Tophatter DropShipping

Tophatter is an online app-based auction site, based out of San Francisco and founded in 2009. It offers a wide range of products and specialises in fast auctions and impulse buys for high turnover by volume – a good seller can expect to sell anywhere from 500 to 20 times that per week.




How is Tophatter different from other shopping carts?

Tophatter specialise in fast and quick auctions and rapid turnover. They choose what items to feature, and how often, using data-driven algorithms, so being agile helps you adapt to reinforce success on the platform. This means if people don’t bid on your items the first few times, or they receive them and don’t rate them well, they will stop being featured.


Why Dropship with Tophatter?

Tophatter is a fast-moving and agile marketplace. With its algorithm-driven, fast-changing and short auctions looking to snag impulse buys, it’s perfect for DropShippers. Because you’re not holding stock, when a product doesn’t work, you can drop it, look at what DID work, and then find some more products that have better traction, and attack the order volumes to improve your sales and returns.


Pros and Cons of Tophatter DropShipping

There are some great reasons to DropShip on Tophatter, including fast, high volume sales for successful products. You can reap huge rewards simply by focusing on one or two categories to achieve high volumes and success.

As the price being bid increases, then the increments the customers can increase their bids by increases, creating an accelerated return on higher value items.

Like every sales channels, there are cons that you need to be aware of before you start selling. When it comes to Tophatter, you need to be very careful how you describe your products when they are listed – if sellers rate the product under 4 stars on receipt, you’ll be penalised with eventual withdrawal of the product.

Achieving volume and success will require achieving partner status – that will take a certain amount of time and commitment. Non partners can sell a max of 50 items per week.

The best chance of attracting bidders is to take a risk on the $1 start – remember, it’s an auction site!