Flipkart integration

Receive more Flipkart orders with Avasam. Find thousands of products to add to your Flipkart site, while Avasam automates your DropShipping processes so that you can grow your business faster.

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How the integration works

Order management

Flipkart orders automatically get downloaded to Avasam. Avasam then passes the order to the supplier for picking, packing and processing.

Thousands of quality products

Avasam makes sourcing quality products from verified suppliers simple. Search the catalogue and click to add to your Flipkart account.

Automatic inventory updates

Keep stock levels updated so you never oversell – Avasam automatically updates Flipkart with the latest information from your suppliers.

Automatic payment processing

Payments can be set to automatically process, saving you time, and are completely secure using leading global payment provider Adyen.

Shipping tracking

Avasam sends automatic updates to Flipkart with shipping information from your supplier, keeping customers up to date with their parcel.


Avasam and Flipkartfor DropShipping success

Dependable suppliers

We verify Avasam suppliers to ensure you and your customers receive the best service.

Unrivalled automation

Streamline your DropShipping processes with Avasam to free your time and sell more.

Secure payments

Technology from trusted payment partner Adyen secures all payments within Avasam.

No initial payments

Avasam is free until your tenth order, and you pay suppliers as your customers pay.

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