Reasons suppliers love Avasam

, Reasons suppliers love Avasam

Avasam functionality is extensive, and while we’ve covered this on our website, it’s definitely worth covering it here! There’s so much to talk about. We could tell you all about the technicalities of how Avasam works (it’s not magic, after all!). But that’s for our developers to get excited about!We’re sure you’d rather read about how Avasam can benefit your business. We’re not experts in your business – you are – so not all these points will apply to you.

Connection to existing systems

We’ve mentioned this before – you don’t want to have to change your systems if you already have a great setup. By choosing Avasam, you won’t need to. Whether you have order management, inventory management, or warehouse management systems to connect to, or a completely bespoke system, Avasam can connect to it. Everything is connected, with no complicated file exchanges or manual processes required. The only thing you have to do is fulfil those orders as they arrive. You can even print shipping labels directly from Avasam!

Thinking of switching to another setup for your inventory, or order management? No problem. Avasam can be your primary system, simplifying your setup and saving you money.

Direct connections to sales channels

When we say everything is sent automatically, we mean everything! You will receive your orders as soon as your seller makes payment. All you need to do is pick, pack and process the order as normal. You don’t even need your own accounts for sales channels! Avasam will send dispatch notifications to your seller’s account, and to the customer for you. That said, you might be interested to know we have nine shopping cart integrations, including BigCommerce, Shopify and WooCommerce, and a growing number of marketplace integrations, including industry leaders Amazon, eBay and Groupon. We’re not done, however – our developers remain at work increasing the numbers of integrations in our regular platform updates.

Secure payment methods

When it comes to payments, there’s a lot to be said for keeping things simple. That’s why we chose to use industry favourite Adyen for payments on Avasam. It is a strong, tested and trusted solution, and it works well for us.

For our established suppliers and sellers, or should you wish to offer it, we’ve included a pre-approved credit facility. Of course, you don’t have to provide credit for your sellers. It’s your business, so choose what will work best for you.

Direct integrations with shipping providers

You won’t be too concerned which marketplaces your orders come from. Your main concern is with getting the orders to customers. You already have preferred shipping providers and couriers in place, and with Avasam, you won’t need to change them. With DHL, Royal Mail, Whistl, Aramex, ParcelWise and Route Genie already in place, you can start using them immediately. Your preferred carrier not listed? No problem – we’re working on more integrations, and in the meantime, you can use CSV integrations to keep you going. Just let us know what you need.

Rating & feedback system

It can be difficult to get started with new DropShipping partners. To take some of the guesswork out of it, we built a rating and feedback system into Avasam. Accurate feedback can’t be removed by the individual, meaning users are informed of reliability and can choose partners wisely.

On the flip side, partners can help increase each other’s profiles too, by providing feedback about positive working relationships. We expect this will lead to more sellers wanting to do business with you – thereby increasing your sales and profits!

UK sellers  UK suppliers

Language difficulties, phone calls day and night – not to mention import taxes or customs charges! They all add up to make business difficult. For sellers who might be just starting out, that can be enough to deter them before they’ve even started. But why should that bother you as a supplier? Well, if you’re a UK supplier, with warehouses in the UK, you present none of those difficulties. So sellers are more likely to work with you – meaning that you can capitalise on that!

Avasam support

Avasam is designed to complement your business, so you can perform at your very best business as usual. Once you’ve signed up, our talented, experienced support team will configure your setup for you remotely. There’s no downtime during the setup process, which takes just three days.

With a simple dashboard, Avasam is easy to use and administer. That said, depending on how you work, you may never need to see it! If you want to keep your existing systems as your primary systems, that’s how we’ll set it up for you. All you will see is orders as they come in – until we add new features you want to try out!

We built Avasam so that even at the busiest time of the year, there should be no reliability issues. We’ve completed extensive testing, and our team monitor the system around the clock to pre-empt problems before they develop. There are technical explanations for all of this, but we’ll keep it sinmple – each user account and service are insulated from each other. This secures the system, so should a rare issue occur, it is unlikely to impact another or cause an outage.

However, while we pride ourselves on how robust Avasam is, and how dependable our team, let’s be honest and realistic. Sometimes, when technology is involved, (and humans!) things do go wrong. When those situations happen, our team work to isolate, and rectify the issue as quickly as possible.

The takeaway

There are lots of reasons our Avasam suppliers love Avasam. We couldn’t possibly detail them all here! But hopefully this has given you a taste of the reasons they do have. If you’re ready to get started, get in touch – our team are ready to complete your setup when you are.

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