Avasam wins at the BigCommerce Partner Awards


After officially partnering with BigCommerce in May 2021, we have seen great results for our sellers that have signed up for our offer of up to three months of free BigCommerce. As we’re still in our growth stage, our partnership has been a valuable asset for both companies. BigCommerce has helped us achieve our goal of offering a world-class, frictionless product sourcing platform that allows online retailers to run their businesses more efficiently. Avasam has empowered BigCommerce users to source more products, and to sell more.

Since our partnership has been so successful, (and we expect that it will continue to go from strength to strength) it only made sense that we entered the BigCommerce EMEA’s 2021 partner awards, held on Friday 11th February. Tejas, Peter and Mustafa were in attendance to hear the announcement that we had been awarded the Best User Experience Award for 2021.

Speaking about the BigCommerce Partner Awards, Tejas said:

I would like to thank the BigCommerce team for hosting the evening, and to the judges, and to the team members on both sides for showing such incredible commitment to the success of our partnership. It is safe to say that we all expect this partnership to continue to be a winning one in the future.

To be considered for any award is an honour, but to be recognised alongside names such as Klarna, Adyen, and Brightpearl is incredible – something I considered a dream just a few years ago.

The whole Avasam team would also like to extend our congratulations to the other winners on the night – to be listed alongside companies of such calibre is an incredible achievement.

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