DropShipping sex toys

, DropShipping sex toys

DropShipping sex toys is one of the most searched terms when it comes to DropShipping, and it is likely due to the fact that it seems like a great, fun niche for entrepreneurs to get started in. For existing retailers, with Christmas now out of the way, the next big sales event to look forward to is of course Valentine’s Day. And because Valentine’s Day is about adult love of all kinds, many shoppers will be looking for adult toys to increase enjoyment with their partner.

Why should you DropShip sex toys?

First things first – as with all things sex, nobody has to do anything they don’t want to! But if you’ve read this far, we’re assuming that you’re here because you’re already interested. So, if you’re looking to spice up your business, sex toys might just be the products for you to add to your inventory.

The main reason to get involved in selling sex toys is the size of the market. Globally, spending on sex toys is expected to reach over $56.58 billion by 2027 – and that means there’s more than enough opportunity for you to get involved. In the past, buying sex toys used to be an embarrassing thing, popping into a ‘private shop’ or going to an Ann Summers party (with way too many uncomfortable games!). Buying sex toys online has made it much less embarrassing, normalising it, and made it easy, whether customers are buying them to use with their partner, or by themselves.

For retailers that have their own warehouse, storing a bunch of phallic, vibrating toys might not be the right move for your business – and of course, you might not want to deal with the awkward ‘jokey’ situations that could happen between employees. By DropShipping sex toys, your customers benefit from buying from you, but you don’t have to deal with any of that. You’ll simply source the lines from DropShipping suppliers, and when customers pay for their order, you send the order directly to the supplier, who will pick, pack, and dispatch the order for you.

Things to know when selling adult toys

While the UK is pretty liberal and accepting these days, there are still many people and communities that are uncomfortable discussing, or viewing anything to do with sexuality – and of course, if you’re selling overseas, there are countries that it is illegal to even mention it. So you have to step carefully when you’re marketing sex toys.

  • Complaints on listings, your social media, and review websites
  • Complaints on listings, your social media, and review websites
  • Conservative customers might decide to shop elsewhere
  • Social media platforms may censor images if they are phallic or explicit in nature
  • Safe search may remove your listings from some search engine results pages
  • Some platforms may prevent you from using wording promoting sexual pleasure

Aside from being really careful with your marketing strategy, DropShipping sex toys is pretty much the same as DropShipping anything else. Buy cheap, sell for a profit. As you’re doing your research, you’ll find there’s a lot of competition, but that can be said for almost all categories, so you shouldn’t let it deter you – you just need to find the right approach.

Your responsibility

You should also consider your position (no pun intended!) as a seller of sex toys, particularly when you’re selling products that have the potential to cause pain as well as pleasure. DropShipping sex toys definitely doesn’t mean you’re responsible for what happens in bedrooms (and elsewhere) across the country and the world, but ethically, we’d recommend promoting consent as part of your marketing tools – and there are some great ways of doing that!

If you’re going to be DropShipping sex toys, we’d also recommend taking an inclusive stand point. What people do to enjoy their pleasure isn’t your business, so really, you can’t allow your own opinions and prejudices to influence what you sell, or who you sell to. That means you need a pretty open mind when you’re selling sex toys – and don’t assume to know everything there is to know about all types of sex, or sexual experience.

What to DropShip alongside sex toys

While DropShipping sex toys can be the main focus of your business, you need to plan for how to scale as your success builds. Add items from these categories to your inventory, and you’ll get plenty of add-on sales – especially through Valentine’s Day, and wedding season, but also, for next Christmas too.

  • Day to day lingerie
  • Men’s underwear
  • Bedroom lingerie such as bustiers and body stockings
  • Fetish wear and role play costumes
  • Better sex products, such as lubricants and massage oils
  • Condoms
  • Personal grooming products (e.g. hair removal products)

With items such as lingerie, DropShipping means you don’t have to be concerned with the range of sizes to stock, or worry that you might encounter stock outages for certain sizes in your best sellers, or end up with left over sizes that nobody wants. It means you can offer a more inclusive range, with bigger sizes.

Where can I source sex toys for DropShipping?

You can source sex toys from all the usual places that you might source sex toys from. But the issue with DropShipping sex toys from China – such as in the case of DropShipping from AliExpress – is that you can’t always be certain that you’re going to get good quality. Add to that the difference in size between folks in the UK and China, and well – if you’ve ever bought anything from a seller in China, you can probably tell where we’re going with this! Often, things made in China are much smaller than expected – which isn’t a good thing for lingerie, and definitely not for sex toys.

Rather than sourcing sex toys for DropShipping from overseas, find suppliers here in the UK that have been verified and quality is assured – and sizing has been done with UK customers in mind! Our suppliers have a huge range of products available, from the tame and completely unintimidating, to those that are for the darker side of human sexuality, including BDSM and the pleasure-pain spectrum. You can browse our range of sex toys for DropShipping here, and to start sourcing and selling, you’ll need a free account.

I want to start supplying sex toys for DropShipping retailers

If you’re a manufacturer, wholesaler, or supplier of sex toys, and you’re looking for ways to scale your business, and you’re reading this post, then you’re almost certainly considering how to sell more with DropShipping. You’d be right to consider it too, since we have thousands of sellers that are looking to start DropShipping sex toys. You’ll need the great, high quality products in your range, with product information that our sellers can use – and even if your range is small, we can help you to sell more.

In addition to the right products, you’ll need to be able to fulfil smaller orders of one or two items, and you’ll need to be able to meet our KPIs. Our KPIs aren’t unreasonable or unachievable, and in most cases, they are exactly the terms that suppliers are already working on. Ideally, you won’t have an eCommerce presence, and if you do, it will be limited – so that you’re not going to represent competition for our sellers. They want to help you to sell more, and you’ll find that they can sell your products for you more efficiently than if you were to create your own eCommerce presence. That’s an option for scaling, but if you’re first and foremost a supplier, then working with retailers that are DropShipping will almost certainly suit you better.

If you’re a supplier with a huge range of sex toys and beyond, maybe creating your own DropShipping marketplace has been on your mind as an idea to scale. Take it from us, that’s an enormous undertaking, if you’re going to do it well – but you can always use our infrastructure with our enterprise solution. If this sounds like a great idea, get in touch.

The Takeaway

DropShipping sex toys is certainly an entertaining niche, but it definitely isn’t for everyone. You’ll know if it is right for you and your business, but you’ll need an open mind, be accepting of different sexualities and sexual practices (just because it isn’t for you, doesn’t mean someone else doesn’t find it super-hot!). Being comfortable talking about sex, sexual dysfunction, and of course, sexual pleasure will make DropShipping sex toys much easier. You won’t necessarily need to be sensationalist, or crude – but you’ll need to be able to write listings, create social media posts, and other marketing materials that encourage people to buy items from you rather than another seller.

To start DropShipping sex toys today, sign up for your free account. If you’re already a retailer and want to start sourcing from us using your existing inventory management system, get in touch – we’re happy to help you configure your set up. If you’re a manufacturer, wholesaler, or supplier of sex toys and you want to start DropShipping, find out more on this page, and book a call – we’re always open for more inventory!

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