Elevate Your E-commerce Game:
Avasam's TikTok Listing Power Unleashed!

Join us to access top trending products that guarantee to amplify your TikTok shop's visibility and engagement, propelling sales to unprecedented heights!

Wednesday, May 29th | 4pm UK


Vanessa Lancione Social Media & Digital Creator
Tejas Dave Avasam Founder & CEO
Makan Moayedi TikTok Shop Partner Manager

Avasam Features for TikTok Shop Owners

Dedicated Support

Our professional team is always available to assist you via live-chat, support ticket, email and phone.

Selective Selling

Choose to sell everything from Avasam on your TikTok Shop, or opt for few lines. You decide what to source and how long you want to sell it.

Inventory Synchronization

To avoid overselling, we synchronize inventory levels every 30 minutes.

Effortless Set-Up

Link your TikTok Shop account in just a few simple steps and kick-start your selling journey.

Review from our sellers

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