which has been proven to impact on restful sleep, even when the user has blue light blockers on the equipment.

Blue light blocking glasses are available with prescriptions from opticians, but you can sell them for customers that use contact lenses, or that don’t need a corrective lens. You can even get glasses that fit over the top of prescription specs – a bit like the ones you might see in a science lab, so there’s potential to sell a number of different options.

Sell alongside: working from home accessories, eye comfort accessories, smart bulbs and stationery.

Marketing idea: there are a few approaches that will be successful here. You can go down the scientific route, and write an informative piece about how blue light causes insomnia, citing some studies and showing how to get a better night’s sleep. Or you might choose to go down the fun route, by playing with the stereotype that wearing glasses make you look clever, and take some shots of people wearing the glasses looking smart while doing something really fun instead.

Products that we expect to continue to trend into autumn

Products that we expect to continue to trend into autumn

We might only be a few days into summer, but retailers typically already know what they’re going to be selling in autumn, and even most of the way through the winter. If you’re still finalising your products for autumn (or even if you haven’t chosen them yet!) then here are some ideas that we predict will trend through the autumn months.

Pumpkin themed decorations

Although Halloween has been a celebration in the UK for quite some time, the popularity has grown year on year as American celebrations have been made more visible through social media, earlier than ever. This year we expect autumnal, and decorative autumnal themed items to be a bigger seller than ever in the UK – both for inside the home, and outside the home.

We’re not talking witches and broomsticks though, these decorations are more tasteful, and celebrating autumn rather than trick or treating on October 31st. Pumpkins, gourds and squash, greenery on everything, and other autumnal colours such as burgundy and ochre will work well too.

Sell alongside: all the usual Halloween costumes and decoration, also soft furnishings in similar colours.

Marketing idea: although social media will be absolutely flooded with people creating flat lays and beautiful homes, try creating a Pinterest board (with Product Pins) especially for the season, then talk about it on your Stories and share the link across your social media.

Darker lipstick shades

Although dark lipstick shades typically become more popular as the days get shorter, with many companies expecting to move towards more permanent remote working arrangements, we’re all going to be looking for ways to stand out on those Zoom meetings that we mentioned earlier.

Of course, these won’t be the only makeup items that are likely to be trending into autumn – dramatic eyeshadow colours also work well on camera, so if you’re planning on adding lipstick to your product range, be sure to add complementary eye makeup products, and do extensive research so you don’t miss any must-have items.

Sell alongside: other makeup items, accessories such as statement earrings, and clothing that is video call appropriate.

Marketing idea: if you have a team that is up for this (or some friends willing to help you out!) then screenshot two separate Zoom calls – one with someone wearing the lipstick, and one without. Posting these before and after images will help to show how much of an effect a darker shade of lipstick can have on a remote meeting, and prompt customers to swipe up, or click through and buy.

Luxury handwash

Although the Avasam team are generally a clean bunch anyway, we’ve pretty much all lost count of how many times we’ve washed our hands throughout quarantine. Since COVID-19, the world has become even more aware than ever of the value of soap in helping us stay healthy. While we all hope that COVID-19 disappears completely, the common cold won’t have – and so we expect customers to be buying handwash that not only kills the germs, but provides a bit more of a luxurious handwashing experience than a regular bar of soap.

Look for twin packs similar to those that Molton Brown sells. You’re going to be looking for high end, premium packaging and more sophisticated scent combinations, such as pink pepper, orange and bergamot or lime and patchouli. Less refined, single scents – such as strawberry, vanilla or cocoa may be less successful.

Sell alongside: luxury hand creams and bodywashes.

Marketing idea: create blog or video content comparing the luxury handwash with a regular brand soap. Comment on how the handwash lathers, and how long the scent lasts after washing – especially for more delicate, subtle fragrances.

Seasonal accessories

It’s a big winner every time autumn rolls around and the air starts to become more chilly, so why wouldn’t you add gloves, scarves and hats to your range? Especially since, with DropShipping, you won’t have to clear old stock at the end of the winter! Look for warmth and style, but be sure to check out the latest use of colour by the big fashion houses. Even if your target customer isn’t interested in haute couture or high fashion, those colours eventually filter through to all clothing items – so by choosing accessories in colours chosen by Prada, Chanel, Armani and so on, you’ll be ahead of your competitors.

When you’re choosing your seasonal accessories, make sure you have chosen the sort of materials that wash well, and if the items are not machine washable, ensure that you state that clearly on your listings. This will help you avoid having to deal with returns because the customer needs washable fabrics.

Sell alongside: clothing, especially outerwear such as coats, and other accessories such as bags and shoes.

Marketing idea: show how your scarves and gloves are influenced by high fashion. ‘Get the look for less’ articles have been around since Coco Chanel started designing, but for good reason – it works! Don’t forget to pin your items as Product Pins on your Pinterest boards.

Non-contact infrared thermometers

Another valuable lesson we’ve all taken from COVID-19 is that our body temperature is an important indicator in whether we are sick or not, even if we’re not currently showing symptoms. However, we’ve also been reminded that sharing items can transmit illnesses more than ever, so customers are looking for ways to minimise contact with potentially sick people – even within their own family.

Non-contact thermometers are able to measure temperature as far away as 30cm, which for many people will be much better than having to put a traditional thermometer under the tongue or in the ear. Non-contact thermometers are much easier to get a reading, especially when children are feeling poorly or distressed. And since there is no contact with the sick person, the device doesn’t need disinfecting as often either – which is a good thing when you’re dealing with illness!

Sell alongside: other items that bring comfort when ill – hot water bottles with fuzzy covers, blankets and so on.

Marketing idea: try creating a ‘winter illness survival kit’ section on your website. Add those other items that work when people are ill, and create a blog post talking about how to stay healthy (there are millions of posts like this you can be inspired by) and how to look after someone who is ill, featuring your products.

Heated blankets

Autumn is the time for getting cosy – we all pretty much agree with that sentiment as the nights draw in. With jobs looking less certain, and with the need to buy Christmas presents and so on, people are looking for ways to feel both snuggled up, and to save money.

Heated blankets are a great way for people to save money on their bills, as they cost very little to run, and mean that they don’t need the heating turned up quite as high. They’re generally not too expensive to buy either, so once a customer has one and likes it, they’re likely to buy more – either as gifts, or to help keep their bills down. There are blankets that can be used on top while sitting on the couch, but also heated under blankets for on beds – so make sure that you’re clear about which type you’re selling.

Sell alongside: hot water bottles, scented candles and oversized snuggly hoodies – and anything else that can help create the ‘Hygge’ lifestyle that appeals to almost everyone in the autumn.

Marketing idea: the key to getting people to want to buy these products is to get them to imagine how good it feels to be wrapped in a heated blanket on their sofa. We think Story posts are perfect for this, but videos and blog posts will help you to sell more too.

Electric shoe dryer

Electric shoe dryers is the product that none of us realised we needed, since we’ve been throwing our wet shoes and boots on top of the radiator to dry out for years. But that causes unpleasant smells, and can damage the décor on the wall behind – and that’s before we consider that some types of shoes just don’t do well with that kind of treatment.

Electric shoe dryers are absolutely game-changing for autumn and winter – and some models can even help to kill odour-causing bacteria, since they produce ozone to neutralise bacteria. They’re incredibly simple to use too – you simply slide the drying arm on the shoe dryer inside the shoe, and turn it on – and in less than an hour, the shoes are dry.

Sell alongside: wet weather gear like wellies and raincoats, or shoe cleaning equipment.

Marketing idea: we think a TikTok video would work perfectly for this product, to showcase the simplicity, and effectiveness. Everyone wants to put dry, warm shoes on, don’t they? Pinterest would be an ideal platform too – be sure to create a Product Pin so that people can click straight through to your listing, rather than searching for a competitor on Amazon or eBay.

How to identify trending products

How to identify trending products

If you’re already selling products like these, or you’re looking for the next hottest trend, here are some tips to help you with your sleuthing.

1. Use Google Trends

We’ve spoken at length about Google Trends on this post, so we won’t go into too much detail here. However, Google Trends is one of the easiest ways to find the information you want, at the price we’re all happy to pay – because it is free to use! It is as simple to use as any other web page, so you don’t need any extra software installed, and you can access it anywhere you are. Even if you’re using more sophisticated tools to carry out your research, it is well worth using Google Trends as well – since all it is costing you is a few moments of your time.

2. Search social media platforms

You’re well aware of why you use hashtags on your social media posts – it is to help people find your posts. But by the same token, searching for different hashtags can help you to find information about new products that people want, or start sharing all of a sudden. If you follow the hashtags that are most relevant to your brand on different social media channels, you’ll be able to see this sort of information very quickly.

While you’re looking at your social media accounts, be sure to follow your competitors. Although you’re increasing their followers, it is well worth doing so for the inside knowledge that they may impart on their posts. Companies often provide sneak peeks of new products they are about to launch, and knowing what promotions they are currently running will allow you to adjust your promotional activity – so you can make sales on the items that they are selling at full price.

3. Check ‘trending’ information from your competitors

Many eCommerce retailers tell you exactly what they are selling lots of, directly on their websites. You can make use of that information to help guide what products you want to sell – and since your competitors will have already done their research, by checking their trending information, you won’t have to wonder if a product is successful or not.

Of course, you can also look at what your competitors aren’t selling. If you identify a product that is trending elsewhere, such as on social media, but your competitors don’t have it yet, can you get it on your website from a DropShipping retailer first? If they’re not selling it, why not? Does the supplier only sell directly to consumers? If you’re able to broker a deal, you may be able to get more sales before your competitor gets their hands on it.

4. Refer to social shopping websites

Social shopping websites are websites that aim to learn and understand the shopping habits of their users, and to connect them with other users who have the same interests. As the users of the website keep coming back, their feed gets personalised, and communities can start to build.

Examples of social shopping websites include ShopStyle (includes their own Trending page, which can be incredibly useful for fashion retailers) ModCloth, Fancy and Wanelo. Others exist too, but the biggest one that you’re probably already using for your marketing activity is Pinterest. Although technically, Pinterest isn’t a shopping website, many users do use Pinterest to start their searches – and by searching and filtering, you’ll be able to identify what people want. From there, you find products that suit those needs, list them on your website and pin them as Product Pins on your Pinterest boards – and away you go!

5. Join online communities

There are online communities for almost everything we can think of, and if you’re already an online seller (or thinking of becoming one) then you’ll know there are plenty of online communities for eCommerce sellers too. Facebook is a great place to start when looking for these – with some that are closed and invite only, while others are open for anyone to join. In such groups, people share information about what has worked for them, where there are issues, and you can ask questions to start discussions. We have our own DropShipping group – you can click here to request to join.

6. Talk to your suppliers

Your suppliers know exactly what is trending right now, since they know what is flying out of their warehouse as fast as they can pick, pack and dispatch it! If you’re able to, getting in touch with your suppliers can give you valuable information about what is doing well. Some suppliers may even provide this information in the form of a newsletter, or it might be accessible on their B2B website.

Do you have to sell what is trending?

Absolutely not – and in fact, staying away from selling what is trending can be a much more solid strategy in the long term. Establishing your niche (a unique selling point) for your business will ensure that your products will appeal to the customers that you’re trying to reach. That means eventually (with the right marketing strategy) your business will become a known brand in the niche, which means customers will think of you first when they identify a need to purchase one of your products. Increasing the numbers of repeat customers to your business means that you are likely to need to spend less on your marketing – so it is a win-win scenario.

There are many ways to identify a niche, but these are the three steps we hear sellers take most often. Most sellers start by looking at hobbies and interests (whether their own, or those of potential customers), then carry out research to identify products that are missing from the market, before working with data to ensure that the products they’re thinking of selling are going to be successful.

Here are a few other ways that you can ensure your business will remain successful while avoiding having to switch to selling whatever is trending from month to month (or more often!).

1. Identify the categories that are hard to succeed in

It goes without saying that eCommerce can be a hard business to succeed in generally, but there are some categories that are absolutely full of sellers trying to make the same sales that you are. You can try and move into those categories, but they will be harder to win sales, the buy box and so on. You’ll also need to be way more competitive in those areas, which means your profit margins will be much lower, or you may make a loss on some items. By avoiding the most competitive categories, or spreading your products across different categories, you’re much more likely to be able to make sales.

2. Spot the products that customers buy regularly

Repeat customers are the holy grail of any kind of retail – because they know your business and are more likely to spend more with you over their lifetime than one time customers. To build repeat customers, identifying the products that people will buy regularly will enable you to continue to make sales to them.

Let’s use the example that we’ve used before – that of the shaving razor. Once a customer has bought a handle, and their first pack of blades, they are likely to have bought into the brand, we can predict how long it will be before they need a refill of blades. They might also go all-in with the brand too, buying a shaving foam, and post-shave balm, or other products.

When you notice customers purchasing from you more than once, you may be able to predict when they’re likely to make their next purchase – and you might decide to send out a special offer, in order to catch their attention and ensure they buy their refill from you.

Once you’ve got a few customers coming back that way, you might add the option to be able to subscribe for a product from you. Whichever website builder you use, there are options to add subscription functionality without very much effort required at all.

3. Search your DropShipping platform

It might seem pretty logical when you think about it, but when you’re successfully selling from your DropShipping platform, be sure to check what has recently been added. Avasam is adding new suppliers all the time, and our existing suppliers are updating their inventory constantly too. That means that if it has been a while since you looked, get on there and see what has changed, so you can add the most recent products to your sales channels too.

Although you don’t have to sell what is trending, adding in at least a few trending items (that are likely to appeal to your target customers) to your sales channels each season can be a useful way to attract customers.

You’ll be able to use those trending products to attract attention on your social media, which will help you to draw customers to your website. And as you already know, once customers are on a website, there’s a higher chance of them converting to become paying customers.

Where to sell online

Where to sell online

If you’re already selling successfully online then you’ll have almost certainly have done your research – you know where your target customers buy from, and you’ll be successfully selling on those sales channels. But have you created a multichannel DropShipping business?

Multichannel DropShipping simply means your business sells across multiple sales channels, using the DropShipping model to fulfil your orders. Without the right technology, multichannel DropShipping can be a difficult process to get right – since you’ll need to send updates manually, manage orders separately, and so on.

Multiple sales channels can mean:

Selling on your own website

This just makes sense, since your costs are going to be so much lower than selling on marketplaces. There are plenty of ways to set up your own website too – from dedicated eCommerce website builders like Shopify and BigCommerce, to WooCommerce, Magento and PrestaShop. These aren’t your only options though, so check out our list of integrations – and have a read about some of the pros and cons of each on our post about Shopify and alternatives.

Selling on domestic marketplaces

You’ll know a lot of the domestic marketplaces, because they’re likely to be the ones that you’ve looked into selling on first. Amazon, eBay and Wish are some of the biggest marketplaces, and are the marketplaces that new sellers tend to try and succeed on first. It can work, but looking to sell through some of the smaller marketplaces can be a better way to build experience, giving you more of a chance to be successful when you move to the bigger marketplaces.

Selling on international marketplaces

If you have customers in your own country, then there is a pretty good chance that there are potential customers in other countries worldwide. Of course, those customers will be able to order from your website and from your existing sales channels, but if you can get your products onto the sales channels your international customers are already shopping on, then you’re more likely to make more sales that way. Avasam has plenty of international marketplaces that are already integrated, so you can start selling immediately to customers in Spain, Italy, Russia, New Zealand and South America – amongst many others!

If you’re using the Avasam DropShipping platform, you can manage all of your product sourcing, sales and updates all in one place – because that’s exactly what we created it to be able to do. We’ve provided connections to website builders, so that you can populate your eCommerce store directly, and we’ve also created integrations for all the major marketplaces – and we’re adding more all the time.

For businesses that also have a retail outlet that the public can visit, or are selling from a warehouse as well as DropShipping, we’ve also connected with Linnworks – one of the biggest order management systems. As you’ll know if you’re a Linnworks user, Linnworks can also help with inventory management, so you’ll be able to see your Avasam items as just another inventory location. If you’re using an alternative to Linnworks, we can accommodate those too – so you don’t need to miss out on selling trending items from Avasam suppliers.

Selling on Amazon and eBay can be a great place to start, but just as you review the products that you sell regularly, you should be reviewing your sales channels on a regular basis too. Wherever you started out selling may not be suitable any longer as your business grows, or you may choose to only sell on certain marketplaces during certain trading periods due to listing fees and so on.

The Takeaway

There you have it – our predicted trending products for 2020 and some tips for how to make the best of selling them. While we’re expecting all of these products to sell well, we don’t have a crystal ball! Make sure you do your own research, so that you are certain that the products you choose are going to appeal to your target customers. Here are our recommendations:

  • Extensive research is key to finding the best trending items for your business
  • Choose a combination of trending products and those that sell consistently
  • Be creative in your marketing efforts, but be careful to use hashtags and keywords effectively
  • Sell your products on different sales channels to reach more customers
  • DropShipping items from suppliers means no risk of dead stock at the end of a season

If you’re ready to add some of these items, as well as thousands of others to your sales channels, sign up for your free Avasam account today. You won’t need to pay for any subscription fees until you’re selling more than 10 items per month – after which your fees scale in line with your business growth, starting just £9 per month. You choose how fast to grow your business, and you choose when to scale up. If you’ve got questions, just ask – our team are available on live chat on the website during business hours, or you can email us – [email protected].

Dawn Matthews
Dawn has worked in technical and customer supporting roles for over 20 years. Most of her career was spent in technical services at top rated UK universities, which has given her a keen eye for detail. A lucky escape led her to the field of eCommerce in 2017, and she’s never looked back. Dawn studied in the field of social sciences with the Open University, achieving an MSc in Forensic Psychology at the same time as working two jobs. She regularly applies principles of psychology from her studies to her work, and outside of her role at Avasam she is busy writing her second book. Follow Dawn on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/in/dawn-matthews

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