What is Click To Launch?

, What is Click To Launch?

Click To Launch is a new initiative from Avasam and BigCommerce that enables entrepreneurs to set up a store, and source products within the category that they want, without the hassle. When someone uses Click To Launch, they choose a template for their store, which we add selected lines to – allowing them to start selling and marketing their business immediately. To get their new business off to a great start, Avasam and BigCommerce are offering a month completely free, providing the opportunity to make money from nothing.


The past few years have been challenging for all of us, and in eCommerce, there have been even more challenges to meet. Without digging too deeply, we know that there have been:

There has been a lot of discussion in the media about ‘the great resignation’ and how many employees are looking for a more flexible way to earn their salary. We know that thousands of people want to create an online business, but the recent global challenges of sourcing stock and the other issues we’ve talked about above, alongside the challenge of finding capital to be able to source stock means that many abandon the idea of launching their own online retail business before they really got going. That’s a real shame, since global eCommerce sales are predicted to rise to more than $7.4 trillion by 2025 – and although it may seem like the market is saturated, there is more than enough potential for more businesses to be successful.

Avasam and BigCommerce created our strategic partnership as a result of our common goal, which is to make selling online easier. Together, we have been examining ways to help retailers launch businesses quicker, that can eliminate the need for entrepreneurs to spend hours doing product research, coding a website, and evaluating systems before they can get started – as well as reducing the financial cost of getting your business started.

Click To Launch is the answer to those issues. The entire process of setting up an online retail business using Click To Launch takes less than 90 seconds to complete, with a powerful online store, and with ten products from Avasam suppliers, so sellers can start marketing, and building their business immediately.

When the online store has been set up and the seller is selling, they can continue to sell those products, or they can use their Avasam account to source more products, continuing to expand and refine their offering as they identify new opportunities for products that their customers want. After Click To Launch entrepreneurs have created their BigCommerce store, they can continue to grow their online presence by making use of the other Avasam integrations to make sales on marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay and OnBuy.

Click To Launch is an incredible opportunity for many different types of people – whether they already have experience in eCommerce or not. Many entrepreneurs want to create their business as something that they can grow alongside their current job role, and so they need a way to get started quickly, and to see if their idea is really going to work for them before they go all in. For users that are new to eCommerce, it will allow them to start making sales while they are getting to grips with the business of selling and marketing. For experienced eCommerce and retail professionals, Click To Launch will allow them to get the business up and running within minutes, and to quickly and immediately begin scaling the business in line with their expertise, without the hassle.

To start a new business using the Click To Launch initiative, visit this page – the first month for both Avasam and BigCommerce is free, so entrepreneurs can really create something out of nothing.

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