Getting the most from your Sellers on Avasam

, Getting the most from your Sellers on Avasam

By signing up for Avasam, it’s reasonable to assume that you’re hoping to generate a lot of new sales from your products via Avasam sellers. In order to do so, it’s reasonable to believe that investing some time in providing not just great products, but also good information to help them sell those products, will help you in the long run.

Listings and Images

One of the biggest advantages, especially for new sellers, in using Avasam is its integrated listing tools. This means that you can provide the sellers with detailed information about your products which they can use to ensure they are found on marketplaces, or in Google searches.
Therefore, if you have the facilities, or can budget for having a professional do so for you, a great start is to get professional photos in high res against a plain white background for all of your products from multiple angles, including inside and underneath where appropriate. Consider product videos demonstrating the setup, or use of the products to really improve the buyer experience and reduce the potential for confusion or “Not as described” returns.

The next step is to ensure that you update the items in your inventory with, at minimum, dimensions, weights and brand as appropriate. If possible, add in as much specific detail as possible, so that your sellers can ensure customers can easily find their listings and pick the right option. Batteries required, materials, etc are all very important, and all areas which will encourage sellers to work with you more, and list more of your products because they get great results.


The next thing to address is the products that you are stocking. The traditional option for DropShipping sellers is to target a niche, or a trend, and as a supplier you can certainly choose to target one or more of these, or look at some more general options,certain things remain true – low cost products can be sold at high volume by some, others want to focus on more substantial products with true utility and better margins.
But whichever product(s) you choose to offer, certain things are important to get satisfied customs, and minimise returns, which will affect the sellers, and therefore your own sales:

– Make sure the items aren’t hard to use or understand – Good instructions, well packaged and labelled. Customers cannot claim returns for not being able to use the item easily, then.

– Ensure that the products are relatively robust – Heavy-handed customers can’t break things and blame you, or the seller for providing ‘Poor quality items’.

– Think about the product – Is it something YOU would buy, or be happy to receive from someone who had bought it for you? It’s easy to forget that we’re consumers too – certain baselines remain true for us and for others and will ensure that the sellers get good feedback, repeat custom and improve their sales for you.

Social Media & Promotion

As the brand owner, another important role you can play is to support your sellers on social media. It’s important to maintain a consistent brand image, and to work to control or coordinate how others see your brand. If the sellers are doing the listing and selling, you can promote the ‘right’ image by supporting them and rewarding them for doing the right thing.

If you are active yourself on social media, then you can share or link to your seller’s site or listings to promote and reward sellers that are providing high sales, or to promote new sellers that you believe are representing your brand well.

If you are not active, you can still work with the sellers to provide images and other assets they can use on social media to promote the brand and keep a consistent brand image. By refreshing them, it will encourage the sellers to use them and promote your products more frequently, and in new ways. It may be that they are from shoots you’re using in your own ad campaigns, or totally new, but by investing in this material, it may allow you to maintain or enhance the performance of your sellers, and your products.

This should have an enhancing effect on your own returns, and your attractiveness to sellers. It also means that the sellers aren’t just paying you for your goods, they’re acting to enhance your own brand(s) and marketing campaign(s), with additional reach into niche groups and through social media.

Customisation options

Why not encourage (or offer) bundles or promotional options that sellers can opt to have included in their packages for a nominal fee, so that they stand out? Possibly you could offer extras as a product separately with a nominal cost, and where the seller is using a product that supports it, they could ‘bundle’ them, allowing you to invoice correctly and transparently include the ‘extra’ in the customer’s orders based on a decision by the seller. The items don’t have to be incredible, they just have to contribute to the perceived value of the customer to the seller.

Fancy a chat about your business and how Avasam can continually increase your sales volumes? Give us a call – we’re happy to chat unboxing, social media marketing, how best to work with your sellers and more.

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