Best products to sell for Father’s Day


As we get towards June and the weather is warming up nicely, the next shopping occasion to capitalise on is Father’s Day. Customers spent around £951 million on Father’s Day in 2021, and although that figure is massively eclipsed by Mother’s Day which reached around £1.34 billion in 2021, there is still a reasonable amount of sales to be made. Since there are so many Dads, with so many interests, there is plenty of potential to market products that you’re already selling as part of your Father’s Day collection.

Which products sell well for Father’s Day? Well, it differs from year to year, and there are plenty of other products that you might decide to promote, but these are some of the best products to sell ahead of Father’s Day in June.

Why DropShip products for Father’s Day?

Many of the products that your customers will be looking for may continue to sell well year round (or at least, during a longer period of time than the run-up to Father’s Day), so you might invest in stock. But some – such as barbecues – carry risk of you needing to store them if they don’t sell by the end of the season, or taking up too much space in the warehouse space you have. If that is the case, then sourcing from Avasam suppliers can be the solution that allows you to sell these types of products, without the additional stress of whether you can sell it all in time, or worrying about making a loss.

The usual gifts for Dads

Let’s get the obvious ones out of the way first, shall we? When it comes to receiving presents, there are few Dads that haven’t received toiletries, aftershaves, and personal care items like shavers as gifts – and since they are useful, they are usually gratefully received, even if they aren’t especially exciting.

While the same can be said for socks and underwear (they’re a staple in our Christmas stockings too!) but they are useful. And really, who doesn’t love the feel of new socks and underwear, rather than the washed out, holey ones that are currently in the drawer?

DIY and tools

Practical Dads are nearly always on the lookout for a new favourite tool – even if their new one doesn’t come close to their die-hard favourite. While we can leave the struggle to identify the next most useful tool to the children, listing a range of DIY products and tools for both indoors and outdoors will certainly add up to more sales at this time of year.

Cooking accessories

Whether Dad is always in the kitchen, or he has a few specialities that he makes every now and again, there is always scope for a cooking accessory as a gift on Father’s Day. Whether it is a fantastic set of knives, a personalised chopping board, or maybe a really fancy wine bottle opener, offering items for the kitchen as gifts for Dads is a good plan.

Of course, when it comes to cooking, many Dads can’t resist the allure of playing with fire (or maybe gas!). Barbecuing during the summer has almost become a sport for many Dads, and so adding barbecue products to your range of Father’s Day gift ideas has the potential to add up to more sales.

Tech gear

Most parents with children still living at home are familiar with the “can I borrow…” request, and never getting whatever has been borrowed back – until maybe a bedroom is tidied finally! Whether it is a pair of headphones, a Bluetooth speaker, or maybe a gaming controller, Father’s Day is a great time for those lost tech items to be replaced or simply upgraded to a newer, better model.

Watches and jewellery

Dads are always special, but if they’ve been especially amazing this year, Father’s Day might call for a more memorable gift. Adding quality watches, and jewellery for men to your inventory means that your customers will be able to find the sort of accessory that their Dad will love for years to come.


There’s a lot of evidence to support the claim that men never really grow up, and we think you’d be hard pressed to find a Dad that didn’t love playing with toys that they would have loved when they were boys. That means that products like remote controlled cars, drones, and games that they loved as a young man, such as poker sets all have potential to make sales throughout May and June.

The Takeaway

Father’s Day might not be the biggest sales opportunity on your calendar, but it definitely offers you a chance to promote certain types of products. And if you haven’t been able to make the most of selling these types of products due to restrictions on the amount of space you have available to keep them, or you don’t have the capital to be able to invest in buying stock up front, then DropShipping them from Avasam suppliers is the answer.

If you don’t yet have an Avasam account, you can get your free account here, and when you log in and view the catalogue, you’ll be able to filter using our Father’s Day tag. Source as many as you like, make additional sales for Father’s Day, and then keep sourcing new products for the rest of the year, so that your business can continue to grow without additional investment required.

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