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Barcodes are used by businesses worldwide, for good reason. Since barcodes can be scanned by machines using a scanner or a smartphone without error, they’re a great way to increase efficiency, and they can help businesses to cut costs, to save valuable time and to minimise potential for human error. When a new team member joins the company, if there is a barcode system in place, training time is just a few minutes – there is no need to explain the intricacies of the SKU system. As long as they understand how to scan the barcode, they can start work almost immediately. They can learn the details later.

Barcodes help businesses manage inventory and pricing, and can be attached to almost any kind of surface. Increased accuracy means that overheads can be lowered, accuracy and speed increased, and the chance of dead stock being missed is also reduced. Where there are price changes, there is no need to spend time changing labels manually – the barcode will reflect the price change when looked up on the system.

Overall, barcodes can help businesses to make better decisions, and to work and grow more efficiently with less errors or complaints.

Businesses that don’t want, or need to use GTIN barcodes like UPCs and EANs externally (on listings, etc) can use our free barcodes to help keep track of stock and manage inventory more efficiently. When these barcodes are scanned, information can be sent and retrieved directly to inventory management systems – including Avasam.