Avasam partners with SaleYee


SaleYee partners with Avasam unlocking thousands of DropShip products for sellers to launch & scale their eCommerce business

15 Oct 2021

The landscape of ecommerce is changing rapidly, with online sales now making up one-third of retail market share in the UK. Avasam sellers have found that adding extra products to their inventory can result in additional traffic to their storefronts and listings, bigger basket sizes and additional orders.

Recent supply chain challenges have put pressure on sellers to look for efficient ways to source products to remain competitive. Listing additional inventory from DropShipping suppliers is a convenient way to sell more, without tying-up valuable capital in stock and warehousing – sellers simply pass the order to the supplier for fulfilment. Being able to direct orders to suppliers also means that there are fewer chances that listings show as out of stock.

“We founded SaleYee by pulling together pioneers in China’s cross-border e-commerce and supply chain management, aiming to empower online retailers to sell easily and earn globally. Considering the key to e-commerce success, we offer 30,000+ top-selling products through extensive research and strict quality control, as well as fast and free delivery from our global warehouses with a total area of 630,000+ sq.m.

We are excited to develop our strategic partnership with Avasam, and enable more online sellers to use Avasam’s trusted automation and multi-channel integrations for product sourcing from SaleYee. This is a great opportunity for SaleYee to introduce more local retail businesses in the UK to our integrated supply chain resources and fully-fledged logistics networks that live up to our reputation in China’s cross-border industry. Our wide range of product categories is now available for Avasam users to easily set up their dropshipping business and expand into more profitable niches.”

– Sky Tsang , CEO, SaleYee

“We built Avasam with the goal of removing the pain points traditionally associated with DropShipping, such as unreliable suppliers; manual processes and the need for bespoke system integrations so that professional sellers and online retailers can expand their product inventory simply, securely and reliably.

We are very excited to launch our strategic partnership with SaleYee and enable online sellers to source from SaleYee’s extensive product range with all the automation, support and functionality of Avasam. SaleYee provides our network of sellers with easy access to the Chinese wholesale market while also offering fast and free delivery from their 16 UK distribution centres. Their diverse range spans multiple product categories, including Homewares, Furniture, Garden, Fitness and Hobbies, offering a surefire way to compliment and expand our sellers’ DropShipping businesses.”

– Peter Turney, COO, Avasam

About Avasam

Avasam is the UK’s only multi-channel DropShipping marketplace, providing all the tools needed for online sellers to integrate their store, source products from UK-based verified suppliers, and automate their order processing, payments and shipping.

We connect online retailers to our network of verified UK-based suppliers, who are brand owners, distributors and wholesalers. Our retailers sell products from our suppliers across various online sales channels including webstores (BigCommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce) and marketplaces (OnBuy, eBay and Amazon) without worrying about storage or delivery of the physical inventory.

We automate the core back-end processes such as order flow, payments and shipping instructions while also providing a comprehensive governance framework including strict performance SLAs for our suppliers, post-sale support and dispute resolution, so that online retailers can focus on scaling their business.

Avasam is headquartered in London, the United Kingdom, and this is where most of our team are based. We also have offices in India, Czech Republic and Colombia. Tejas Dave is CEO and Founder of Avasam and has built his network in the industry across suppliers, sellers, marketplaces and service providers having previously founded eBusiness Guru, a tech solutions provider with 2,800+ customers and developed 700+ eCommerce websites and 400+ custom apps.

About SaleYee

SaleYee is a global dropshipping platform founded by pioneers with over a decade-long experience in cross-border e-commerce. With deeper business insights, SaleYee offers online retailers worldwide 30,000+ strictly selected top-selling products, fast and free delivery from 630,000+ sq.m. warehouses in the US, UK, DE, FR, and CZ.

SaleYee is dedicated to providing professional services that online retailers can effortlessly leverage for better growth, including free big data-based product recommendations, sales consultancy, advanced order management, guaranteed after-sales support, and so on.

No membership fees needed, only minutes to get started with SaleYee. We empower global sellers by making it easier to sell without inventory, earn bigger profits, and grow their businesses at low costs while running low risks in wider markets.

DropShip products from verified suppliers to diversify your inventory and scale your eCommerce business


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