Shopclues integration

Want more sales? DropShip thousands of items to Shopclues customers from verified UK and Europe-based suppliers. With Avasam, all your processes are automated, so you save time and can sell more.

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How the integration works

Order automation

Your Shopclues orders are automatically sent to Avasam, then passed through to the correct supplier to process and dispatch the item.

Inventory management

As supplier stock levels change, Avasam updates Shopclues, automatically marking items out of stock as necessary to avoid overselling.

Automatic payments

Your payments can be taken care of by Avasam. Set up payments to be taken automatically, so your customers receive their orders faster.

Status updates

As your supplier updates your orders, Avasam will automatically send updates and tracking information to Shopclues.

Advanced reporting

Avasam reporting helps you manage your Shopclues items, so you can eliminate under-performing lines, and keep growing your profits.


DropShipping success with Avasam and Shopclues

Verified suppliers

We find dependable suppliers, to help you grow your business faster and sell more.

Complete automation

Our automatic processes mean fewer errors and faster processes for better business.

Secure payments

Keep your business transactions safe with our secure payment by our partner Adyen.

No upfront payments

You pay when your customer does. No fees until after your 10th order each month.

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