Mercado Libre integration

Make sales internationally by selling on Mercado Libre with Avasam. Choose from thousands of products from verified suppliers. Benefit from streamlining your DropShipping processes and selling more.

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How the integration works

Order management

Automatically download your Privalia orders to Avasam, with information sent directly to your suppliers for processing and sending.

Inventory sync

Avasam will keep Mercado Libre up to date with current stock levels at your supplier, so that you never need to cancel an order.

Payment processing

Avasam can automatically make payments to your suppliers for you. With no manual processes, your customer orders get processed quicker.

Shipping tracking

Avasam automatically sends tracking information from suppliers and shipping providers to Mercado Libre, keeping customers informed.

Advanced reporting

Avasam reporting helps grow your business by identifying new opportunities, and finding problems with items that need to be eliminated.


International DropShipping on Mercado Libre with Avasam

Verified suppliers

We verify our Avasam suppliers so you know your business can depend on their service.

Total automation

Streamline your DropShipping processes and sell more on Mercado Libre with Avasam.

Trusted payments

Technology from our trusted payment partner Adyen secures all payments within Avasam.

Risk-free strategy

No upfront subscription fees, and simply pay for orders when your customer has.

Integrate Mercado Libre and Start DropShipping with Avasam

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