Source inventory for your WooCommerce store

Integrate your WooCommerce store to easily automate your DropShipping order management, payments and shipping

, Integration WooCommerce
, Integration WooCommerce

Source from verified suppliers and sell on WooCommerce

Our integration process is straight-forward and intuitive

Filling your WooCommerce store with inventory doesn’t need extra room in your warehouse. Whether customers visit your WooCommerce website for clothing, homewares, packaging materials, health and beauty, or something completely different, adding to your existing inventory is easy. Even if you’re selling affiliate products on WooCommerce, you can extend your offering with Avasam.

Avasam features for WooCommerce store owners

WooCommerce is the world’s largest eCommerce website provider. Fuse the power of your WooCommerce store with the advanced functionality and inventory sourcing of our DropShipping marketplace

, Integration WooCommerce
Easy set-up

Link your WooCommerce store in just a few easy steps and start selling immediately

, Integration WooCommerce
Order processing

Orders, payments and shipping instructions pass automatically from your online store to your supplier

, Integration WooCommerce
Automated product listing

Send products, images, descriptions and attributes to your WooCommerce store in a few clicks

, Integration WooCommerce
Inventory synchronisation

We synchronize inventory levels every 30 minutes to help you avoid overselling

The tools you need to DropShip on WooCommerce

Add inventory to your WooCommerce store to expand and diversify your product range

Sell selectively

, Integration WooCommerce

Sell everything from Avasam on your WooCommerce store, or just a few lines. You choose what to source and how long you want to sell it for

Dedicated support

, Integration WooCommerce

Our experienced team are here to help you via live-chat, support ticket, email and telephone

Continual development

, Integration WooCommerce

WooCommerce never stops innovating, and neither do we. We work hard to ensure connections to your store are secure, and up-to-date


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