Best products to sell in February

, Best products to sell in February

We’re nearly through January, and so all our thoughts turn to the first big sales event of the year post-holiday period. Many people have fallen off the fitness and wellbeing wagon by now, Dry January is almost (officially!) over, and Valentine’s Day is a matter of days away. While we’ve still got quite a way to go to be through the final weeks of the winter, there are often the first peeks of spring starting to show, and everyone is looking ahead to better, warmer days.

As an online retail business, whether you’re sourcing stock or you’re DropShipping, you’ll be looking at what products to add and remove from your sales channels on a regular basis. If you haven’t done that exercise since the new year, then now is a good time to get started – and to make sure you’re not missing out on those valuable sales throughout February.

While Valentine’s Day is absolutely a great sales opportunity, our team recommends making the most of the idea of love for all aspects of our lives. Not everyone has (or indeed, wants!) a romantic partner, but we all have things in our lives that we love – children, pets, homes, and even ourselves! This approach means that you can take the idea of love and apply it to all areas of our lives, allowing you to market all the products that you want to sell. In this post, we’ll be taking a look at some of the best products to sell in February, and how to market them.

Love your love: Romantic products to sell in February

It might be a massive cliché, but let’s face it – it simply wouldn’t be February if we didn’t touch on romantic products. Let’s start with the most traditional of products to sell in February – those related to loving your romantic partner!

Adult toys

We talked about selling adult toys a while ago, and for lots of very good reasons – not least because they are a great seller! The global sex toys market is expected to exceed more than $56.58 billion by 2027, meaning that there is plenty of opportunities to make those sales.

In order to make the most sales, you’ll need to know your customers and what they might want. Adult toys are used by single people (the term ‘love yourself’ can be applied with a big dose of innuendo here!) as well as couples, and of course, heterosexual couples aren’t the only people that want sex toys. Add to that the huge range of tastes and sexual preferences out there, and there are a lot of potential sales to make! Whichever type of customer you want to target, be sure to have checked out competitors – sexual wellness powerhouses LoveHoney, Bondara, and Ann Summers are all great places to start your research.

Of course, once you’re sourcing and selling adult toys, you’ll find that there are other opportunities to make sales. Birthdays, wedding season (in the UK, traditionally May to October), and Christmas are all perfect times to sell more, and there are a myriad of products that can be cross-promoted, starting with lingerie – so make the most.

If you’re thinking about selling sex toys, then a great way to start without any risk is to add them to your business by DropShipping them – you can browse our range without needing to log in here.


Jewellery is a classic gift idea for all the special people in your life – whether that is your romantic partner, a parent, or a best friend. A gorgeous necklace, thoughtful bracelet, or an everyday pair of earrings are perfect to show that important person how much you care at this time of year.

Of course, for customers that are considering popping the question during February – and especially on Valentine’s Day – then you need particularly stunning pieces for them to propose with. Many couples take the route that they will choose the official ring together in store, and in person, but for whichever party is popping the question – well, they need something to seal the deal! That means there are potential sales to be made with inexpensive cubic zirconia rings as ‘placeholder’ rings.

Jewellery products are a great addition to your inventory, butcase they aren’t just for Valentine’s Day. Once you’ve curated a beautiful range for your customers, you’ll be able to continue refining, extending, and diversifying your range all year round. Wedding season and the holiday period make sense, but jewellery makes a great gift option for birthdays, religious events, graduation, start of school, and many, many more.

Love your pet: Pet products to sell in February

Although there are huge numbers of new pets that are bought at Christmas, given that there are still a number of weeks of wintery weather left, people want their pets to feel comfortable through the colder temperatures and wet conditions.

Domestic pet products

People love to lavish their pets with attention, but when they don’t have the time to spend with their cats or dogs, they are spending money on them to keep them entertained and comfortable. Pet toys are popular all through the year, but these pet products are particularly popular at the moment:

  • Cosy new beds for cats and dogs
  • Traditional toys such as balls
  • Cat trees
  • Pet food
  • Cleansing products and towels
  • Collars and name tags, and leads for dogs

Of course, dogs and cats aren’t the only types of pets that are kept at home. Small animals such as hamsters and guinea pigs, as well as birds (including chickens!) have their own products that allow for possibilities to make sales. But having a large range of products can be tricky, since traditionally you’d need to have a large amount of capital available to invest in stock. By listing products from DropShipping suppliers alongside your existing inventory, you’ll be able to increase the number of customers you can serve, and you’ll only spend on stock once a customer has placed an order.

Equine products

The number of horses, riders, and horse owners in the UK has been relatively steady, and with that in mind, there will always be demand for equine products. However, the physical size of many equine products (horses are large beasts, after all!) means that if you’re to start sourcing stock, you need plenty of space in your warehouse – which is why many businesses choose to sell equine products from DropShipping suppliers. By selling equine products from DropShipping suppliers, you can extend your range, increasing customer interest without needing to invest in additional warehouse space. You’ll make a smaller profit on each item working this way, but you’ll also have far less hassle, and can grow your business without needing to expand your warehouse operations.

Love your home: Homeware products to sell in February

After the Christmas decorations have come down at the start of January, our homes often feel a bit bare – so what better time to encourage your customers to invest in their homes and make it feel a bit more homely? Homeware products sell well throughout the year, but items with heart motifs are ideal for February – and of course, flower prints and motifs are perfect as we move through into spring too.

  • Wall decorations – art prints, mirrors
  • Trinket storage – little drawers, catch-all baskets and so on
  • Ornaments
  • Candles (also ideal for those romantic moments on February 14th and beyond!)

You can view our ‘Love your home’ selection here, but you don’t have to stop with just heart shaped homeware products, of course. Our range of homeware products that you can DropShip from Avasam suppliers is extensive, and we’re adding more items from suppliers regularly.

Love your garden: Outdoor goods to sell in February

February might still feel like the depths of winter, but early signs of spring start to make themselves known during this month, leading us all to think about the better, warmer, and longer days that are ahead of us. We’re not the only ones that are thinking like that – your customers will be too, and will be planning what they’re going to do with their outdoor space in the coming months.

Outdoor products that customers are likely to be searching for in February can be divided into two lists – practical, and decorative. Practical products include lawn seed, greenhouses and sheds, and garden tools, while decorative products include things like planters, fire pits, and furniture. Some products will span both types – such as garden lights, for example.

If you’re planning to sell this type of product into, and throughout the warmer months, getting your range ready in February means you’re much more likely to catch those early shoppers, and those that are likely to save to their wishlists, ready for when the sun starts to appear.

The Takeaway

As we’ve made clear in this post, although February is undoubtedly about the hearts, flowers and romance, there are numerous other opportunities to make sales throughout the month that aren’t centred around lovey-dovey products.

Sign into your Avasam account (or sign up for your free account, if you haven’t already) to browse our catalogue, and see where you can identify other potential bestsellers that will help maximise your profits. With thousands of products available now, there’s never been a better time to start selling more, and scaling your business further.

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