Avasam Partners With TikTok Shop


Avasam, a premier UK-based dropshipping marketplace, is thrilled to announce an exclusive partnership with TikTok, the global social media powerhouse. This groundbreaking collaboration will seamlessly integrate Avasam’s expansive, verified supplier network into TikTok Shop, providing an unparalleled selling experience for merchants. Avasam is honoured to be the only dropshipping partner officially listed on TikTok’s app page.

Unmatched Features of the Integration

Automated Inventory Synchronisation: Merchants can now benefit from automatic inventory updates every 30 minutes. This functionality dramatically reduces the risk of overselling and ensures that customers are aware of current stock levels.

Streamlined Order Processing: Orders are automatically transmitted to the corresponding supplier, facilitating immediate preparation and shipping upon payment confirmation.

Automated Payments: Merchants with stored payment details in Avasam can leverage an automatic payment processing system, expediting order fulfilment.

Real-time Shipping Updates: Customers will receive automated shipping notifications, complete with courier and tracking details, as soon as suppliers update the order status.

One-Click Product Listing: In a pioneering move, users can now list products from Avasam to TikTok Shop effortlessly with a single click, making product management more efficient than ever.

If you want to know more about this exciting news, follow this link and start selling today.

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