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As a pet store owner or seller, catering to the needs of pet parents is not just a responsibility but a passion. To ensure that our furry friends lead healthy and happy lives, it’s essential to offer a wide range of high-quality pet products. Avasam, an innovative and trusted platform, provides an extensive selection of pet products that can significantly benefit pet store sellers. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the best-selling pet products available on Avasam, helping you cater to the needs of your customers and build a successful pet business.

Premium Pet Food and Treats:

Nutrition is the cornerstone of a pet’s well-being. Avasam offers a diverse range of premium pet food and treats from reputable brands, ensuring the highest quality ingredients and balanced nutrition for pets of all ages and breeds. From grain-free options to specialty diets and natural treats, Avasam has something for every pet’s dietary needs.

Pet Toys for Fun and Enrichment:

Keeping pets engaged and mentally stimulated is essential for their overall happiness. Avasam’s collection of pet toys includes a variety of interactive toys, chew toys, plushies, and puzzle games that provide hours of entertainment and enrichment. By offering these products, pet store sellers can ensure that pet parents have access to a vast selection of toys that cater to different breeds and personalities.

Comfortable and Stylish Pet Bedding:

A good night’s sleep is vital for pets just as it is for humans. Avasam offers a wide array of cozy and stylish pet beds that provide the utmost comfort to our furry friends. From orthopedic beds for senior pets to trendy and durable designs, pet store sellers can offer customers an extensive choice for their pets’ sleep and relaxation needs.

Grooming and Hygiene Essentials

Maintaining a pet’s grooming and hygiene is crucial for their health and well-being. Avasam offers an impressive selection of grooming tools, pet shampoos, brushes, and other grooming essentials. These products help pet store sellers cater to the needs of pet parents who wish to keep their pets clean, fresh, and looking their best.

Pet Collars, Leashes, and Harnesses

Pet safety is a top priority for pet owners, and choosing the right collars, leashes, and harnesses is essential. Avasam offers a variety of durable and stylish options, including adjustable collars, retractable leashes, and comfortable harnesses. By stocking these products, pet store sellers can ensure that pet parents can keep their furry companions safe and secure during walks and outdoor activities.

Health and Wellness Products

Pet health is paramount, and Avasam provides a range of health and wellness products to support pet owners in caring for their pets. From supplements and vitamins to first-aid supplies, these products cater to the diverse health needs of pets. Pet store sellers can offer these items to pet parents, promoting a holistic approach to pet care.

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Source the latest and best Pet Furniture:

  • Inside Tabletop Side Table Cat Box Fixture w/ Magnetic Closing Door, White
  • Bath Grooming Table for Dogs Cats Pets Adjustable 1 Loop – 110 x 60 x 76 cm
  • Indoor Feline Cat Box Furniture Kitty Table w/ Scratch & Magnetic Doors, Grey
  • Portable Dog Steps for Bed, Sofa Non-Slip Pet Stairs for Cats, Dogs – Beige / Grey / Brown
  • PawHut One-Click Foldable Pet Stroller w/ Storage Basket, for Small Pets – Grey
  • Solid Wood Cat Condo Furniture 2-Floor Pet Shelter, Grey and White, 109H cm
  • Dog Bed Grey 65.5×50.5×28 cm Solid Wood Pine

More products on this page: https://app.avasam.com/seller/product/search/?catid=32&page=0&tag=67

Source the latest and best Pet / Wild Animal Products:

  • 162cm Chicken Coop with Run Wooden Hen Poultry Cage Openable Roof Grey
  • Wooden Bird Aviary for Finch, Canary w/ Removable Tray, Asphalt Roof – Grey
  • Chicken Coop Hen House Poultry Crate w/ Nesting Box Tray, 225x147x 85.5cm
  • DIY Pet Playpen 22 Panels Small Animal Cage for Guinea Pigs Grey
  • Wooden Bird Aviary for Finch, Canary w/ Removable Tray, Asphalt Roof – Orange
  • Portable Bird Stand Resting Stainless Steel Base Perch Ladder Bowls
  • Wooden Rabbit Hutch Enclosure Run House 2 Tier Large Coop Run Pet
  • PawHut Hamster Cage with Tubes, Gerbilarium Cage w/ Detachable Bottom, Ramps

More products on this page: https://app.avasam.com/seller/product/search/?catid=32&page=0&tag=93

Source the latest and best Pet Supplies / Pet Beds & Toys:

  • Rattan Cat House Stool, Wicker Kitten Bed for Outdoors and Indoors w/ Cushion
  • Pet Transport Box White and Brown 50×34.5×32 cm PP
  • Folding Dog Ramp Black 155.5x40x15.5 cm
  • Cat Litter Tray White and Blue 58x39x17 cm PP
  • Cat Litter Tray with Cover White and Brown 58.5×39.5×43 cm PP
  • Indoor Outdoor Rattan Cat or Dog Elevated Rattan Bed ST-N10005-UK
  • Dog Crate Furniture with Wheel for Medium Dogs, 80 x 60 x 76.5cm – White
  • Dog Bed Dark Blue 80x68x23 cm Faux Leather
  • Dog Bed Honey Brown 75.5×55.5×28 cm Solid Pine Wood

More products on this page: https://app.avasam.com/seller/product/search/?catid=32&page=0&tag=85

Source the latest and best Pet Supplies / Love Your Pet:

  • Dog Bed 40x40x20 cm Blue
  • Wooden Bird Aviary for Finch, Canary w/ Removable Tray, Asphalt Roof – Grey
  • Raised Dog Bed w/ Water-Resistant Canopy, Soft Cushion, for Medium Dogs
  • Dog Car Boot Light Grey 90×60 cm Linen Look
  • Dog Bed Black 99x89x21 cm Plush and Faux Leather
  • 44-Panel Pet Cage with Door Black 35×35 cm Steel
  • Chicken Coop Grey 193x65x117 cm Solid Wood Pine
  • Cat Tree with Sisal Scratching Mat 104 cm – White

More products on this page: https://app.avasam.com/seller/product/search/?catid=32&sort=up&page=0&tag=8&sortby=STOCK

Source the latest and best Pet Supplies / Gifts for Pet:

  • Folding 3 Wheel Pet Stroller Travel Adjustable Canopy Storage Brake Red Pawhut
  • Cat Tree Scratching Post Kitty Tower Activity Center 5-Tier Floor to Ceiling
  • 51cm Cat Tree Kitty Activity Centre w/ Top Bed, Toy Ball, Sisal Scratching Post
  • Heavy Duty Pet Dog Car Barrier Adjustable Ventilated Mesh Wire Guard
  • Portable Bird Stand Resting Stainless Steel Base Perch Ladder Bowls
  • Automatic Pet Feeder w/ Digital Timer Six-Meal Food Dispenser Trays White
  • 60cm Catcus-Shaped Chenille Cat Tree w/ Toy Balls, Sisal Scratching Post – Green
  • Twisted Haynets Hay Nets Haylage Small Holes (4”) Slow Trickle Feed Stable 40′
  • Dog Cushion with Pillows Dark Grey 75x58x18 cm Oxford Fabric
  • Luxury Pet Radiator Bed Cat Kitten Pet Washable Plush Soft Folding Hammock
  • Dog Puppy Training Super Absorbent Pee Pads Disposable Fast Drying Mat Leakproof
  • Foldable Dog Bench Metal

More products on this page: https://app.avasam.com/seller/product/search/?catid=32&sort=up&page=0&tag=42


Avasam presents a remarkable opportunity for pet store sellers to access a wide selection of high-quality pet products, enhancing their offerings to pet parents and setting themselves apart in a competitive market. By incorporating premium pet food, toys, bedding, grooming essentials, collars, leashes, and health products into their inventory, pet store sellers can create a one-stop-shop for all pet-related needs. As a result, they can build stronger customer loyalty, drive increased sales, and, most importantly, contribute to the overall well-being and happiness of our beloved pets.

Embrace the platform and explore the vast world of pet products on Avasam today to boost your pet store business and provide unparalleled care for your customers’ furry companions. Happy selling!

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