Best products for DropShipping in April

, Best products for DropShipping in April

The start of each month is a great time to review your product range, and so if you’re looking for the best products to start selling from DropShipping suppliers, you’ve come to the right place! In the UK, April is the middle of spring, and although the weather can be incredibly variable, generally we tend to start getting warmer days, and so this forms the basis of the products that we’re recommending. The products we’re recommending might appear obvious, at first glance, but the numbers don’t lie – and these are best selling products in April, most years.

Dates for marketing

Easter Sunday – 17th April

St George’s Day – 23rd April

May Bank Holiday – 2nd May

Outdoor products

Even with the changeable weather, generally there are warmer days in April that make us ready to get outdoors – and if we’re thinking it, so are your customers. Source products that help your customer get outside and get active, with items such as:

  • Bicycles and biking gear including helmets, puncture repair kits, and locks
  • Al fresco dining – picnic sets, portable barbecues, and flasks
  • Walking gear – boots, waterproof coats, and wellies
  • Camping equipment – tents, airbeds, furniture, and cooking equipment
  • Watersports gear – stand up paddle boards, buoyancy aids, and body boards
  • Outdoor toys for children

This is not a definitive list though, and so it is well worth your while going back to your target customer profiles and thinking about the other outdoor products that they might be looking for. In addition, as the days grow warmer and the sun stronger, it is well worth adding sunscreen and products with SPF in them to your inventory – nobody wants sunburn!


With spring definitely on the way, most people who own a garden will be waiting for those sunny days so they can start clearing, weeding, and planting so their gardens look wonderful throughout the summer.

  • Sheds
  • Planters
  • Tools for gardening such as spades, forks, and hoes
  • Garden hoses
  • Composters

It isn’t just the act of gardening, of course – people are ready to get out and enjoy their gardens. Garden furniture, outdoor lighting, and patio heaters are all likely to sell well from April onwards.


The first hint of a sunny weekend and most of us are ready to get the barbecue on the go – and since we’ve been cooped up through the winter, it makes sense that we want to feel the sun on our faces as we’re eating al fresco.

There’s a huge dilemma between chefs as to whether gas barbecues can ever be as good as charcoal – although the convenience of a gas barbecue is undeniable! If you’re thinking about listing barbecue products from now until late autumn, it is well worth listing both types. While buying gas barbecues to have in stock can be expensive, sourcing both types from DropShipping suppliers means that you can offer your customers the best of both worlds.

When selling barbecues, don’t forget to list the tools and extras that go with them – heat resistant gloves and tool aprons, as well as tongs, toasting forks, and spatulas.


Since most of us haven’t taken a trip abroad in a while due to the pandemic, this year it is expected that the travel industry is going to start recovering. With that comes demand for travel goods! As people dig their luggage back out, there’s a good chance that they will discover they want a new suitcase, a different sized bag – or maybe they can’t find their travel plugs, luggage tag, or travel hairdryer. As more holidays are expected to be booked going forward, start listing these products now, alongside warm weather fashion, sandals, and beach towels.

Best of British

Although relatively few people actively celebrate St George’s Day, it is a great opportunity for marketing British made products. You might already know the products in your inventory that are made in the UK – but if you don’t, or you don’t have time to filter through your products.

Why DropShip these products?

For many retailers, buying stock makes the most sense – and we understand that, because you can make more profit on each sale if you buy in bulk. But buying seasonal stock such as we’ve discussed here isn’t always ideal for retail businesses, especially:

  • If the items are big and bulky to store and ship to customers
  • If there isn’t enough space in the warehouse
  • When buying stock ties up capital which is needed to be used elsewhere
  • If leftover stock can’t be returned to suppliers needs selling at discount, or storing until the following year
  • Where there could be more orders than the team can cope with

While profit margins are thinner on products that are DropShipped, by sourcing and selling these items from DropShipping suppliers, retailers can offer their customers a wider range of products. This will encourage more sales, increased basket size, and repeat custom – all good things for retailers to cultivate.

The Takeaway

Although the weather is certainly changeable here in the UK during April (they don’t talk about April showers bringing forth May flowers for nothing, and if you’re not already listing umbrellas, you should be!) the warmer days are here are certainly on their way. When you’re choosing new products to add to your inventory in April, you can’t go wrong with items that are for outdoor activities – it is mid spring, after all.

Adding products to the existing inventory that you have for your online retail business is simple – and sourcing products from Avasam suppliers, all of whom are based in the UK, means that you know the reputation of your business can be upheld. If you have a question that isn’t on our help center, get in touch or book a call if you’d like to discuss intricacies of how Avasam works with your existing eCommerce systems.

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