Featured product: Packaging

, Featured product: Packaging

Bringing you the latest updates from Avasam, today we’re taking a look at why you should be DropShipping packaging and mailing supplies – either as the main focus of your business or as an additional category to make sales.

One of the most recent suppliers to go live with Avasam is an incredibly experienced wholesaler of packaging items and necessary items for packing such as tape. They have added plenty of items to the Avasam platform for you to choose from, including mail bags, packing tape, bubble envelopes, garment bags and address labels.

Our supplier not only imports their items, they are in charge of the majority of their manufacturing operations in China, with their focus on creating 100% recycled options that use raw materials from the UK and the EU, and are granulated before being turned into layers of LDPE film, that create mailing bags with extra durability and strength. In addition to their 100 recycled plastic options, there are also eco-friendly and biodegradable packaging options. Because they’re able to produce incredible results from their factories, they are now producing and promoting the benefits of high quality zero waste packaging to both the packaging industry and eCommerce sellers.

This supplier only sells wholesale to their B2B customers – but they have chosen to work with Avasam to make their products even more widely available. This means they can offer Avasam sellers their best prices, so you can add packaging materials to your sales channels to increase your profits, and in turn, they can sell more too.

Why DropShip packaging materials?

, Featured product: Packaging

The idea of DropShipping packaging supplies might feel a little strange at first, but bear with us. Although it might not have the glamorous edge of the fashion category, or feel as exciting as selling trending items, there is a lot to be said for selling packaging items – both to end customers, and to other businesses.

eCommerce sales are continuing to rise, and as a DropShipping business you will already know that every penny counts for keeping your profits high. That’s the same for all businesses, whether they’re selling their inventory on the same marketplaces you are – such as Amazon and eBay, or they are an artisan selling bespoke pieces on handmade marketplaces such as Etsy. Almost all retail businesses will be looking to find packaging that suits their needs, and at a price that makes sense.

You can sell to these B2B customers, since when they find the right packaging solutions for their needs, they will seek you out to buy from you repeatedly – especially if your price continues to be competitive. And with those repeat sales comes repeat profits for you as a seller. Once you’ve got a first time customer to become loyal to your business, the marketing you need to do to keep that customer reduces. This opens up further opportunities for you – such as if the sales channels that you’re selling on allow you to create a subscription option for your customers (such as Amazon, or if you’re using Shopify for your own store). If you can offer this, your customers are likely to be delighted with the convenience that you offer and you can be certain of making those sales.

Packaging materials make great add-on products for some businesses too – especially businesses that are selling gift items. Not all customers want to send birthday presents or Christmas gifts directly without personalising what is in the parcel, whether that is within the UK or internationally, and it may be more cost-effective for them to send by an alternate postal service. However, if they’re ordering from you, why not make it convenient for them and have packaging available for them to order in one go?

Why choose recycled packaging specifically?

, Featured product: Packaging

We probably don’t need to spell this out, but by selling recycled packaging products, the planet as a whole benefits. Although the process of creating recycled packaging might not be as good as being able to use absolutely nothing, using packing materials is a necessary part of eCommerce. Products need protecting, and of course customers aren’t happy when they receive damaged goods! By reusing resources that have already been created, the reliance on raw materials is reduced. That means there is a smaller environmental impact – and while it might not be a completely perfect solution ecologically (there is an impact in terms of shipping and running the machines to process the materials) it is a much, much better solution for eCommerce than the industry using single-use plastics for every order that is sent.

Aside from the clear benefits to the environment that using recycled packaging offers, there are benefits for the businesses that use recycled packaging too. As customers become more environmentally conscious, they are choosing the businesses that they buy from more carefully. That means that when they receive packaging that is made from single use plastic, they’re likely to avoid that company in the future. For you as a DropShipper, that means that you can capitalise on those businesses needing to increase their environmental credentials, and sell them what they need. That means that companies like you, that are selling recycled packaging items, or businesses that are using those items for their orders will be able to benefit from highlighting their ethical credentials in their marketing activities. Content marketing is a great way to drive business to a website, and different types of packaging materials, manufacturing techniques and the sustainability of recycled items gives both you, and your B2B customers plenty to talk about. It isn’t just about blogs and videos though – you can put this all over your social media, on your website, on each listing page and so on, so it is really clear to your customers and they start to recognise you as an eco-conscious company.

How can you DropShip packaging materials?

You can start DropShipping packaging materials today, quickly and easily. If you’re already an Avasam customer, simply log into your Avasam account and search the product catalogue for packaging. You’ll see all the packaging products from our supplier, and you can add them to your inventory and start listing and selling them immediately, just as you would any other product in the Avasam catalogue.

If you’re not yet an Avasam seller, you can start selling packaging materials with no upfront cost by signing up for a free account. With our free account, you’ll be able to sell up to 100 SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) and process up to ten orders per month.

Aside from your Avasam account, all you will need is a website or a seller account on a marketplace such as eBay or Amazon – and you’re set. Don’t forget, you’ll also need to have chosen your sales channels carefully to ensure you’re not paying more than you can afford in listing fees.

Who can DropShip packaging materials?

, Featured product: Packaging

Although we’re encouraging DropShipping sellers to sell packaging materials, it isn’t purely DropShipping businesses that can benefit from selling packaging materials.

Retailers that sell using a mix of traditional eCommerce (where the business has a warehouse that they pick, pack and dispatch orders from) or a high street retail location that they complement their inventory with their Avasam DropShipping can benefit further from having packaging in their Avasam products. Not only can they offer these packaging materials to their customers, they can purchase these items in bulk for their own business at cost price and have them delivered directly to their business premises.

If this sounds like your business, by purchasing your packaging materials from Avasam, for each one of your own orders that you dispatch, you will be able reduce the cost of your packaging consumables. This in turn means you can either afford to reduce the price of your products a little – so you are more competitive in the market, which in turn will lead to further orders and more profits. Or, if you’re pretty competitive already and don’t want to reduce your prices, by purchasing your packaging materials from Avasam you can simply maintain your prices and increase your profits. Either way, it is win-win for your business – and it is just as easy to order from Avasam for your business as it is to order from anywhere else.

The Takeaway

Our supplier has plenty of options for selling packaging, and their focus on changing the face of the packaging industry to be much more eco-friendly means this is a great category to sell for both established sellers and new DropShipping businesses on the whole.

  • Everybody on the planet benefits when recycled materials are used more widely
  • Packaging is a niche that has great profit margins
  • The potential for repeat business is high, especially with B2B customers
  • Eco-friendly packaging is popular with end customers and encourages repeat custom
  • Selling recycled packaging items gives you great potential for marketing

Head to your Avasam account to get started, and if you need a hand, get in touch! Our team are ready to help you with any questions. You can contact us however you are comfortable:

By phone on 0330 113 7788
Chat with us on the live chat feature on the Avasam home page
On any of our social media channels – we’re @avasamsocial on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest
Through email – our email is [email protected]

Get started with selling packaging and profit today!

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