Questions about starting DropShipping in the USA

, Questions about starting DropShipping in the USA

As eCommerce and retail industry experts, we get a lot of questions about DropShipping in the USA, and while we’ve produced loads of content, it has been a while since we did a round up of the questions that we get the most. Since there are a lot of questions, and we’re sure you are keen to get going, we’re keeping these answers short and to the point, while pointing you to further information that you might find useful. Let’s get started!

Is DropShipping worth it in the USA?

A bit of a loaded question, this one, and it depends on you and what you want to achieve from DropShipping. If you’re looking to build a solid business that can replace your salary, then absolutely it can be, but know that it will take a lot of time and effort – and unfortunately, if you start tonight, you won’t be able to quit your job tomorrow. However, if you’re wondering does DropShipping work? Then the answer is yes, definitely, it can.

DropShipping businesses do have the capacity to scale quickly, but for entrepreneurs that are looking to make a lot of money in very little time, DropShipping may not be worth it – you’ll have to judge this for yourself though.

Can you make money DropShipping USA?

Absolutely you can! It isn’t rocket science, although it does take a lot of work. The next question is the one that most people follow up with – and so we’ll get stuck into that right away.

How much can you make from DropShipping in the USA?

The thing with DropShipping is that it depends upon how much time and effort that you have available to put into your business and market your products. If you’re simply looking for a side hustle – because you’re at college or uni maybe – then DropShipping can provide you with the extra money you need, as well as the experience of running a business.

Realistically though, the amount of money that you can make from DropShipping is unlimited – if you have the right products for your niche, the automation to connect to suppliers, and the drive to succeed! If that’s the case… Sign up for your free Avasam account today, and start earning right away.

How do I start DropShipping for free in the USA?

You don’t need a lot of cash available to get yourself started with DropShipping in the USA, but you generally do need some. You’ll need a website to sell your products on, as well as a subscription to a DropShipping marketplace if you want the advantages that automation has to offer. If you don’t have any money to invest at all, then you’ll be looking for a way to get started, which is exactly what we created with our Click To Launch initiative with BigCommerce. Sign up to get a month of BigCommerce, and Avasam absolutely free – and if you work it right, you can make your first sales to pay for your next month, and the month after! Talk about making money from nothing.

Once you’ve got started, you’ll want to read our post about ways eCommerce businesses can save money in their first year – you don’t want to waste those earnings once the orders start flowing in!

Is DropShipping illegal in the USA?

This comes up a lot, probably because of the huge amount of content online that makes it seem like it is probably too good to be true. The answer is that DropShipping is absolutely not illegal in the USA – and not anywhere else that we’re aware of! DropShipping is simply a retail fulfilment method where, when the retailer sells an item, they purchase it from their supplier, and have it sent directly to the customer. It works similar to how it used to in retail stores before eCommerce exploded – the shop staff would simply “order it in” when the customer wanted something they didn’t hold on site. With DropShipping, the only difference is that the order is sent directly to the customer, and the retailer doesn’t need to see the order, or the customer. There’s nothing illegal about it.

What are the best DropShipping websites in the USA?

There are some incredible websites and resources that can be found to help you start DropShipping in the USA – and so much so, that we’ve written several posts about it! Rather than repeat that information, you can find some of the best DropShipping resources here, and DropShipping companies to know here.

Which is the best DropShipping platform in the USA?

It depends on what you mean by the best – and whether you’re asking the question as a seller or a supplier! There aren’t many DropShipping platforms that are based in the USA, and many of the DropShipping platforms that you can use to source from overseas are fraught with problems, such as long delivery times. That’s why we recommend sourcing from a DropShipping platform with USA-based suppliers – to avoid all those issues. The best one? Well, it depends on what stage your business is at, but ideally, you want as much automation as possible, and access to as many products as possible, from as many suppliers as possible. If you’re starting from scratch and you don’t have any technical background, then you’ll also want simplicity – which is exactly where Avasam comes in. We recommend doing loads of testing before committing, and if Avasam isn’t right for your business, you can find other places to find USA DropShipping suppliers here.

What products are best for DropShipping in the USA?

There’s no such thing as the right products for DropShipping in the USA – it simply depends on which customers you want to serve, and the niche you’re going to be selling in. We hear so many people say “everyone” when they’re asked who their target customer is, and that simply isn’t realistic. Identifying products that will sell well depends on your customer – and so your own research is essential.

If you’re looking to get started quickly though, you can check out our post! The best products to start DropShipping in 2023 is a great place to start, and we’ve highlighted different sales occasions and times of year in other posts too.

What do I need to know about DropShipping taxes and accounting in the USA?

There’s quite a lot to know about DropShipping taxes and keeping your accounts in order so that HMRC doesn’t sting you with a massive fine. There’s a lot of information in these posts, but bear in mind that the USA government, and HMRC make changes to rules and practices regularly, so double check, and if in doubt, consult with an accountant or tax professional.

Can I get next day delivery for DropShipping in the USA?

It depends on the supplier you’re going to be using – but by DropShipping from USA suppliers, you’re more likely to find suppliers that will be able to deliver next day for you. Discover how to find USA suppliers in this post, or simply sign up for Avasam to work with suppliers that are verified by us, and work within our required Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Can I use DropShipping for Amazon and eBay?

Yes, definitely – although you might find there are restrictions on many products, and if you’re looking at DropShipping branded items on marketplaces, then there are things to know as well. Don’t get caught out – check out our guidance here, but always (and we mean regularly, even if you looked last week!) check current guidance from the marketplace terms and conditions.

Can I create my own DropShipping marketplace?

This is a question we’re getting more often just recently, and the answer is absolutely! However, take it from us – we built the DropShipping marketplace with unrivalled functionality – it is not an easy thing to achieve. It can be really difficult for suppliers to get the amount of integrations and automation to set up their own DropShipping marketplace, which seriously hampers the opportunities to grow. That’s why we’re offering Avasam functionality to suppliers, so that they can use all of our functionality and automation, with their own branding applied. Find out more, and enquire, here.

The Takeaway

There’s a lot to know about DropShipping in the USA – especially when you’re starting out. You won’t learn everything all at once, but this post should put you in the right direction for much of the information that you might want and need. There’s loads more on our blog, and on our YouTube channel too – so head there if you’re still searching for answers.

Getting the right products, from the right suppliers, with the right automation to allow you to focus on all the aspects of your business can be tricky – which is why we developed Avasam, to get your business off the ground quicker. Sign up for your free account today to browse our product catalogue, or sign up for Click To Launch to get your website and your Avasam account set up in less than 90 seconds, completely free.

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