Wayfair integration

Increase sales on Wayfair with Avasam. List thousands of high quality furniture items from our verified suppliers and enjoy the automation that Avasam provides for DropShipping businesses worldwide.

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How the integration works

Fast order processing

Avasam automatically downloads orders and passes information to your suppliers for processing, so customers receive their goods quicker.

Automatic inventory updates

Avasam syncs your items listed on Wayfair with your supplier’s feeds, minimising the risk of overselling and needing to cancel orders.

Automated payments

Avasam can automate your payments to suppliers, further streamlining the DropShipping processes and optimising order dispatch times.

Shipping updates

Our connections with leading shipping providers means that Avasam can automatically update Wayfair with tracking and delivery information.

Advanced reporting

Avasam reporting helps you keep an eye on the items you’re selling, so you can eliminate under-performing lines, and keep profits high.


Grow your Wayfair sales with Avasam

Trusted suppliers

We verify our suppliers to ensure they provide great service and quality products.

DropShipping automation

Make more sales on Wayfair by adding thousands of products from Avasam suppliers.

Trusted payments

Technology from trusted payment partner Adyen secures all payments within Avasam.

Risk-free strategy

No upfront subscriptions are due, and you pay for orders when your customer has paid.

Integrate Wayfair and Start DropShipping with Avasam

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