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Shorten your links easily to make them more appealing to your users. In addition, shortened URLs are best used on social media because of the low character count.
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    URLs are Uniform Resource Locators. They are commonly referred to as web addresses, and they are usually found at the top of your web browser window. Sometimes you need to share that link to a page on your website, but it has a really long address. Perhaps you’re adding a link to a social media post, or you’re adding a link to an email. Perhaps you just need a link that’s easier to remember or write down.

    An example might be our blog post It isn’t as long as some links – it is just 93 characters – but it does take up too much space, especially if we were adding it to Twitter, where it would take up a third of the characters available. It would also be difficult to remember and pass onto a friend verbally.

    When we shorten the URL using our free URL shortener tool, it is presented like this – using just 21 characters. That’s much neater, and takes leaves us with much more space for our message. Using shorter, more manageable URLs in social media posts mean they’re more likely to be shared – in this case, we’d get more retweets.

    Our URL shortener simply hides your long link compressing to a much more compact version that points to the original. Although it looks different to the original link, it still goes through to the same page when you click it – meaning the link looks neater and more professional. If you’re sending the link in an email, a long link might make readers think the email is spam – or worse, the email host may filter it to the spam folder, where the recipient never sees it.

    Shortening your URLs just makes sense. That’s why we created our URL shortener, so everyone can benefit from more compact URLs. We’ve provided it for everyone to use as many times as they’d like, free of charge, and we’ll even email the shortened version of the link to you, so you have it available whenever you need it.