Avasam partners with OnBuy


OnBuy announces Avasam integration enabling sellers to scale their eCommerce business; DropShipping products from verified UK-based suppliers

15th April 2021

With the rapid growth of eCommerce, sellers want to source additional inventory to expand their range, test demand for new lines, attract more traffic to existing listings, and launch on new sales platforms. Our sellers have found that adding extra products to their inventory results in additional traffic to their storefronts and listings, bigger basket sizes and additional orders.

Listing additional inventory from DropShipping suppliers is a convenient way to sell more, without additional manual work on the sellers behalf – they simply pass the order to the supplier for fulfilment. Being able to direct orders to suppliers also means that there are fewer chances that listings show as out of stock.

“As the fastest-growing marketplace in the world, we’re all about helping sellers to scale and grow their businesses. Avasam helps make it effortless for multichannel sellers to source from over 50,000 verified products and list on OnBuy to expand their inventory, without tying capital upfront in stock. We’re thrilled to have integrated and partnered with Avasam ahead of our internationalisation into a range of additional countries.”

– Cas Paton, founder and CEO, OnBuy

“We built Avasam with the aim of removing the pain points traditionally associated with DropShipping, such as unreliable suppliers who are often based in far away lands; manual processes; the need for bespoke system integrations; lack of post-sale support; and a general lack of accountability.

Building the platform, the integrations and automating core processes together with designing the back-end governance and operational frameworks has been fundamental to our mission of making DropShipping simple, secure and reliable.

We are super excited to launch our partnership with OnBuy enabling sellers to source and dropship products from our marketplace of verified suppliers and benefit from selling on the fastest growing marketplace in the world.”

– Mustafa Khanbhai, Chief Revenue Officer, Avasam

About Avasam

Avasam is the UK’s only multi-channel DropShipping marketplace, providing all the tools needed for online sellers to integrate their store, source products from UK-based verified suppliers, and automate their order processing, payments and shipping.

We connect online retailers to our network of verified UK-based suppliers, who are brand owners, distributors and wholesalers. Our retailers sell products from our suppliers across various online sales channels including webstores (BigCommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce) and marketplaces (OnBuy, eBay and Amazon) without worrying about storage or delivery of the physical inventory.

We automate the core back-end processes such as order flow, payments and shipping instructions while also providing a comprehensive governance framework including strict performance SLAs for our suppliers, post-sale support and dispute resolution, so that online retailers can focus on scaling their business.

Avasam is headquartered in London, the United Kingdom, and this is where most of our team are based. We also have offices in India, Czech Republic and Colombia. Tejas Dave is CEO and Founder of Avasam and has built his network in the industry across suppliers, sellers, marketplaces and service providers having previously founded eBusiness Guru, a tech solutions provider with 2,800+ customers and developed 700+ eCommerce websites and 400+ custom apps.

DropShip products from verified suppliers to diversify your inventory and scale your eCommerce business


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