Reverb integration

DropShip with thousands of musical items from verified Avasam suppliers to Reverb customers, and benefit from completely automating your DropShipping processes. Grow your business and sell more.

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How the integration works

Automatic inventory updates

Avasam updates your Reverb listings as your supplier’s stock levels change, so you’ll never be out of stock and need to cancel orders.

Fast order processing

Avasam downloads your orders from Reverb and automatically passes them to your suppliers for faster picking, packing and dispatching.

Automatic payment processing

Payments can be set to automatically process, saving you time, and are completely secure using leading global payment provider Adyen.

Secure shipping

Instruments require special shipping. Avasam integrates with a range of services, and automatically sends tracking information to Reverb.

Advanced reporting

Avasam reports help you maintain your profits, showing you successful and under-performing lines across Reverb and other marketplaces.


DropShipping success with Avasam and Reverb

Verified suppliers

Our suppliers have quality products, so you grow your business faster and sell more.

Complete automation

Automating DropShipping processes mean fewer errors and orders are delivered faster.

Secure payments

Avasam secures all payments using leading international payment partner, Adyen.

No upfront payments

You pay when your customer does. No fees until after your 10th order each month.

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