How to unlock Avasam’s secret top product list & maximise sales

, How to unlock Avasam’s secret top product list & maximise sales

Whether you’re a brand new entrepreneur, or you’ve been in retail and eCommerce for years, you need the best products in your inventory, not only to attract customers to your listings, but to encourage customers to keep coming back. Building loyalty is incredibly hard in the age of eCommerce, but that’s why you need the best products – to keep making those sales, whether they are to a customer who only shops with you once, or to customers that come back frequently.

When you’re sourcing from Avasam, we’ve made it as easy as possible for you to find the right products for your store. But even with the best user experience, choosing the right products for your inventory takes a lot of work – target customer research, price comparison, and more. While there really aren’t any shortcuts around that work, when you have found your core range, you can find even more products from Avasam suppliers – and make even more sales – by following our advice in this post.

Browse discounts and offers from our suppliers

Many of our suppliers make time-bound discounts and offers for Avasam sellers to take advantage of, which means you can either pass those promotions on to your customers, or you can enjoy an increased profit margin on each of those items that you sell. You’ll see these clearly marked as you’re browsing the product catalogue, but you can find all the products that are currently discounted by logging into your Avasam account, scrolling through Product Picks, and ticking the box next to Special Offers. When you’ve sourced and listed discounted or promotional items and the promotion comes to an end, you will see a warning when you log in – and you can also set up a rule to make sure you never accidentally sell a product at a loss, or with a smaller margin after the discounted rate ends.

Check our top 10 products for the week

As you’d expect, our team know exactly what is selling well at the moment, because we can access the sales data, but we can also predict what is likely to be a big seller over the course of the next week and month. With our knowledge of the retail and eCommerce sectors, we also have insights for the year ahead too, so we can help give you that information without you needing to dig for it. We want each Avasam user to be able to capitalise on this knowledge, which is why we share our top 10 products each week on our YouTube videos. Check out the Product Showcase playlist to find the most recent videos, which share information about each product, why you should source them, and tips for marketing them. While you’re watching, hit subscribe, so you don’t miss any updates.

To make it even easier for you to find these products in our catalogue (no typing required!) you’ll find This Week’s Top Ten Products in the Product Picks section – simply check the box to filter the products for this week.

View products with more than 50% margin vs the market price

These are the big hitters – the products that you can make really decent profits on. Products with 50% margins aren’t easy to find, but we’ve made it simpler for you to find them, because we’ve curated a list for you. This list will change from time to time as suppliers change their pricing, of course – but when you want to really increase your profit margins, these are the products that you want.

Maximising sales

It isn’t just about getting the products that are the most popular into your inventory, or the ones with the best margins – although they will certainly play a part in your strategy. When you’re maximising sales, there are other tips and tricks that will allow you to make more sales, and more profit on each item that you sell.

Offer free postage

Here in the UK, customers have become accustomed to being able to have their orders posted to them for free. That’s in part due to the popularity of Amazon – customers might be paying for Prime for benefits such as music and video, but they’re certainly using it to ensure they don’t have to pay extra for their postage too. That means that when they visit other sales channels, they’re looking for free postage.

Because of this inclination towards free postage, you are much less likely to have customers order from you if you charge for shipping separately. Even if the cost of the item works out to be the same as when the price is lower and shipping is separate, customers are more likely to order from the listing where shipping is free. It is a psychological thing – customers know the seller has just factored the cost of shipping into the price of the product, but there is just something about getting something for free that most customers can’t resist! This should guide your pricing strategy – don’t be tempted to set a lower price to get customers to look at your listing, they’re likely to be frustrated and bounce straight to a listing where shipping is free.

In addition to that, where it is possible, source products from suppliers that have free shipping available – this means you won’t have to factor shipping costs into your pricing strategy. We’ve made it easy to find products with free shipping in the Avasam inventory – when you’re in the Search products page, under Product picks check the box next to Free Postage.

Sell everywhere

Getting your products seen by as many customers as possible means that you’re more likely to make sales – so selling on just one sales channel definitely isn’t the right strategy, even if that sales channel is Amazon, where so many customers head to! Alongside your Amazon and eBay seller accounts, ideally you need to be selling on a range of other marketplaces – such as OnBuy and Wish – and on your own website. We talked about choosing your sales channels before, so click through if you’re working on your strategy or are looking to expand.

If you’ve been putting off setting up your own website, or simply haven’t got to doing it yet, then click here to get a month of BigCommerce and Avasam for free. Your store can be set up in just 90 seconds, and with all the apps in the BigCommerce store, you’ll find tools that can support you with SEO, marketing, and other integrations that can help you to sell more too.

Source the newest products

Customers want the latest products that might just change their lives – or at least, those products that will solve their problems! That means you need to have those products in your inventory and listed on all your sales channels, so wherever they are searching, they can find those items and buy them from you.

When you’re reviewing the products in your inventory, you can see all the brand new products that our suppliers have added recently simply by filtering by New in the Product Picks box on the Search Products page. You’ll see all the recently added items, and can start sourcing and selling them immediately.

Follow our content

Our team are constantly creating new content across our blog, and on our social media accounts – and it is all for you. We’re sharing special offers, and important updates about Avasam, of course, but that isn’t the only thing we’re posting about. Collectively, our team has decades of experience in retail, eCommerce, DropShipping, and business in general, and so we’re sharing our expertise, so that you can put that knowledge into action for yourself.

Finding all our content is easy – you already found your way to this post! Our blog homepage is here, and you can find the most recent Avasam blog posts when you log into your account – just click on the home page and scroll down to the carousel. If you prefer shorter content, then join our Facebook group, or follow us on Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Our social media handle on all our platforms is @avasamsocial.

Of course, we love video content too, and you can find all our videos – not just our top 10 picks – on our YouTube channel. Just search avasamsocial and hit the subscribe button to be notified of all our new YouTube videos.

The Takeaway

You’ll definitely be able to find gems for your inventory by doing product research, and searching the Avasam catalogue for the items that you’ve already established will work for your customers. But give your business the best possible chance to make more sales, reach more customers, and to make the highest profits you can by sourcing products with our tips here – you won’t regret it! If you have questions about your Avasam account, or how Avasam can work with your existing business setup, get in touch or book a call – we’re happy to help.

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