New Year, new you

, New Year, new you

Depending on when you’re reading this, you’ll have almost made it to the end of peak season, or you’ll be catching your breath after it is all over. With eCommerce holiday season sales predicted to dwarf previous years, you’ll probably be ready to take a break – but in retail, there is always more to be done!

After the excesses of Christmas, many of us start to think about what we want to achieve in the year ahead, and while a lot of us will be thinking about how to grow our businesses in 2022, we’ll also be thinking about how we can get ahead with our personal goals. And of course, that applies to your customers too – which means that there are plenty of chances to make sales, even when everyone’s back to work in January.

New Year, better health

It seems like every year we hear people talking about how this year will be the one that they finally lose the weight, run a marathon, or get on top of their health in general. A new year is a good time to start those targets, but they’re not the only time in the year that you can make sales of health products. The start of spring, and as the summer approaches are both good times to sell them too, which means you can reuse many of the marketing assets that you create now – work smarter, not harder!

At home fitness gear

We know that this is a bit cliché – the number of people buying workout gear for January (and then looking at it guiltily every day and then selling it in June) surely must mean that the market is saturated. But while there are many people who have already invested in home gym gear, there are others that are still to invest, and with the omicron variant threatening further lockdowns and gym closures, people want to buy kit to support their workout regime.

Yoga mats, exercise bikes, treadmills, and weights, as well as specialist items such as weighted vests are all in high demand in January – and you can find all those items in the Avasam catalogue, ready for you to source and sell.


For people that have started a new workout regime for 2022, having access to the right food supplements is often an important part of that. Protein powders have become really popular, as well as supplements that may support weight loss – depending on whether the aim is to bulk up, or to slim down.

The thing with food supplements and vitamins is that you have to stay on top of best before, and use by dates – so if you buy in bulk, you risk losing money if you don’t keep on top of stock. By DropShipping such items, the supplier deals with this for you, saving you time and reducing risk.

On a simpler note, taking vitamins every day is an easy resolution to commit to, but one that is definitely achievable – so why not encourage your customers to do so and make a profit on each pack sold? The great thing about selling vitamins is that when customers have found the ones they like and that work for them, they’re going to buy them regularly – meaning that you have the potential to receive repeat orders.

Fitness trackers

As well as investing in home fitness gear, many people are using wearable tech to help them get fitter. Fitness trackers that count steps and calories burnt are really popular, and are great for instant feedback – and for comparing with friends and family on the fitness journey! They tend to be one-time purchases, but if you can source good ones that have the same technology and app, and at a great price, then you might find friends and family buy the same one.

Workout clothing

The first step in every workout is having the right gear – and working out in ratty old joggers and t-shirts doesn’t inspire you to get going. Having clothes that fit well, provides support where you need it, and has sweat-wicking properties makes for a much more comfortable workout, meaning that you’re much more likely to go again, rather than talking yourself out of it.

There are so many different types of workout clothing that you can source and sell, but recently customers have been influenced by social media in their searches. One example is that on platforms like Amazon, they’re searching for ‘TikTok leggings’, rather than ‘workout leggings’, so do your keyword research carefully before listing your products.

Wellness equipment

On top of having the right gear, when you’re starting a new workout regime in the new year, having the right ambience can be important too. Air purifiers, and items like salt lamps can set the scene for those who are new to yoga, and for people who have committed to their new spinning bike, you might make additional sales for products like fans or even disco balls – well, whatever works to motivate!

In addition to setting the scene for a great workout, having tools for post-workout recovery will help your customers stick to their goals. Items like massage devices will help to relieve muscle aches and pain, while little luxuries like bubble baths and soaks are add-on purchases that customers are likely to return to buy more regularly.

New Year, new hobby

Fitness isn’t the only category of resolution that people decide upon at the turn of the new year. Learning a new skill is often high on the agenda, and many people decide to learn a new musical instrument – but if they’re not sure if they will excel at it, then they might choose to invest in a starter instrument until they’ve honed their ability. If you decide to sell this type of item, look at add-on products such as music stands, cases, and so on, and link to great YouTube tutorials where you can, to add extra value for your customers and to encourage them to make the purchase.

Creative hobbies are on the up in the new year too – so, sewing machines, crochet hooks, as well as for DIY are all well worth sourcing and selling. It is well worth doing careful research on the items that you’re thinking of selling for these types of hobbies though, as customers are likely to want to buy everything they need in one place.

Many of us want to travel more this year, and while none of us can predict what the restrictions might be, travelling within the UK is always an option – especially when the better weather rolls around in the spring. January might seem like a bit early to start listing camping gear, but trust us, the warmer days soon come around, and those of us who are already campers (yours truly included!) are planning ahead, replacing kit, and choosing the sites we want to visit.

New Year, new look

Sometimes, a new year might coincide with life changes that makes customers want to change their look. That means that having items such as hair dryers, curling irons, and straighteners in your inventory, as well as boxed hair dye, items like false eyelashes and hair extensions, as well as branded makeup can sell well. As we suggested when you’re marketing new hobbies, you can link to online tutorials as part of your marketing – be sure to find ones that are easy to follow though!

The Takeaway

The start of a new year is something to get excited about – the promise of better times to come, and a fresh start that gives us all a chance to improve our lives. While most of us start the new year with the intentions of being our best selves in the next 365 days, that is also something retailers can capitalise on. We’ve made plenty of recommendations here, and you can see products here, without logging in – and of course, you can source absolutely every item in our New Year, new you collection by logging into your Avasam account and clicking the card on the homepage.

If you’re applying the new year intention to your business and are ready to upscale your profits this year, and you’re not already DropShipping – either to expand your business further, or so you can start building a new business – then you can sign up for your free Avasam account to get started. If you’re not sure that it is right for your existing business, or you have questions about how Avasam will work with your existing systems, then book a call – we’ll talk you through it.

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