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Sunglasses are a great product to sell year-round, and the sunny weather we’re currently enjoying in the UK means there are even more opportunities for retailers to make sales by adding sunglasses to their inventory! For would-be entrepreneurs who have never sold online before, sunglasses make a brilliant item to start with, since they sell well year round. Today we’re highlighting Ray-Ban sunglasses, and talking about why you should start selling sunglasses in your DropShipping business.

Ray-Bans at incredible prices

Ray Bans at incredible prices

An approved supplier of designer spectacles and sunglasses recently added their range of Ray-Ban sunglasses to the Avasam platform, giving you the opportunity to add genuine Ray-Ban sunglasses to your sales channels, increasing your sales and helping you to make a fantastic profit.

There is now a wide range of Ray-Ban styles for you to sell, from classics that never go out of style (and therefore are always in demand!) such as Aviators and Wayfarers in different colours, to more contemporary styles like Clubrounds. The price of Ray-Bans have been reduced even further when you sell from the Avasam platform, allowing you to make more than 50% profit on each sale – for some styles, that can mean you will make more than £70 profit on each pair sold if you sell at the recommended retail price!

Ready to start selling Ray-Ban sunglasses? Log into your Avasam account and head for the product catalogue, or sign up for your free Avasam account to create your DropShipping business with no upfront costs.

Why sell sunglasses online?

DropShipping sunglasses is a great way to add to your store – whether you sell them until the weather cools down or keep them in your inventory year-round, and capitalise on people jetting off to winter sun destinations. Sales of sunglasses worldwide are expected to reach more than $38.84 BILLION by 2024, and the market is expect to continue to grow by just under 4% on average over the next few years.

Why sell online

If you’re just starting to sell online, sunglasses – and especially designer sunglasses like Ray-Bans are a great way to start building your business quickly. You’ll make plenty of sales, and there are great ways to round out your product range – whether you choose accessories like watches, fashion items, or you complement your range of outdoors items with them.

Although sunglasses are often considered a seasonal product by some sellers, there really are plenty of marketing opportunities year-round. The obvious one is as early spring turns to summer, but you can also sell during the autumn months when the sun is lower in the sky and affects people who are driving, or marketing to your followers who are taking winter sun holidays, as well as the usual sales opportunities such as Black Friday and Christmas.

Why DropShip sunglasses?

As you probably already know, DropShipping has many benefits, but the biggest draws for new sellers is that there are no up-front costs. DropShipping allows sellers to start their business much more simply. With products like designer sunglasses, buying inventory in bulk can be costly, and dealing with dispatching can be inconvenient – especially when starting out there may be few orders each day. DropShipping eliminates these problems, since sellers need only buy the inventory when they receive an order.

Why dropship sunglasses

Sunglasses are a great product for DropShipping, since they’re in demand year round, and as we just mentioned, there are plenty of marketing opportunities. The difference in the price that Avasam suppliers sell to you at, and the recommended retail price means that you can make a decent profit on every pair you sell.

We’re highlighting Ray-Bans for men and women in this post (since they’re incredibly popular and you can make huge profits pretty quickly with them) but there are opportunities to make sales by DropShipping sunglasses for children of all ages too.

Sunglasses are a great product for suppliers too, because they are pretty small – that means they are easy and inexpensive for suppliers to ship. All suppliers of sunglasses will use appropriate packaging for postage, but since sunglasses are usually shipped in cases as well as protective packaging, there is a relatively low risk of any products arriving broken. That means there is a much smaller chance of you needing to deal with returns or resends – which is a benefit that customers, sellers AND suppliers can appreciate.

What do you need to consider when DropShipping sunglasses?

Your customers are likely to want to know the kind of UV protection that the sunglasses you are selling provides. Of course, if you’re selling a brand name like Ray-Ban, customers already know that they provide protection they need, which is partly why they’re looking for that particular brand.

What do consider when dropshipping sunglasses

Creating detailed listings for the sunglasses you choose will also help you create the sort of sales you’re looking for. Customers are becoming increasingly conscious of their use of plastic, so be clear about what the sunglasses you’re selling are made of. Although plastic, nylon, metals, and metal alloys are commonly used for sunglasses, many manufacturers are now using different types of woods to make frames, and these are popular – so you can use this as a selling point in your marketing efforts.

Start DropShipping sunglasses with Avasam

Start dropshipping with avasam

If you’re already using Avasam, simply log into your account and search ‘Ray-Ban’ in the search box, or find them in the Accessories category. Click through to add to your inventory as normal, and start selling – easy!

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Sellers who haven’t started their business yet simply need to create their free Avasam account, source the products they want from the product catalogue and add them to their inventory. From there, it is on to setting up sales channels and integrating them – whether that is on your own website using Shopify or another website builder, or creating seller accounts on Amazon or eBay. The final step in getting started is to create your listings for the sunglasses (and any other products you choose!) and then marketing your items – talking about them on your social media channels and so on. Once you’ve listed your items and you’re marketing them, you simply need to wait for the sales to start rolling in!

The Takeaway

Whether you’re a brand new seller who has just set up your Avasam account, or you’ve been selling using Avasam for a while, selling Ray-Ban sunglasses is a great way to either start your business, or to add more inventory and to increase your profits. Don’t miss out – start now and sell more.

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