Wayfair DropShipping

As a marketplace, Wayfair’s tagline really does sum it up – ‘a zillion things home’. Customers head to Wayfair for homewares, furniture and lighting, bedding, DIY goods and items for pets. The current Wayfair website was established in 2011, and since then has expanded internationally, with 28.8 million active customers in 2020 helping to increase the net revenue for worldwide sales to $3.8 billion.


How is Wayfair different from other shopping carts?

Wayfair is different from other marketplaces in that rather than being able to sell everything, categories are restricted to homewares. This means that customers already know what type of item they’re looking for when they head to Wayfair, and they’re prepared to spend a little more to get what they want.

The Wayfair marketplace was actually established as a DropShipping business – which means that they understand the intricacies of the method.


Why DropShip with Wayfair?

Well, those figures that we mentioned above should be enough to get you excited – there are a lot of customers that head for Wayfair, and customers love shopping with Wayfair because they can find high quality homewares much more simply than on other marketplaces.

There is an easy to use seller panel on the Wayfair marketplace, which means that if you need to log in and make changes on your listings manually, you’ll be able to do so without very much hassle. In addition, Wayfair shows real-time views of the demands for different types of products, so you can source and sell exactly what customers are looking for.


Pros and Cons of Wayfair DropShipping

Customers know what they are looking for when they head to Wayfair. They have something specific in mind for their home, and they know that Wayfair is likely to be where they will find such items. The huge brand awareness worldwide means that customers are already well engaged, and have developed excellent levels of trust when shopping on the marketplace. There is also plenty of guidance for international sellers from Wayfair, which makes getting started a lot more straightforward.

Although there are plenty of reasons to list items on Wayfair, there are a few challenges to be aware of before you get started. Customers are searching for unique items, so if other sellers are selling the same item, you may need to undercut on price, or offer a special deal to encourage purchases from you rather than your competitors.

In addition to the challenge of getting customers to buy your items (which is an issue on any sales channel) delivery options can be a challenge when DropShipping bigger items like furniture. If you need to be able to arrange delivery slots, or liaise with the supplier to do so, then you’ll need to consider how you’re going to manage that.