August WOW Offer: Lucrative Opportunities For Sport, Leisure & Hobbies Sellers


Looking to Boost Your Sales in the Sport, Leisure & Hobbies Category? Look No Further!

As the vibrant days of August roll in, Avasam, the leading global dropshipping platform, has a thrilling surprise in store for sellers in the Sport, Leisure & Hobbies category. If you’re a seller with a passion for sports, hobbies, and all things leisure, this is the perfect opportunity to take your business to new heights.


The WOW Offer: What’s in Store for You?

Avasam’s August WOW Offer is a month-long extravaganza designed to empower sellers in the Sport, Leisure & Hobbies category. By participating in this exciting event, you gain access to a plethora of benefits that can elevate your dropshipping business and expand your reach in the market.

1. Exclusive Discounts and Deals:

During the August WOW Offer, Avasam is partnering with top-rated suppliers in the Sport, Leisure & Hobbies niche to bring sellers exclusive discounts and deals on a wide range of products. Whether you specialize in sporting equipment, outdoor gear, hobby kits, or other leisure products, these unbeatable offers will give you a competitive edge and attract more customers to your store.

2. New Product Launches:

The August WOW Offer is not just about discounts; it’s also about innovation. Avasam will be introducing a fresh lineup of cutting-edge products in the Sport, Leisure & Hobbies category. These new additions will excite your customers, encouraging repeat purchases and increasing your store’s credibility as a go-to source for the latest and greatest leisure products.

3. Enhanced Marketing Support:

To help you make the most of this golden opportunity, Avasam is offering enhanced marketing support to participating sellers. Avail of expert advice and guidance on optimizing your product listings, crafting compelling marketing campaigns, and leveraging social media to attract and retain customers. These resources will help you strengthen your online presence and boost your revenue potential.

4. Faster Shipping and Delivery:

Customer satisfaction is crucial for any successful e-commerce business. Avasam is dedicated to providing an exceptional experience to your buyers by ensuring faster shipping and delivery times. This improved efficiency will not only impress your customers but also result in positive reviews and word-of-mouth referrals, driving more traffic to your store.

How to Participate?

Participating in Avasam’s August WOW Offer is as easy as one, two, and three:

Sign up as a seller: If you’re not already an Avasam seller, create an account at and join the Avasam family.

Join the Sport, Leisure & Hobbies category: Once you’re registered, access the category by clicking on this link:  Here, you’ll find the amazing products and offers available as part of the August WOW Offer.

Add products to your store and start selling: Select the products that resonate with your business and add them to your store. Promote them to your audience and watch your sales soar.

Other offers for easy product curating:

No Channel Restrictions sorted by Price

Sell without any channel restrictions and earn more.

  • 9 Heavy Duty Tent Pegs Steel Metal Ground Stakes Camping Gazebo Tarpaulin Hooks
  • 1/2 Arbor Violin Bow Brown
  • Fabric Resistance Bands
  • Tent Carpet 100×500 cm White

Special Offers sorted by Price

Earn more with More Special Offers

  • Beach Tent Instant Camping Pop up Tent Sun Shade Shelter, Red Outsunny
  • 13FT Trampoline Replacement Spare Net Safety Enclosure Net Surround Net
  • Folding Camping Table Picnic Table w/ Built-in Cooler & Carry Bag Outsunny
  • Rebounder Net Target Ball Kickback Baseball Training Equipment Play HOMCOM

Sports & Leisure Products sorted by Price

Earn more with specially curated products

  • JTL Fitness Stainless Steel Water Bottle 500ml Vacuum Insulated Flask for Hot or Cold Metal Watertight Seal Silver
  • Cooling Gel Pillow Pad | AS-02358
  • Fine Garden Green Folding Camping Chair, Lightweight,Fishing Beach With Cup Holder
  • Ladies Jodhpurs Jodhpur Horse Riding Self Seat Stretchy Dark Brown Ladies 8-18 (24”-34”)
  • Adults Childs Jodhpurs Boots Horse Leather Riding Brown Adults UK 7

Fitness and Gym Products sorted by Price

Earn more with specially curated products

  • Adjustable Sports Running Bumbag Jogging Waist Water Resistant Mobile Money Belt
  • Camping Mat BLUE | ZIZ002370-16270 | SM-61259 38050
  • Sauners Slimming Cropped Leggings Jogging Size S
  • JT Fitness Booty Band Belt,Resistance Band for Legs & Glutes Fitness Band Black

Women’s Health Products sorted by Price

Earn more with specially curated products

  • Adjustable Posture Correcting Back Stretcher for Effective Back Pain Relief
  • Inflatable Gymnastics Mat with Pump 60x100x10 cm PVC Green
  • Inflatable Gymnastics Mat with Pump 300x100x10 cm PVC Green
  • Inflatable Gymnastics Mat with Pump 200x200x10 cm PVC Blue

Why Choose Avasam?

Avasam is a reliable and efficient dropshipping platform with a global network of suppliers and sellers. With Avasam, you can enjoy seamless order fulfillment, automated inventory management, and a user-friendly interface that streamlines your dropshipping operations. Additionally, Avasam’s dedicated support team is always ready to assist you at every step of your dropshipping journey.

Don’t Miss Out on the August WOW Offer!

The Sport, Leisure & Hobbies category is brimming with potential, and Avasam’s August WOW Offer is the key to unlock a world of opportunities for your dropshipping business. Whether you’re an established seller or just starting, this event promises to take your venture to the next level.

Mark your calendars and join Avasam’s August WOW Offer today! Get ready to witness unprecedented growth and success in the Sport, Leisure & Hobbies category. Happy dropshipping!

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