Why sell eco-friendly packaging?

, Why sell eco-friendly packaging?

We’re all thinking about how we can do better for the planet at the moment, which means that as we head into November customers are looking for eco-friendly packaging and gift wrap ahead of the Christmas rush. We’ve talked about packaging, and sustainable packaging on the blog before (here and here) and as we said then, packaging might not seem like the sexiest category to sell in, but there are definitely benefits of selling it alongside a number of different categories. In this post, we’re taking a look at eco-friendly packaging, why you should consider selling it in your retail business, as well as why DropShipping packaging could be a much more efficient option.

Why is eco-friendly packaging better?

We really don’t need to spell it out, do we? It is as simple as eco-friendly packaging materials (those that are made from recycled materials, plant-based materials, and that are recyclable, reusable, and compostable) are so much better for the planet.

While manufacturing and transporting packaging will continue to have an impact on the Earth, using sustainable materials that can be recycled or composted means that there is much less of a demand. There will always be a need for packaging materials (although not as many as some companies have thought in the past!) and although it isn’t a perfect solution, eco-friendly packaging is much better than single use plastic.

Not only is eco-friendly packaging better for the planet, but it can also be a point that businesses can use to market themselves. Customers want better packaging solutions, and they don’t want to receive single use plastics. That means they’re choosing the businesses that they work with really carefully – so when they find companies that are using more sustainable packaging solutions, they’re more likely to use those businesses again.

Sourcing eco-friendly packaging and gift wrap

Whether you’re sourcing eco-friendly packaging and gift wrap to use in your retail business, or you’re looking to add these types of products to your inventory for your customers, you’ll need a dependable source. DropShipping eco-friendly packaging products is simple to do with Avasam – you simply need your free trial account to get started, and your sales channels.

When you’ve got your Avasam account, you can either log into your account and search for packaging in the Search Products page, or you can search Our Suppliers to see the complete range from each of our suppliers. Then, either source all the products from each supplier, or click Source on the products that you want to add to your inventory.

Why DropShip packaging materials?

Packaging materials are great as an add-on product, and if it isn’t the focus of your business, and you don’t have a huge amount of space in your warehouse, then DropShipping makes sense. Here are some of the reasons you might want to DropShip packaging materials:

  • You get the benefit of additional sales
  • You don’t need the space to store all those additional products
  • You don’t have to invest capital in stock at all
  • You can target other groups of customers
  • You don’t have to deal with shipping the products, which can be large and heavy
  • Ethical businesses want to buy eco-friendly packaging options at great prices
  • Sourcing eco-friendly packaging is easy through Avasam

Depending on your current business setup, you may notice additional benefits for your business by DropShipping rather than investing in stock, particularly if you’re currently in the start-up phase of your business. If that’s the case, you’ll definitely want to consider taking advantage of our offer, where you can benefit from one month free of both Avasam and BigCommerce – a great way to kick-start your business.

What types of eco-friendly packaging are available?

The range of products that our suppliers have is ever growing, but all the products from our suppliers are made from recycled, recyclable, and reusable materials.

Mailing bags – perfect for sending small, unbreakable items through the post. Made from recycled materials, these are durable and waterproof.

Padded envelopes – these are ideal for smaller, fragile items that need a little protection. Even though these contain plastic bubbles, they can be recycled, and if the glue strip removed, even composted.

Packing tape – plastic sticky tape can be massively wasteful, which is why paper packing tape with solvent-free adhesive is getting more popular – it can be recycled with mixed papers. Much better!

Royal Mail PiP boxes – sending via Royal Mail requires the right size and shape of packaging to get the best price. Recycled cardboard PiP boxes are not just better on pricing, they’re compostable and better for the environment too.

Void fill – when you need to protect a product inside packaging, you need void fill. Air-filled plastic cushioning, crinkled paper and wood wool (excelsior) are all great options and easy to use.

Cardboard boxes – we probably don’t need to explain why cardboard boxes are so popular! Strong and durable, they pack down flat for ease of storage, and they’re easy to reuse and recycle.

Shipping labels – essential to get parcels where they need to be, printed labels also make it faster for businesses to pack and dispatch. Those with recycled paper, and with ecologically responsible adhesives are a better option.

Plant-fibre based food containers – these have snap-fit lids, and are perfect for customers that are thinking about better ways to transport leftovers, as well as for food outlets.

These aren’t the only eco-friendly packaging products that you might want to sell – but they’re certainly some of the most popular packaging products in our catalogue at the moment.

Who are our suppliers of eco-friendly packaging?

Here’s a quick look at our eco-friendly packaging suppliers – you can log in and click on Our Suppliers to browse through the suppliers that allow you to connect to their inventory through Avasam.

SR Mailing

Established in 2014 as a packaging company for eCommerce businesses and based in Manchester, SR Mailing is aiming to become the most sustainable packaging companies in the UK, with a goal of being completely zero-waste by 2025. More than 9,000 eCommerce businesses now rely on sustainable packaging from SR Mailing, and with more products being developed by them – such as paper-padded envelopes and home-compostable, 100% recycled mailing bags – packaging is only going to get more sustainable. Read more about their initiatives here.


Zume is a manufacturer of sustainable food and drink packaging made from compostable, plant fibre-based products. They’re scaling quickly, and are now selling in more than 25 countries worldwide. They know that food delivery isn’t going to stop, and customers want better alternatives to plastic that ends up in the bin, which is why Zume products are so popular. Their take-away food containers perform equally as well as plastic (you won’t find any spills or leakage!) but can be composted – which is, of course, a much better option for the planet, as well as for kitchen cupboards where leftover tubs and mismatched lids live! In the UK, Zume products are dispatched through Packme Ltd, and Seamlessly Ltd, so orders are delivered quickly.

Why use Avasam suppliers?

All our suppliers are currently based in the UK, which makes life much easier for retailers. The advantage of working with UK-based DropShipping suppliers? They will get orders out to your customers much quicker than DropShipping suppliers overseas can. In most cases, Avasam suppliers work to send out orders within the same, or the next working day, so your customers will receive their order as quickly as they would expect their Amazon Prime orders. That’s really important when you’ve got a reputation to uphold – you don’t want to have to deal with order cancellations or complaints.

The investment that we’ve made in Avasam automation means that:

  • Listing products is easy, with listing tools for several major sales channels
  • Setting rules means that your pricing continues to make decent margins
  • You can be confident that all your customer orders will reach them without any issues
  • In the rare even that your customer isn’t 100% satisfied with their purchase, you’ll find our automated returns and refunds request simple to deal with
  • If you want to scale your business dramatically, you can bulk source categories, and even our entire catalogue

The Takeaway

Doing away with packaging completely isn’t an option, but eco-friendly packaging is a much better solution. Whether you’re looking to source packaging for your retail business, or you’re looking for extra products to make add-on sales of throughout quarter four, sustainable packaging is an excellent choice to add to your inventory.

If you’re adding DropShipping sales to your retail business and you’re unsure how Avasam can fit with your existing systems, book a call. Our team of eCommerce experts have decades of experience combined, and there are few technical setups they haven’t encountered – so whatever you’re currently using, they won’t be fazed! We have thousands of products available from an ever-increasing range of suppliers, and functionality that simply can’t be found with other DropShipping setups, you won’t be disappointed. Get your free Avasam account today to browse our entire range and start selling more.

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