Best products to sell in June

, Best products to sell in June

The start of each month is a great time to look ahead at your inventory, and to consider what else you might need to source to maximise sales – or if you’re new to selling online, you might be wondering what to start with. June has a lot of potential opportunities to make sales, and in this post, we’re looking at the types of products that sell well in June and into July.

Father’s Day gift ideas

Father’s Day is June 19th, and this gives the opportunity to make sales of all kind of gifts that Dads might like to receive on that Sunday. We took a look at some of the best products to sell for Father’s Day before on the blog, so we’re not going to go too far in depth here – but since there are a lot of ideas to make the most of, it is well worth digging into this post.

Summer holiday products

We might not have been going on our summer holidays for the last few years, but this year we’re getting back out there. Before we jet off to warmer climes, there are loads of bits that we want to replace, or buy for the first time – and that’s the same for your customers too. Make the most of demand for summer holiday products by sourcing beach towels, sunscreen, pool floats, waterproof pouches, luggage, and everything in between.

Summer accessories

Hats, sunglasses and flip flops are absolutely not negotiable for most of us in the height of the summer – and having a choice is always better than one option! Of course, if you’re stocking summer accessories, don’t forget you can cater to everyone. Find stock for men and women, gender neutral styles, as well as a range of sizes for children too.

In addition to the most obvious summer accessories, you can extend your range by sourcing sarongs, kaftans, beach bags, as well as summer fashions. By sourcing from DropShipping suppliers, you can test how well products sell, as well as stocking fleeting fashions, without needing to invest capital and risk being left with products to clear at the end of the season, and when trends pass.

Products to enjoy the garden

Getting out in our gardens is one of life’s simple joys in the summer months, and we’ve spoken about gardening products before on the blog – they’re big sellers right now! Not only are plants, garden tools, and garden ornaments going to fly off the shelves, but sun loungers, garden furniture, awnings, and parasols are too. Fill your store with products for the garden now, and you’re certain to make sales through to the end of September.

Outdoor activities

Since the weather can be a challenge for much of the year, when the sun finally comes out and the temperature rises, many people head outside to make the most of it. Hiking, fishing, and all kinds of water borne activities are popular through the summer, and so stocking products that are associated with summer fun will guarantee sales, especially if you can get the right prices.

While we all love getting out to enjoy those outdoor activities, they don’t come without risks – especially when things are really hot. That means products like blister balm, anti-chafing balms, and first aid kits are well worth having available in your inventory. And of course, not all of us are able to enjoy the outdoors as easily as others, especially when hay fever is a concern – which means that if you can find hay fever products to source, you’re almost certain to make additional sales. Selling medication can be tricky (cost and keeping on top of use by dates are just two issues!) but some holistic, natural products can be helpful and useful. Do your research before you buy in, or source from DropShipping suppliers so that you’re not risking anything if you don’t make sales or a product isn’t popular.

Camping gear

While the summer hasn’t really gotten going this year, the camping season definitely has! Many hard-core camping fans have been getting their tents out for a couple of months already, but that means bits and pieces are likely to have been broken or lost during early trips – so replacements are needed.

More fair-weather campers are likely to have dug their camping gear out over the last few weeks and will be taking their first trips around now, so they’ll be finding what needs replacing, or what they need to buy. Getting a range of camping gear in your inventory – from small items like tent pegs, right up to massive event shelters – will mean you’re certain to make sales.

Products to stay cool

The great British pastime of moaning about the weather is never more prevalent than when it gets really hot in the height of summer. While we don’t get the temperatures that other countries get, the humidity, and the fact that it isn’t anywhere near as hot for most of the year means that we just don’t cope well with it when it hits – even if we spend most of the year wishing for it!

Keeping cool during heatwaves means that there are huge numbers of opportunities to make sales during June, July, and August. Desk fans and floor fans, hand held fans, ice towels, drink coolers, ice trays, ice-pop moulds, and ice cream makers are all big sellers in the UK in the summer, so source these products now before the heat really kicks in.

Back to school

We know, in most cases, kids haven’t even broken up from school yet, and won’t until next month – but you can’t have failed to notice school uniform in shops and supermarkets already. As a seller, you can’t delay promoting back to school stuff either. Although you probably won’t see the bulk of your back to school sales for another few weeks, it is well worth sourcing your inventory now, rather than waiting.

If you have children in your life, we probably don’t need to tell you, but just in case you’re not sure what sort of products to source, here’s a quick roundup to get you started:

  • School uniform items – trousers, shirts, skirts, jumpers in traditional school colours
  • PE kit items – shorts, polo t-shirts, plimsolls
  • Underwear and socks
  • School bags – backpacks, satchels, sports bags
  • Lunchboxes and water bottles
  • Pencil cases
  • Stationery – books, pencils, pens, rulers, maths sets
  • Revision guides

With more unusual names than ever emerging through schools today, this presents an opportunity for using print on demand to make additional sales. Once you have created the designs you like, you can use POD services to create pencil cases, bags, and water bottles.

How to sell seasonal products without getting stuck with leftover stock

For many sellers, judging the amount of seasonal products you need in your inventory can be tricky – and that is even more true when it comes to summer gear. If the weather plays ball, then there’s a high chance of you being able to make a huge number of sales, but if the summer is a washout, then in September you end up stuck with stock that you need to store for the next eight months or more. With smaller products such as sunglasses, it isn’t quite so much of an issue, but when we’re talking about deckchairs, loungers, and camping gear, those things take up a lot of space really quickly. Investing in stock also means your capital is tied up, so you can’t use it to invest in the next lot of stock until you’ve cleared the items. That can be a problem if you need that capital to make the most of quarter four.

But when there’s a heatwave, you don’t want to miss out on sales – even if you don’t want the risk. Sourcing inventory from DropShipping suppliers satisfies both the need for products, and the need to avoid the issues associated with buying stock in bulk. Your DropShipping suppliers take on the risk of needing to clear stock, and because you’re only paying for stock when you’ve already made a sale, you keep your working capital free to invest in stock you are certain will sell, or in marketing your business.

While working with DropShipping suppliers used to mean sourcing from suppliers in China, today you can work with multiple UK-based, verified suppliers that can meet the needs of your business far more effectively. Working with the Avasam DropShipping marketplace means that you won’t need to deal with configuring multiple setups if you want to work with more than one supplier either – that’s just how it works.

The Takeaway

With so many opportunities to make sales in June and throughout the summer months, it makes sense to refresh your inventory now. Rather than the hassle that larger, and more expensive items presents, using a DropShipping supplier to fulfil those orders allows you to maximise sales. Working this way means that you can keep capital free, use the space in your warehouse more efficiently, and concentrate on growing your business more effectively.

Source the products that your customers want this summer with Avasam – it is free to come and take a look around, and our pricing scales as your business does, making it easier than ever to grow your business. Sign up for your free account here, and if you’re considering a new website as well, make the most of our Click To Launch programme, and get your first month of Avasam and BigCommerce subscriptions completely free.

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