Avasam wins Best New Business at the Best Business Awards 2019


The entire Avasam team was thrilled to have been awarded the Best New Business at the Best Business Awards 2019. As with other categories at the Best Business Awards, this category is a tough one to be recognised in, and therefore we are honoured to have been chosen as the winner.

Commenting on Avasam, the winner in the Best New Business category, the chairman of the judges said:

“Avasam have created a ground-breaking dropshipping e-commerce platform that connects multiple suppliers and sellers all around the world and automates processes and payments making it easier to do business. eBusiness Guru developed the Avasam platform by investigating all the pain-points of dropshipping and inventing a system that makes it easier for suppliers to find new business opportunities and sellers to scale up their business quickly. The Avasam platform is creating a revolution in trading that is opening up a myriad of new opportunities.”

Tejas, Peter and Mustafa would like to extend their gratitude to the Best Business Awards team and judges, and to all members of the Avasam team, who go to extraordinary lengths to build the business for the benefit of the platform users.

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