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With Easter less than a month away now, you’re likely to be thinking about how you can use the holiday to make more sales. Easter isn’t just about chocolate and religious rituals, and when there are bank holidays, people tend make use of the long weekend and school holidays for vacations both in the UK and abroad, DIY, hobbies, and leisure activities. With that in mind, there are plenty of products that are likely to be successful for sellers that are selling online at Easter, whether they are DropShipping or not.

In 2022, Good Friday falls on 15th April, with Easter Sunday and Easter Monday on 17th and 18th April respectively. Typically, school holidays are the week either side of the Easter weekend, but may differ by local authority and type of school.

Luggage and travel accessories

With international travel opening back up post-pandemic and customers are getting their confidence back, we expect demand for luggage and travel to be in high demand this Easter. With suitcases having been in storage throughout the pandemic, there’s a good chance that customers will be looking to replace old fashioned cases and bags, as well as those that have ended up being mildewed while they have been stored.

Of course, it isn’t just bags and suitcases that will be in high demand for travel from the Easter holidays onwards. Products like travel adaptors, wash bags, and packing cubes all make travel that bit easier, while items like travel pillows, headphone adaptors, and waterproof phone cases are likely to be strong sellers too.

Outdoor hobby kit

OK, so this is likely to be pretty weather dependent, and since April showers are to be expected, selling products for outdoor sports activities might not take off ahead of the Easter weekend. But even if the weather is forecast to be less than spring-like, customers know those warmer days are coming, and so they’ll be using their time to find the kit they need when the sun finally does show up. A few product ideas to add to your inventory ahead of Easter and through the warm months include:

  • Water sports kit – kayaks, stand up paddle boards, buoyancy aids, and wetsuits
  • Walking equipment – boots, rucksacks, water bottles, and hiking clothing
  • Fishing tackle – rods, nets, chairs, and shelters
  • Camping gear – tents, chairs, airbeds, and sleeping bags

Within these categories there are thousands of products that customers will be looking for – so browse marketplaces and social media to find the products that are trending, before sourcing them from your DropShipping suppliers.

DIY products

For many years, during the run-up to the long Easter weekend, adverts for hardware stores would be shown non-stop on TV – and it makes sense, since Easter is typically the first break in the year when homeowners might have time off work. With a few days available, redecorating rooms, replacing fittings and fixtures, and doing deep cleans are all more possible, and so customers are looking for those products that will help them get their home looking the best possible.

Sourcing a great range of wallpapers, paints, and tools that are suited for DIY over the Easter weekend and beyond can be a real challenge – especially if cashflow is an issue. Sourcing these products from DropShipping suppliers means that you can offer your customers a vastly increased range, without needing to invest in stock that might not sell – and you won’t have to worry about storing such a big range either.


As part of their DIY projects, customers are very likely to be looking for homewares that complement their new décor. Having soft furnishings such as rugs, curtains, and cushions, as well as decorative finishing touches such as clocks and artwork available in your inventory means they’re likely to add to basket with you as they shop.


Now we’re ‘living with Covid’, many of us are making the most of being able to see our friends and family again. It has been a while since we all held our collective breath over Christmas over the Omicron threat, so Easter is the perfect opportunity to get together with our loved ones for a feast. Roasting tins, serving dishes, crockery, and other kitchenware items are likely to be strong sellers in the lead up to Easter weekend.


Great weather and a bank holiday weekend are the perfect pairing for a barbecue – and whether you’re team charcoal only, or team convenience with gas, there’s no denying that food just tastes better outdoors and on the grill. Adding both gas and charcoal barbecues to your inventory, alongside tools and drinks coolers are certain to add sales for your business. If you’re going to add barbecues and grilling equipment to your inventory, do so as soon as possible, to maximise those sales before the long weekend and beyond.

Garden supplies

If we’re lucky enough to get a sunny Easter weekend, then as well as DIY, people are going to head for their garden -which means they’re going to be looking for supplies to make their garden look great. Although garden centres are expected to be open throughout the bank holiday weekend, there are many customers that have become used to buying everything online now – so as a seller, you need to capitalise on that! Customers will be looking for tools, garden furniture, and garden lighting solutions, and as many of these items are bulky, they’re ideal for DropShipping rather than buying stock in for, since you won’t need to store them, or clear them at the end of the season.

Buying plants, hedges, and trees has tended to be done in person at garden centres, but buying them online has started to grow in popularity, and especially since the lockdowns. If you want to take advantage of this, you’ll need a great supplier that has high quality stock, and can deliver without the plants being damaged. Avasam supplier You Garden is based in Lincolnshire, and only sell the best quality plants for customers – so if you’re already thinking of selling those garden accessories, why not start selling the plants to go alongside them this Easter?

Should I sell chocolate eggs online at Easter?

While the first thing that springs to mind for many of us is chocolate eggs, bunnies, and baby animals, for many online retailers, chocolate isn’t going to be the biggest hitting product. That’s because most supermarkets and discount retailers are selling Easter eggs at seriously low prices, because of their ability to buy millions of units in bulk. Most smaller retailers can’t match these prices, and so it is unlikely to be worth your while to buy stock of Easter eggs – especially when you consider how delicate they are, and the likelihood they are to be smashed in transit. If you have a retail location that customers can visit you at, then having a few available might be worth it, but if you’re purely selling online, it probably isn’t worth it. Rather than trying to get in on the typical Easter products, select some of the products we’ve shared here, and dig a bit deeper into those categories to make the sort of sales you want.

The Takeaway

Whether Easter 2022 is one to remember weather-wise or not, there is no doubt that the bank holiday weekend provides a great opportunity to make sales. You need to be prepared though, and so don’t delay sourcing and listing the products you want in your inventory – if the weather forecast is good, then customers will be buying at least a week in advance.

To start sourcing and selling these products now, sign up for a free trial of Avasam. If you want to connect Avasam with your existing retail business setup and have questions, book a call, otherwise log into your Avasam account and start sourcing products for Easter today.

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