Our mission is to make DropShipping
simple, secure and reliable

We aim to release the full potential of DropShipping and make it truly scalable


We knew DropShipping had more potential for online retailers

But we also knew it wasn’t being done properly…

We built Avasam with the aim of removing the pain points traditionally associated with DropShipping such as unreliable suppliers who are often based in far away lands; manual processes; the need for bespoke system integrations; lack of post-sale support; and a general lack of accountability.

Building the platform, the integrations and automating core processes was a big challenge in itself but designing the back-end governance and operational frameworks was just as complicated! Both are fundamental to our mission of making DropShipping simple, secure and reliable.

Tackling the many challenges of traditional DropShipping is far from easy and we are not perfect. But we are learning every day and are committed to supporting our supplier and seller partners at every stage of the exciting journey we are embarking on together.

Avasam is headquartered in London, the United Kingdom, and this is where most of our team are based. We also have offices in India, Czech Republic and Colombia

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Our values

The way our team manages and develops our platform is guided by our core values. We conceptualised Avasam in 2017 and officially launched in October 2019. In doing so, we became the UKs first full service DropShipping marketplace

Team - Linnworks Academy

Some of our team at Linn Academy,
Birmingham, October 2019


We establish partnerships with retailers, suppliers, platforms and industry specialists


We are committed to our goal of releasing the true potential of DropShipping


We continually innovate and search for ways to improve our platform and our service levels


We are not perfect, but we act with integrity and will be here to support you whenever we can

Inside Avasam

Our international team is diverse and from a wide range of backgrounds. Together we apply our knowledge and skills to ensure Avasam users get the best possible experience from the platform

Tejas Dave, CEO and Founder of Avasam.
Spring Fair, Birmingham NEC, April 2020

Avasam recognised at the British Business Awards, London, September 2019

Tejas Dave, CEO and Founder of Avasam.
Spring Fair, Birmingham NEC, April 2020

Want to learn more or have further questions?

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